Cancel Korea

N. Korea

President Trump canceled the June 12th summit. He claims he did it because of N. Korea’s rhetoric. Think about that. It’s a good thing he, VP Pence and John Bolton weren’t using any threatening words.

We see the cancellation as only a temporary one. The President is using the cancellation as a negotiating tool, sending a message to China and N.Korea. He believes China was pumping up Kim to be tougher and he wants to break that and put Kim back on the defensive. It is that simple to us.
By summer’s end this will happen.

Watch now how the MSM, Democrats and far left start yelling it’s Trump’s fault. The same people who failed to stop N.Korea from developing weapons (despite deals they said they would) will now be experts.

Mueller and Spygate

Depending on who you listen to and watch, your view is different. On the MSM the whole Spygate thing is a Trump idea to divert attention and much about nothing. On Fox, it is real and Mueller is way off base. It is like two different universes.

Did Obama and team implant spies to get information on the Trump campaign? We know they will claim they were doing a criminal investigation, namely Russian collusion. It will be hard to prove otherwise.

The question is, did they base the investigation on the FISA report that they knew was unverified? Did they, also believe that Trump and team were guilty that they did the investigation based upon a dossier they knew Hillary paid for?
And if the answer is “no”, they were truly concerned about Russian intervention, then how come they didn’t implant in Hillary’s campaign? She actually colluded with the Russians on the dossier.

One more thing on Mueller. He apparently has cleared Jared Kushner. After a second seven hour grilling recently, Jared was cleared for national security  clearance. So cross Jared off the list of any potential charges.


The NFL came up with a compromise. No on field kneeling for the national anthem. If you can’t stand, you can stay in the locker room for the song. Seems fair, right? Not to the MSM this AM. They were angry. They want players to have “the right to kneel” on the field. They said “after all they are not protesting the flag”. Well here’s a view. Respect the flag.

If you want to protest the police do it somewhere else other than at the playing of the anthem before a game. Some of us saw people dying for the flag and don’t want to see you kneeling. Now, you can stand or stay inside. Take your personal grievance elsewhere.
Last year the NFL said you needed to be on the field for the anthem. This year they gave you an option and an out.


Isn’t this funny knowing the liberal leanings of these companies?
The Seattle Times reports that as Seattle residents push for a referendum on the city’s controversial new “head tax” – which imposes a $275 fee per Seattle employee per year for companies that gross at least $20 million annually in the city – a number of retailers are contributing to the campaign that is gathering signatures.

Among the retailers cutting $25,000 checks – Amazon, Starbucks, Kroger, and Albertsons. Vulcan, the real estate company owned by Paul Allen, also is writing a $25,000 check.

According to the Times, “Other well-known Seattle companies on the pledge list include Dick’s Drive-In and supermarket Uwajimaya.”

The City Council originally was considering a $500 per head tax, but cut back on it when Amazon threatened to pull some of its operations out of the city.

This  “homeless tax” is one that is destined to go to more places soon. Like the beverage tax we reported on last year, the only thing that can stop it is a revolt. With the beverage tax it was a people revolt, here it needs to be a corporate one.



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