Some Thoughts …

Some Thoughts

On North Korea we said it here a number of times, stop being so brazen and making Kim look bad. Don’t embarrass and degrade him. They continued.
Finally the President and Bolton’s words have caused Kim to stiffen a little.

He was doing everything they wanted, he was backing down everywhere, losing face and status. Was it necessary to be so boisterous, pump your chest and make victory claims?
For a guy we keep hearing is the greatest negotiator, I have to tell you, I still don’t see it.

The right approach was to be diplomatic, “praise the progress, hope for the outcome that will make the world safer”.  Build up Kim, make him feel good and safe. The one thing he needs is to feel that he will survive. He and his people fear they will suffer the same fate as Saddam and Qaddafi.
The worst thing on Sunday was to compare N.Korea to Libya on a national show, while you made demands. Qaddafi disarmed and ended up dead. Exactly what they fear.

You had the guy, incredibly,  doing everything you could imagine. You couldn’t take victory without shutting up until the deal was done?
Watch how quiet they are now.

We think the meeting and deal still go forward, but why did the great negotiators have to learn the hard way?

On Mueller and collusion:
Collusion is a dead issue. After fifteen months of the MSM hitting us daily with collusion stories — there is none. Time wasted.

Now are there obstruction charges that might come? Yes.
Though we still wonder how you have obstruction for a crime that wasn’t committed.  How can that be?
Well the answer is this. If you are like us, you kind of feel that not everything the President says is actually fact. To put it mildly, he does color things. Look at the Cohen stories and how the President denied everything and “never” made a payment. You still believe that?
Can’t you see them accusing him of telling mistruths?

On the Russians we keep hearing the Democrats and MSM saying the Russians wanted Trump to win. Here’s our thoughts:

Why would they want Trump over Hillary? We see no reason.
Then why the ad and social media activity?

Answer to disrupt and cause havoc. The only way you can bring America down is through internal strife. You cannot do it militarily. Putin knows this, he is ex KGB.

So they ran social media ads against both candidates, but more on Hillary. Why? Because they wanted to weaken her before she took over. They were convinced, like everyone else was, that she was going to win. They wanted division and anti Hillary fever out there. That simple.

Which is the same reason they helped sponsor the “Not My President” activity against Trump after he won.

Why is this so hard for the MSM to understand? Because they don’t want too. They had a narrative on collusion that failed, and need something else. Shameful.

By the way they released the five hours of questions for Donald Jr. on the 20 minute meeting he had with that Russian lawyer. There was nothing there, think about that.

Now we have a question. Are we sure that meeting was not set up by people to trap the Trump campaign?

On ratings:
Week two of May is out and CNN continues to flounder.
Last week during primetime hours, CNN averaged 844K total viewers. During this same week last year, CNN averaged 1.191 million.
That is a 29 percent decline.

Last week, Fox averaged 2.487 million primetime viewers, nearly three times that of CNN.

MSNBC is in a distant second place behind Fox, it is still leaving CNN in the dust with an average of 1.667 million primetime viewers.

Maybe this is why CNN continues to collapse.
In the past ten weeks, lawyer Michael Avenatti, who is representing porn star Stormy Daniels in her lawsuits against President Trump, has been interviewed a staggering 147 times on broadcast and cable news shows.
More than half of those interviews (74) were on CNN, which almost certainly makes Avenatti the most ubiquitous guest in the network’s history. No guest — not Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders in 2016, nor Adam Schiff in 2017 — received anything close to the outpouring of free media coverage that CNN has bequeathed to Avenatti.

CNN continues to see this as the anti Trump story they want to run with. The people who watch cable don’t care about a consensual relationship from a decade ago.
As they continue running the story, they are hurting themselves.

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