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We’ve been quiet this week out of a desire not to load your mailboxes and add to the noise of the media repeating the same thing over and over.
Here’s some observations:

Russian Probe:
Amazing how the Russian probe is now turning to focus on the Obama administration. Is there anything there? We don’t think anyone can prove a spy was embedded to get political information. We think the files will say they sent someone to check on a Russian connection.
Now the question would be, did they write it to cover their tracks, or was that the real reason?
We don’t know that answer for sure.

Meanwhile ex Obama CIA Director John Brennan continues to be vocal and threaten people. This week he went after Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. He is so out there you have to wonder if it’s his true hatred and repulsiveness of Trump and team, or is he trying to cover things up?
At the same time, Jim Comey continues his righteous proclamations. Does he really think nothing was untoward in the Obama years?

In the end don’t you get the idea the public has had it with the Russian collusion story? Whatever Mueller finds, it does appear collusion between the Trump camp and the Russians will not be one.

Speaking of Mueller, he continues to go after what appears to be non collusion activity. His deal yesterday with Michael Cohen’s lawyer to drop charges and potential jail time (up to 100 years) in return for his turning states evidence has all kinds of potential. What does he know and have to give that he got that deal?

We don’t think Democrats realize this issue could be turning against them. Look at this comment from Congressman Al Green yesterday. “If Americans give the House of Representatives back to the Democratic Party this November, one of the first things that will happen is the impeachment of President Trump.”   

Speaking of Democrats we found this funny yesterday.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren vowed to do something about mass shootings by refusing to accept campaign donations from the National Rifle Association. Now, she’s never received any money from the organization in the past — but she’s not going to take any.

One more on Democrats. The Clintons continue bringing in the dough. Get ready for this. Next month Bill is scheduled to crisscross the US and Canada in a promotional tour for his new novel, in some cases charging $1,500 a ticket for on-stage events, dubbed “A Conversation with President Bill Clinton.” Make sure you buy early to get a good seat.

Yesterday Gina Haspel took office as head of the CIA. Remember those Democrats from red states that are up for reelection who voted for her? (Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly, North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, Florida Sen. Bill Nelson). Mark down the ones who didn’t (Alabama Sen. Doug Jones, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, and Montana Sen. Jon Tester). Let’s see how this vote impacts the November mid terms.

Did you see that Stormy Daniels will now have her own day? She will be awarded the key to a California city today (West Hollywood)  where local officials will officially designate Wednesday as “Stormy Daniels Day.”
Before today she had only won “best in show” awards.
Her attorney by the way saw his Orange County, California law firm hit Tuesday with a $10 million judgment from a federal bankruptcy court.

Final thought. Don’t you think those who plan to protest President Trump’s visit to Long Island today are way off base? He is going to talk about being tough on MS13. The protesters are going to make noise about his immigration policies. Wrong day, wrong place.



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