Trump Doubles Down

The Iran Deal

So yesterday the President did what he said he would, and cancelled the Iranian deal. Let’s try and get past the hysteria and understand the opportunity and risk.

Let’s start with the fact this was a bad deal. We believe Obama and Kerry wanted a deal so badly they simply caved in on everything.
Remember this too.
The congress was bypassed and not asked to approve the agreement. Obama knew he had issues with that. Do you remember leaders of his party like Chuck Schumer saying he would vote against it? (Of course today he is criticizing Trump, so he was wrong twice).
Because congress was never asked to approve, that allows Trump to cancel it on his own. You play with fire and sometimes you get burned.

Now Obama and team are upset. Think about this.
What are the significant accomplishments of the Obama eight years? Outside of taking over at a horrific economic time and bringing a steady hand, what are they? We would submit the top two are the Iran deal and Obamacare. Was there anything else in foreign affairs that he will be remembered for? With this going away, what is left? It must be such an irritant to sit and watch what the media calls “his signature accomplishment” be destroyed.

Now what is Iran going to do? Nothing, is the answer. A little history here.
You keep hearing this is a 40 year problem. Go back 40 years.
A failed President, Jimmy Carter allowed the Iranian government to fall and the Ayatollah Khomeini to assume power. Within a year they seized the  U.S. embassy (which is an attack on a country), held hostages and began their terrorist support. Carter graveled and they became emboldened.
In the 1980 Presidential campaign Ronald Reagan made it clear we wanted our people back and he wanted action. Guess what? As he raised his hand to be sworn in — that very moment — the hostages were released.
The same liberals who are shouting today how Trump is wrong were calling Reagan a war monger before the election. When he talked tough on Iran and called Russia the “evil empire” they had fainting spells.
Well look at the outcome. Iran backed down at the moment he came into office and the Russians fell apart, ending the cold war — without a shot being fired.
Now let’s understand why.

These terror countries and groups understand only one thing, power. They rule that way, and talk that way. Until someone smacks them down. Think ISIS. Under Obama they were brazen and taking over the world. Under Trump they are pushing up dirt and enjoying their 40 virgins.

What is Iran going to do today? Trump has said clearly they “will not get nuclear weapons”.  Do you think they think he is bluffing? Do you think they want to take on Trump? They want no part of what he might do. When Trump yesterday said twice, “I mean what I say”, it was part a message to Iran and North Korea.

Iran’s choices are to make noise and threats, but not much more. They can fund terrorism, but they are doing that now, and doing so at their own peril. What else can they do? Any military action would be their demise. Put yourself in their place. Would you do something militarily or restart building bombs with Donald Trump in office?
The other option is they can negotiate a new deal, with the European leaders being in the lead. If they truly care about their people and the dire straits of their economy they would do this.

So let the left yell, and like they have with North Korea they may end up with egg on their face. A great example is Susan Rice, who lied on the Benghazi video’s and a month ago told us that Trump was leading us to war with North Korea, said this today: “The president has just made the most foolish and consequential national security decision of his tenure,” referring to Iran.

Now I know its the right one.


Get ready for the grandstanding against Gina Haspel today to lead the CIA. The same people against the North Korea actions and Iran stand are going to yell some more.

We are for her.
Any question you have should be answered by who is against her. You know who?  The mastermind of the 9/11 attacks announced yesterday he is with the Democrats and against her appointment.
“Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is backing the Senate intelligence panel’s Democrats prior to Wednesday’s hearing on whether to confirm the longtime CIA agent to lead the organization”.

So are you with the terrorists and their Democrat friends or are you with those at the CIA who protected us? We are with her.

Next thing you know the liberals will want to give him voting rights.

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