Closing The Week

Closing Out The Week
What a week it was. Some closing thoughts.

Progress with N. Korea. Hope. A summit date set. Three hostages released.
Get the Noble Peace Prize ready.

A bold move with Iran. Now what happens? A fascinating watch ahead.
On the Noble Peace Prize – take it back. He cancelled a peace agreement by a former winner!
We still think the winners will be S. Korea’s Moon, and N. Korea’s Kim.
We think the Noble Prize people are Never Trumpers.

On Gina Haspel, we have two Republicans as “no” (McCain and Paul), but only one who will be present to vote.
Plus two Republican questions with Flake and Collins.
We have one Democrat as a “yes”.
If that held all the way it could end up a tie and VP Pence would cast the deciding vote.
Keep an eye on what Democratic Senators up for reelection say and do.

It was unfortunate what the WH aide said yesterday and then was leaked. (“He is dying…”) It gave the MSM a negative narrative to run with and they are.
What they never report is many of these senators voted yes on John Brennan for the job when Obama nominated him. Know who Haspel’s boss was? Yup, John Brennan. What didn’t matter then, seems to now. How come?

We were wondering where all those liberals who wanted to raise the gas tax were now that prices are raising about $3.00 a gallon?
They were arguing prices were low and they needed more revenue — like they were never going to rise again. Where are they now?
We still think people in states like PA, NY, NJ, CT, Ca, WA, and elsewhere have no idea they are paying upward of  70 cents a gallon in taxes already.

New applications for unemployment benefits held this week at an almost 50 year low (Dec 1969 last saw these numbers). A further sign of a strong economy.

Along those lines did anyone report this?
The Latino jobless rate has registered below 5 percent for just seven months in all of US history — and “six of those months have occurred with Donald Trump in the White House.”
How come you didn’t know that?

Remember in December when the President announced we were moving the embassy to Jerusalem and the doom and gloom that arose from the opposition? Well a day or two of protest passed, and now we’ll see what happens on Monday when it actually opens.
So far, so good, keeping a promise Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, all made.

In the primaries this week the Republicans nominated main stream candidates (no Roy Moore’s).
They felt good about that, but that blue wave is still on track for the Democrats to take the house at least. Consider this:
In W.Va. where Trump is most popular, and there was a three way competitive race for the senate nomination, there were more ballots cast in the Democratic primary (160,000 votes) than the Republican one (136,000).

Even in the senate there is major concern. The nonpartisan and respected Cook Political Report now has six Republican held Senate seats listed as toss ups. In August last year they had two.

In another example of the current administrations drive to replace all things inspired by the last, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has moved to make it easier for faith-based entities to qualify for government grants and student aid. She announced “plans to rescind any regulations that “unnecessarily restriction participation by religious entities” in higher education and student aid programs.

Just another week in Trump World.


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