The weekend of Trump …..

Is There News Outside Stormy?

You would think that the only thing going on in the world was Stormy Daniels if you watched the news over the weekend. She was out there (pun intended) all weekend, whether it was morning, mid day, evening local, national, talk shows or comedy ones. They couldn’t milk it anymore.

Which leads us back to this. Who really cares? Does America really care about a relationship a decade old? Is anyone surprised they wanted it quiet for the campaign? Did John Kennedy, LBJ, Bill Clinton or any President we know of walk around talking about their extra marital affairs?

This is what your lead coverage is on the MSM? You won’t cover rape charges against another President, but you will cover this—over and over and over? They either have no idea or don’t care what people think as they continue this coverage.

We suggest they might want to look at the things — in the news — that are impacting our nation and lives today. Want a few? North Korea, Tariffs, Trade negotiations with China, 3.9% unemployment, jobs, the stock market, Iran, the nominations held up by congress, the new CIA nominee. Somehow all this is a far second to Stormy. Really?

By the way, since they love scandals is there any reason they didn’t cover the resignations of Lisa Page and James Baker from the FBI? Last month days before the Inspector General report on his actions Andrew McCabe resigned. Well the IG is preparing report two for release this month. You think there might be a connection here? You won’t hear that on the MSM.

Bet you didn’t hear this on the news

Democratic Congressman Tony Cardenas (CA) had named himself as the mystery defendant in a Los Angeles County court filing late last week. The Congressman was accused of fondling a then 16-year-old girl while she was being transported to a hospital for medical treatment.

Or this: Did you know that there was student-led Stand for the Second nationwide school walkout against gun control last week?

How come you didn’t hear these two stories? Think about that.

The CIA Director

Buckle up for Democratic and liberal outrage this week. Gina Haspel is the nominee to be head of the CIA, replacing Mike Pompeo. She is a life long CIA employee who has worked her way up to this. She would be the first woman to hold the role. Great news for women and Democrats, right?  Wrong.
They are about to drag her through the mud.
You see, she was with the CIA on 9/11 and involved with the post questioning of terrorists. She received orders from the President of the U.S. and the head of the CIA to conduct the questioning and tactics used. In the revisionist mode of today they have decided she was too harsh and is really a criminal.
So now this life long, loyal and dedicated employee, with a chance to be the first female to rise to such levels will have her life and efforts dragged through the mud. A disgrace.
Get ready for MSM sensational coverage and watch how your senators vote.

Does the Logan Act Matter Now?

Remember how the MSM and Democrats went after Mike Flynn and others saying they committed a crime, citing “The Logan Act”, because they spoke to foreign powers in the final weeks of the transition (not election, transition)? They wanted charges brought, though there was no evidence of anything except meetings. But they were sure that the meetings were about promises to lift sanctions after the transition in two weeks.

Well, how come we don’t hear the same now about John Kerry meeting with foreign leaders urging them to stay in the Iran agreement? John Kerry isn’t even transitioning to the government, he is defending past policies and trying to impact current. How is that not a violation? How come you haven’t heard a word on the MSM about it?




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