The Storm Winds Shift ….

The Storm Shifts

After days and days (as reported yesterday) of leading with Stormy Daniels stories, the winds shifted last night. The liberal, anti Trump, NY A.G., who is a leader of the “me too” movement, had to resign immediately for what he did to women. This arrogant AG who followed Elliott Spitzer (who went on to become Governor and had to resign because of sex), was after the Trump organization for years, and the President personally now.

So, the Stormy Daniels coverage was non existent last night and this AM. The lead story disappeared. After days and days of sensational coverage I guess they decided consensual sex a decade ago, would pale, when compared to what a left hero was doing today.

By the way the women in the story actually admitted that they were reluctant to come forward all this time, because they were loyal Democrats and didn’t want to hurt one of the leaders of the party.

You can’t make this stuff up.

One final word on this. The Manhattan DA is looking into charges against the AG. Don’t hold your breadth on that.

President on Iran Today

At two this afternoon the President will announce his decision on the Iran deal. There is much speculation on the decision, as it has major complications. We’ll see what he decides but our bet is this. He puts out a plan to walk from it unless some new agreement and conditions are met. In that way he puts Iran, Marcon and Merkel on notice that it has be changed. We’ll see.

In the mean time the MSM still hasn’t covered the John Kerry story. They sure were concerned about the Logan Act when Mike Flynn talked to people a week before taking office. Now eighteen months after leaving office it’s okay for Kerry?

Impact on North Korea

The decision on Iran will impact the North Korea activity in two ways.
First if we back out you can see how it could alarm Kim Jong-un. He has had trouble trusting the U.S. word as we pointed out. It will be an example of an agreement disregarded and he is sees the weapons as his true survival protection.

On the other side, if we back out it will illustrate to him that President Trump means what he says and if he doesn’t reach a deal, his survival is in jeopardy. Interesting uh?

Now one more thing has happened here that is not getting coverage. Have you noticed the quieter and less boisterous comments from Trump and team? You haven’t heard them saying that their strong policies drove Kim to the table. That he is crumbling to their demands.Why?
Remember we told you that embarrassing him was not a good idea? How could humiliating him be a good thing? Well here’s a story quietly out of North Korea this weekend
“North Korea warned the United States against spouting “misleading” claims that President Trump’s tough stand on sanctions forced the reclusive regime to the negotiating table to talk about scrapping its nuclear arms.
P​yongyang said the United States should not “deliberately provoke” them by using “pressure and military threats” to ruin the warming of relations between the two countries, according to the Korean Central News Agency, the North’s state media service.
“This act cannot be construed otherwise than a dangerous attempt to ruin the hardly won atmosphere of dialogue and bring the situation back to square one,” KCNA quoted a foreign ministry spokesman as saying”.

The victory claiming and chest pumping was was out of line, so premature and inappropriate.  Notice how much more restrained the administration is now. If you saw the President’s speech Saturday night in Ohio he referenced being more restrained in his comments on North Korea.

CNN Poll

While Trump is edging up ever so slightly in his approval numbers (Rasmussen says 49%, Gallup 42%,  CBS 40% and CNN is at 44%) the polls do show an upward trend, despite the MSM coverage. The CNN also reported:

“According to the poll, 52 percent of Americans approve of Mr. Trump’s handling of the economy, 43 percent approve of his foreign trade, 40 percent like how he’s handling immigration, and 42 percent back his conduct of foreign policy. All those numbers are up significantly over the past year and some broach barriers he’d not surpassed since the honeymoon start of his presidency (majority approval on the economy, for example).
He is benefitting, as all presidents do, from the sense that the country is on the right track. The CNN poll had 57 percent saying things are going well, up eight percentage points since February and the highest mark since 2007 — before the Great Recession”.

Now for the interesting part of the CNN poll
“Much of that optimism is from an unexpected source — Democrats.
The CNN poll had 40 percent of Democrats say America is doing well — just 25 percent said so in February. And even asking specifically about Mr. Trump’s handling of the economy didn’t dampen Democrats’ enthusiasm. CNN said 26 percent of Democrats approve of Mr. Trump’s handling of the economy — not the lion’s share, but far higher than the 15 percent who approved in February”.

One final finding in the poll
“Among those who approved of Mr. Trump’s performance, 71 percent said it was because of issues, while the majority of those who disapproved of him (54 percent of that group) cited personality and leadership qualities over issue positions”.

The Judge and Mueller

If you watch FoxNews or Fox Business you have seen a lot of coverage about Judge Ellis challenging the Mueller team on the Manafort charges. He said they were simply after Trump and really went after them. Lot’s of coverage of this on these channels.

However in the MSM, CBS, NBC and ABC covered the story for 30 seconds. That’s it, 30 seconds.

We live in separate universes.

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