Just Another Day …

There used to be quiet news days after the Memorial Day holiday, but in the age of social media and cable news that is no longer true. Some thoughts:

What was Roseanne thinking with those tweets? Last night she blamed the sleep aide Ambien for her action. She left ABC no choice and they acted.
They do leave themselves open now to charges that they must take action on the other side when they say some of the things they do.
Watch this heat up — as it should. No double standards please.

Speaking of ABC, they never hestaiate to show any video that might put police activity in a negative light – and play it over and over. The same company has “Live PD” on A&E and you see how hard the job of policing is. It is interesting to see host Dan Abrams on the show support the police and then go on GMA and comment negatively on the videos showing questionable police action. We’d like once to see him on GMA say what a tough job it is. He never does. Like he is two different people.
The latest on ABC was the video of officers hitting a woman on Wildwood beach this weekend. (They hit her twice, but as you watch them play the video over and over they make it appear to be more). Anyway it now turns out (as it often does) that the woman kicked the police in the groin, spit on them and fought before the take down. Police body cam showed the detail, but you didn’t see or hear that did you?
Now we know some officers get too aggressive, and must be disciplined, but watching ABC you get the impression they are all bad.
No, it’s the other way around.

Starbucks closed its stores for the sensitivity training they promised. Give them credit for that. But watch now if opening their stores for all to sit inside and use the restrooms impacts some outlets. Will the warm summer and cold winter make them a destination for people to hang out? That could drive paying customers away. Worth watching.
Closing for the day is estimated to cost them $12 million. Here’s a question. Will they give their managers and  employees a reduced quarterly objective to compensate for the lost day? I hear the answer is no. How come the company about fairness is not fair to their people?

Trey Gowdy said the FBI’s actions in what the administration calls “spygate” were appropriate. We have felt that from the outset, as readers know. Yet the administration continues to say it. They better be careful or a collusion clearing will lead to a spygate lie and wipe out any good news.
The question we ask again is this. Did the “informants” information lead to the false FISA charges and thus to the whole investigation?

Big meeting today in New York between Secretary Pompeo and North Korea.    It looks to us like the summit is going to happen sometime in June. To us the issue for Kim to do anything is trust. He must feel like he will be safe and survive. Nuclear weapons have been his protector.
As we have outlined before, we understand why he is scared. He looks at Saddam and Quadafi and fears the same fate. He will want us out S. Korea, out of the region to disarm. Now comes the hard part.

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