Friday Numbers ….

What now America? The Mueller probe seems to be in full gear and we expect subpoena’s and activity ahead to dominate the news.

The MSM is all over everything anti Trump. Stormy Daniels, through some just plain dumb handling and reactions by Trump and team, is headlines again. How has a private consensual relationship, years before he ran for President, become the issue it has? It is unreal.

So, what this comes down to is this. The country reelected Bill Clinton despite all “his bimbo” stories because “its the economy stupid”. Does that work for Republicans too? Is it still valid in 2018? We’re going to find out.

Unemployment came in today at 3.9%. That is a low rate, one not seen since 2000. Black unemployment came in at an historic low of 6.6%. Hispanic too at 4.8%. Add foreign policy successes and the question is does this override Stormy and Mueller? You know the MSM will not relent on the anti side. In fact the Washington Post today has a story about “the 3,000 lies” that Trump has told.

From day one Trump has been his own worst enemy. All the good that has happened, and appears to be ready to happen, is overwhelmed by the tweets and shooting from the lips he does. What an incredible presidency to witness and live through. Historians are going to love studying and writing about this era we are experiencing.

Who knows what the weekend will bring.

On ratings, Fox dominated Wednesday night as Hannity’s interview with Rudy Guilani led the night. Turns out that was the news that would dominate the rest of the week.
The question remains. Did Rudy mess up? Or, was he correcting the false answers to get it behind them before any charges?

In either case you have to feel for Sarah Sanders. That’s one job you don’t want. A hostile press looking for and jumping on everything, combined with an administration where statements and truth are often separated. Ouch!


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