Month: May 2018

Just Another Day …

There used to be quiet news days after the Memorial Day holiday, but in the age of social media and cable news that is no longer true. Some thoughts:

What was Roseanne thinking with those tweets? Last night she blamed the sleep aide Ambien for her action. She left ABC no choice and they acted.
They do leave themselves open now to charges that they must take action on the other side when they say some of the things they do.
Watch this heat up — as it should. No double standards please.

Speaking of ABC, they never hestaiate to show any video that might put police activity in a negative light – and play it over and over. The same company has “Live PD” on A&E and you see how hard the job of policing is. It is interesting to see host Dan Abrams on the show support the police and then go on GMA and comment negatively on the videos showing questionable police action. We’d like once to see him on GMA say what a tough job it is. He never does. Like he is two different people.
The latest on ABC was the video of officers hitting a woman on Wildwood beach this weekend. (They hit her twice, but as you watch them play the video over and over they make it appear to be more). Anyway it now turns out (as it often does) that the woman kicked the police in the groin, spit on them and fought before the take down. Police body cam showed the detail, but you didn’t see or hear that did you?
Now we know some officers get too aggressive, and must be disciplined, but watching ABC you get the impression they are all bad.
No, it’s the other way around.

Starbucks closed its stores for the sensitivity training they promised. Give them credit for that. But watch now if opening their stores for all to sit inside and use the restrooms impacts some outlets. Will the warm summer and cold winter make them a destination for people to hang out? That could drive paying customers away. Worth watching.
Closing for the day is estimated to cost them $12 million. Here’s a question. Will they give their managers and  employees a reduced quarterly objective to compensate for the lost day? I hear the answer is no. How come the company about fairness is not fair to their people?

Trey Gowdy said the FBI’s actions in what the administration calls “spygate” were appropriate. We have felt that from the outset, as readers know. Yet the administration continues to say it. They better be careful or a collusion clearing will lead to a spygate lie and wipe out any good news.
The question we ask again is this. Did the “informants” information lead to the false FISA charges and thus to the whole investigation?

Big meeting today in New York between Secretary Pompeo and North Korea.    It looks to us like the summit is going to happen sometime in June. To us the issue for Kim to do anything is trust. He must feel like he will be safe and survive. Nuclear weapons have been his protector.
As we have outlined before, we understand why he is scared. He looks at Saddam and Quadafi and fears the same fate. He will want us out S. Korea, out of the region to disarm. Now comes the hard part.

Over The Weekend ….

Some Weekend News On The Investigation

Spygate or informant? The issue continued all weekend. Did the Obama administration and FBI spy on the Trump campaign, or did they did investigate to determine Russian involvement? Trump, Guilani and Republican congressional leaders claimed “spying”. The Democrats (supported by the MSM) said “no way”.
We think the work was for investigation purposes and not to spy. There were legitimate questions to look at with people like Carter Page. That said there was no evidence of collusion and the question for us is more this. Did they use the work of the informant to get the FISA charge and lead to the special counsel?
We think they did and that would be an issue.

The meeting with the congressional leaders to share information the the DOJ refuses to turn over was a joke. You had the MSM and Democrats yelling that the President’s attorney and John Kelly had no right to be there. They gave the impression that the two were at the meeting. They were not. They said a few words at the outset and left before the DOJ presentation.
Second, no documents were shared. It was a presentation. Did you know that?
There’s more to come in this.

Other News You Have Missed (and really wasn’t covered)

Remember Rachel Dolezal the woman who passed as black and led an NACCP chapter? She was in the news, and is now facing a lengthy prison term on welfare fraud charges.
It seems she received assistance by reporting that her income was usually less than $500 per month in child support payments, a statement contradicted by bank records obtained by state officials.
“The bank records, court documents say, showed Diallo had deposited about $83,924 into her bank account in several monthly installments between August 2015 and September 2017, without reporting the income to the Department of Social and Health Services.

While on charges and payments, you heard that Stormy Daniels was honored and received the key to the city (West Hollywood, Ca,). Did you hear this about the Mayor who honored her?
Mayor John Duran “who honored” her for leading “the resistance” to the President, faced sexual harassment claims of his own! The charges led to the city paying out $500,000 on his behalf in 2016.
As we’ve said before, you can’t make this up.

Here’s an example of Washington at its best.The Washington Post (no friend of the President) said this yesterday.
A Saudi Arabia signal to ease limits on oil production led to oil prices falling after a three-week rally, and OPEC cited an angry tweet by President Donald Trump as a trigger. Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Energy Khalid al-Falih  said “I reiterated Saudi’s commitment, in collaboration with other producers, to guarantee availability of sufficient oil supply to compensate for potential loss & to meet rising demand.”

At the same time:
Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer declared that Mr. Trump was “missing in action” when it came to fixing rising gasoline prices. “President Trump and his administration are clearly more committed to helping pad the pockets of corporate executives and wealthy shareholders than helping middle-class families,” said the New York Democrat. “It is time for this president to stand up to OPEC on behalf of the forgotten man and woman he promised to remember and do what is necessary to lower gas prices.”

Want another one?
Here’s a story from the Washington Times:
President Trump signed a trio of executive orders that reform civil service rules by expediting termination for cause, revamping union contracts and limiting taxpayer-funded union work at agencies.
“Today the president is fulfilling his promise to promote more efficient government by reforming civil service rules,” said Andrew P. Bremberg, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council.“These executive orders will make it easier for agencies to remove poor-performing employees and make sure taxpayer dollars are more efficiently used,” Mr. Bremberg said. The move will promote efficiency, save taxpayer dollars and create better work environments for “thousands of employees who come to work each day and do a great job,” said another official.

Here’s the other side. Democrats backed this union statement.
“This is more than union busting – it’s democracy busting,” said AFGE National President J. David Cox Sr. “These executive orders are a direct assault on the legal rights and protections that Congress has specifically guaranteed to the 2 million public-sector employees across the country who work for the federal government.”

Remember the uproar over the President calling MS13 members “animals”. The MSM and liberals went crazy and coverage was extensive. Well here’s a poll on the public reaction:
Taken in the wake of a controversy that swirled around President Donald Trump for using the term at an immigration meeting, the Harvard Caps/Harris Survey found 56 percent of adults think the word was acceptable, while 44 percent said it was unfair.
Fifty-two percent added that comments which “dehumanize” MS-13 members are acceptable.
The media forgot to cover this.

Another story they didn’t have time to cover was the President’s pardon of former Heavyweight Champion Jack Johnson.  Johnson was boxing’s first black heavyweight champion, and in 1913, he was convicted for accompanying his girlfriend across state lines. Johnson’s relatives and others said it was a racist conviction that forced him to serve 10 months in prison.

I guess the narrative didn’t fit what they want to cover and convey.

Cancel Korea

N. Korea

President Trump canceled the June 12th summit. He claims he did it because of N. Korea’s rhetoric. Think about that. It’s a good thing he, VP Pence and John Bolton weren’t using any threatening words.

We see the cancellation as only a temporary one. The President is using the cancellation as a negotiating tool, sending a message to China and N.Korea. He believes China was pumping up Kim to be tougher and he wants to break that and put Kim back on the defensive. It is that simple to us.
By summer’s end this will happen.

Watch now how the MSM, Democrats and far left start yelling it’s Trump’s fault. The same people who failed to stop N.Korea from developing weapons (despite deals they said they would) will now be experts.

Mueller and Spygate

Depending on who you listen to and watch, your view is different. On the MSM the whole Spygate thing is a Trump idea to divert attention and much about nothing. On Fox, it is real and Mueller is way off base. It is like two different universes.

Did Obama and team implant spies to get information on the Trump campaign? We know they will claim they were doing a criminal investigation, namely Russian collusion. It will be hard to prove otherwise.

The question is, did they base the investigation on the FISA report that they knew was unverified? Did they, also believe that Trump and team were guilty that they did the investigation based upon a dossier they knew Hillary paid for?
And if the answer is “no”, they were truly concerned about Russian intervention, then how come they didn’t implant in Hillary’s campaign? She actually colluded with the Russians on the dossier.

One more thing on Mueller. He apparently has cleared Jared Kushner. After a second seven hour grilling recently, Jared was cleared for national security  clearance. So cross Jared off the list of any potential charges.


The NFL came up with a compromise. No on field kneeling for the national anthem. If you can’t stand, you can stay in the locker room for the song. Seems fair, right? Not to the MSM this AM. They were angry. They want players to have “the right to kneel” on the field. They said “after all they are not protesting the flag”. Well here’s a view. Respect the flag.

If you want to protest the police do it somewhere else other than at the playing of the anthem before a game. Some of us saw people dying for the flag and don’t want to see you kneeling. Now, you can stand or stay inside. Take your personal grievance elsewhere.
Last year the NFL said you needed to be on the field for the anthem. This year they gave you an option and an out.


Isn’t this funny knowing the liberal leanings of these companies?
The Seattle Times reports that as Seattle residents push for a referendum on the city’s controversial new “head tax” – which imposes a $275 fee per Seattle employee per year for companies that gross at least $20 million annually in the city – a number of retailers are contributing to the campaign that is gathering signatures.

Among the retailers cutting $25,000 checks – Amazon, Starbucks, Kroger, and Albertsons. Vulcan, the real estate company owned by Paul Allen, also is writing a $25,000 check.

According to the Times, “Other well-known Seattle companies on the pledge list include Dick’s Drive-In and supermarket Uwajimaya.”

The City Council originally was considering a $500 per head tax, but cut back on it when Amazon threatened to pull some of its operations out of the city.

This  “homeless tax” is one that is destined to go to more places soon. Like the beverage tax we reported on last year, the only thing that can stop it is a revolt. With the beverage tax it was a people revolt, here it needs to be a corporate one.



Just Noise ….


We’ve been quiet this week out of a desire not to load your mailboxes and add to the noise of the media repeating the same thing over and over.
Here’s some observations:

Russian Probe:
Amazing how the Russian probe is now turning to focus on the Obama administration. Is there anything there? We don’t think anyone can prove a spy was embedded to get political information. We think the files will say they sent someone to check on a Russian connection.
Now the question would be, did they write it to cover their tracks, or was that the real reason?
We don’t know that answer for sure.

Meanwhile ex Obama CIA Director John Brennan continues to be vocal and threaten people. This week he went after Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. He is so out there you have to wonder if it’s his true hatred and repulsiveness of Trump and team, or is he trying to cover things up?
At the same time, Jim Comey continues his righteous proclamations. Does he really think nothing was untoward in the Obama years?

In the end don’t you get the idea the public has had it with the Russian collusion story? Whatever Mueller finds, it does appear collusion between the Trump camp and the Russians will not be one.

Speaking of Mueller, he continues to go after what appears to be non collusion activity. His deal yesterday with Michael Cohen’s lawyer to drop charges and potential jail time (up to 100 years) in return for his turning states evidence has all kinds of potential. What does he know and have to give that he got that deal?

We don’t think Democrats realize this issue could be turning against them. Look at this comment from Congressman Al Green yesterday. “If Americans give the House of Representatives back to the Democratic Party this November, one of the first things that will happen is the impeachment of President Trump.”   

Speaking of Democrats we found this funny yesterday.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren vowed to do something about mass shootings by refusing to accept campaign donations from the National Rifle Association. Now, she’s never received any money from the organization in the past — but she’s not going to take any.

One more on Democrats. The Clintons continue bringing in the dough. Get ready for this. Next month Bill is scheduled to crisscross the US and Canada in a promotional tour for his new novel, in some cases charging $1,500 a ticket for on-stage events, dubbed “A Conversation with President Bill Clinton.” Make sure you buy early to get a good seat.

Yesterday Gina Haspel took office as head of the CIA. Remember those Democrats from red states that are up for reelection who voted for her? (Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly, North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, Florida Sen. Bill Nelson). Mark down the ones who didn’t (Alabama Sen. Doug Jones, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, and Montana Sen. Jon Tester). Let’s see how this vote impacts the November mid terms.

Did you see that Stormy Daniels will now have her own day? She will be awarded the key to a California city today (West Hollywood)  where local officials will officially designate Wednesday as “Stormy Daniels Day.”
Before today she had only won “best in show” awards.
Her attorney by the way saw his Orange County, California law firm hit Tuesday with a $10 million judgment from a federal bankruptcy court.

Final thought. Don’t you think those who plan to protest President Trump’s visit to Long Island today are way off base? He is going to talk about being tough on MS13. The protesters are going to make noise about his immigration policies. Wrong day, wrong place.



Some Thoughts …

Some Thoughts

On North Korea we said it here a number of times, stop being so brazen and making Kim look bad. Don’t embarrass and degrade him. They continued.
Finally the President and Bolton’s words have caused Kim to stiffen a little.

He was doing everything they wanted, he was backing down everywhere, losing face and status. Was it necessary to be so boisterous, pump your chest and make victory claims?
For a guy we keep hearing is the greatest negotiator, I have to tell you, I still don’t see it.

The right approach was to be diplomatic, “praise the progress, hope for the outcome that will make the world safer”.  Build up Kim, make him feel good and safe. The one thing he needs is to feel that he will survive. He and his people fear they will suffer the same fate as Saddam and Qaddafi.
The worst thing on Sunday was to compare N.Korea to Libya on a national show, while you made demands. Qaddafi disarmed and ended up dead. Exactly what they fear.

You had the guy, incredibly,  doing everything you could imagine. You couldn’t take victory without shutting up until the deal was done?
Watch how quiet they are now.

We think the meeting and deal still go forward, but why did the great negotiators have to learn the hard way?

On Mueller and collusion:
Collusion is a dead issue. After fifteen months of the MSM hitting us daily with collusion stories — there is none. Time wasted.

Now are there obstruction charges that might come? Yes.
Though we still wonder how you have obstruction for a crime that wasn’t committed.  How can that be?
Well the answer is this. If you are like us, you kind of feel that not everything the President says is actually fact. To put it mildly, he does color things. Look at the Cohen stories and how the President denied everything and “never” made a payment. You still believe that?
Can’t you see them accusing him of telling mistruths?

On the Russians we keep hearing the Democrats and MSM saying the Russians wanted Trump to win. Here’s our thoughts:

Why would they want Trump over Hillary? We see no reason.
Then why the ad and social media activity?

Answer to disrupt and cause havoc. The only way you can bring America down is through internal strife. You cannot do it militarily. Putin knows this, he is ex KGB.

So they ran social media ads against both candidates, but more on Hillary. Why? Because they wanted to weaken her before she took over. They were convinced, like everyone else was, that she was going to win. They wanted division and anti Hillary fever out there. That simple.

Which is the same reason they helped sponsor the “Not My President” activity against Trump after he won.

Why is this so hard for the MSM to understand? Because they don’t want too. They had a narrative on collusion that failed, and need something else. Shameful.

By the way they released the five hours of questions for Donald Jr. on the 20 minute meeting he had with that Russian lawyer. There was nothing there, think about that.

Now we have a question. Are we sure that meeting was not set up by people to trap the Trump campaign?

On ratings:
Week two of May is out and CNN continues to flounder.
Last week during primetime hours, CNN averaged 844K total viewers. During this same week last year, CNN averaged 1.191 million.
That is a 29 percent decline.

Last week, Fox averaged 2.487 million primetime viewers, nearly three times that of CNN.

MSNBC is in a distant second place behind Fox, it is still leaving CNN in the dust with an average of 1.667 million primetime viewers.

Maybe this is why CNN continues to collapse.
In the past ten weeks, lawyer Michael Avenatti, who is representing porn star Stormy Daniels in her lawsuits against President Trump, has been interviewed a staggering 147 times on broadcast and cable news shows.
More than half of those interviews (74) were on CNN, which almost certainly makes Avenatti the most ubiquitous guest in the network’s history. No guest — not Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders in 2016, nor Adam Schiff in 2017 — received anything close to the outpouring of free media coverage that CNN has bequeathed to Avenatti.

CNN continues to see this as the anti Trump story they want to run with. The people who watch cable don’t care about a consensual relationship from a decade ago.
As they continue running the story, they are hurting themselves.

A Relatively …..

A Relatively Slow Week

I think this qualifies as a slow week in the Trump presidency.
Let’s see, we became the first country to open our embassy in Jerusalem. There were riots and deaths in the region. The First Lady went into the hospital. The President visited capital hill to try and push things along. Some continued to try and argue the progress with North Korea was a bad thing, claiming the President caved in. North Korea itself threatened to cancel the summit. Turkey kicked out our ambassador. The Mueller investigation entered year two. The supreme court over ruled seven lower courts and said sports gambling is legal.  There’s more, and 60% of the week to go, but doesn’t it feel like a quieter week?
That’s the pace we have been on with Trump and the MSM.

Some Thoughts, Comments and Other News

FIRST: Did you see the new tax law passed in Seattle? The City Council voted 8-1 to impose a new tax  on companies with $20 million revenue. The tax is $275.00 per person. The tax will impact companies headquartered there like Amazon and Starbucks.  It is expected to raise $50 million per year and be used toward outreach efforts for the homeless, including affordable housing and emergency shelter.

We’ve reported before that Seattle is one of the high tax liberal cities. Now both Amazon’s Besos, and Stabucks’ Shultz, have been outspoken supporters of liberal causes. So far neither has commented on this new unique tax; though Amazon had halted planning on a new 17-story office tower pending the city council’s decision. They do employ more than 40,000 workers in Seattle, with plans for further expansion.
We’ll see now.

By the way, the original proposal was for $550 per person, but the mayor thought that was too much right now. Which means, wait a little while.

In addition to Amazon and Starbucks, Boeing, Costco Wholesalers and Microsoft are in Seattle. They too declined comment.

SECOND: Sports betting will be another state resource for new revenue. In fact NJ, which brought the case, is expected to have its first betting spot open by May 28. It will be at Monmouth Racetrack.  Other states will follow quickly.

Now here’s the question. What will happen to the funds generated? Will they be used to lower your state taxes; or will the state just spend more? That’s one bet we would  make, we know that answer.

Now you might hear “all the money will go to” and they’ll name something like education, or the homeless. Here’s a suggestion. See if those budgets increase or it is a sleight of hand. You see, what they do is direct those funds to say education, but then they reduce what they were giving before. So they can say “yes every dollar earned from this goes to education”, which is true, but its not an increase in that line, just a replacement.

Finally, remember this. Betting on horse racing was once king in this country. New York wanted some of the action, and to take it away from the street bookies. They passed and set up Off Track Betting shops (OTB). Know what happened?  OTB went bankrupt in NY. The only ones who lost money taking the bets.

A Reversal: Can you believe that Democrats are running against Republicans for causing higher health care costs? You see when President Trump cancelled the mandate for all to buy, that led to higher costs for those buying. Now in some states the Dems have started advertising that Republicans tried to cancel your insurance and have driven the costs higher. Amazing isn’t it?

No changes in the Gina Haspel vote totals. 2 Dems for her, offset 2 Republicans against her. We still think she wins approval with votes to spare.

Did you hear that Bill O’Reilly who has been working at Newsmax may be getting a show on that station? The rumor is he is going to take the 8:00 slot. He has been featured on their web site often in the past month. We think this will happen.

Speaking of ratings here’s some news on May ratings and what CNN’s Stormy Daniels focus did for them:
During the first week of May this year, CNN averaged just 859,000 total viewers and 286,000 demo viewers, which represents a jaw-dropping collapse of 23 percent and 29 percent, respectively.
By comparison, year-over-year in primetime, Fox News is up 5 percent in total viewers (2.24 million compared to 2.359 million) and experience only a 1 percent drop in the demo (453K compared to 448K).
MSNBC enjoyed a 4 percent increase in total viewers (1.69 million compared to 1.755 million) and a 16 percent drop in the demo (417K compared to 352K).
So, during primetime last week, CNN was only able to attract an average of 859,000 total viewers compared to 1.755 million for MSNBC and 2.359 million for Fox.

In other words, MSNBC is nearly doubling CNN’s total primetime viewers while Fox News is nearly tripling CNN.

Here are the numbers for 2017 vs. 2018.

May of 2017:

Primetime (total viewers — demo viewers)

Fox: 2.24 million — 453K

MSNBC: 1.69 million — 417K

CNN: 1.12 million — 399K

Total Day

Fox: 1.42 million — 302K

MSNBC: 925K — 221K

CNN: 821K — 274K

First week of May 2018


Fox: 2.359 million — 448K

MSNBC: 1.755 million — 352K

CNN: 859K – 286K

Total Day

Fox: 1.358 million — 272K

MSNBC: 960K — 203K

CNN: 649K — 205K

Now back to our quiet week.


Closing The Week

Closing Out The Week
What a week it was. Some closing thoughts.

Progress with N. Korea. Hope. A summit date set. Three hostages released.
Get the Noble Peace Prize ready.

A bold move with Iran. Now what happens? A fascinating watch ahead.
On the Noble Peace Prize – take it back. He cancelled a peace agreement by a former winner!
We still think the winners will be S. Korea’s Moon, and N. Korea’s Kim.
We think the Noble Prize people are Never Trumpers.

On Gina Haspel, we have two Republicans as “no” (McCain and Paul), but only one who will be present to vote.
Plus two Republican questions with Flake and Collins.
We have one Democrat as a “yes”.
If that held all the way it could end up a tie and VP Pence would cast the deciding vote.
Keep an eye on what Democratic Senators up for reelection say and do.

It was unfortunate what the WH aide said yesterday and then was leaked. (“He is dying…”) It gave the MSM a negative narrative to run with and they are.
What they never report is many of these senators voted yes on John Brennan for the job when Obama nominated him. Know who Haspel’s boss was? Yup, John Brennan. What didn’t matter then, seems to now. How come?

We were wondering where all those liberals who wanted to raise the gas tax were now that prices are raising about $3.00 a gallon?
They were arguing prices were low and they needed more revenue — like they were never going to rise again. Where are they now?
We still think people in states like PA, NY, NJ, CT, Ca, WA, and elsewhere have no idea they are paying upward of  70 cents a gallon in taxes already.

New applications for unemployment benefits held this week at an almost 50 year low (Dec 1969 last saw these numbers). A further sign of a strong economy.

Along those lines did anyone report this?
The Latino jobless rate has registered below 5 percent for just seven months in all of US history — and “six of those months have occurred with Donald Trump in the White House.”
How come you didn’t know that?

Remember in December when the President announced we were moving the embassy to Jerusalem and the doom and gloom that arose from the opposition? Well a day or two of protest passed, and now we’ll see what happens on Monday when it actually opens.
So far, so good, keeping a promise Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, all made.

In the primaries this week the Republicans nominated main stream candidates (no Roy Moore’s).
They felt good about that, but that blue wave is still on track for the Democrats to take the house at least. Consider this:
In W.Va. where Trump is most popular, and there was a three way competitive race for the senate nomination, there were more ballots cast in the Democratic primary (160,000 votes) than the Republican one (136,000).

Even in the senate there is major concern. The nonpartisan and respected Cook Political Report now has six Republican held Senate seats listed as toss ups. In August last year they had two.

In another example of the current administrations drive to replace all things inspired by the last, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has moved to make it easier for faith-based entities to qualify for government grants and student aid. She announced “plans to rescind any regulations that “unnecessarily restriction participation by religious entities” in higher education and student aid programs.

Just another week in Trump World.


Do they ever …

The Hearing For CIA Director

We watched the public hearing in the AM and frankly we’re tired of the sanctimonious  and condescending tone by opposing senators. Before them was a life long dedicated, highly honored woman nominated to become the first head of a department she gave her life’s work to. The accusatory style of their questions and charges was an embarrassment.
Why did they do it? First because she was with the bureau on and after 9/11, and in the light of today they disapproved of tactics that were approved by the government. Listening to senators preach morals on a post basis, seventeen years later is beyond ridiculous. Liberal senators are not our moral code.
If nominated by Obama they would have been praising his focus on diversity and the first woman.
Enough already.

Later in the day Senator Joe Manchin announced he was voting yes. The first Democrat to do so. Now it wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact he is up for reelection in November in a state that voted for and loves Trump would it?

As for John McCain saying he didn’t approve of her actions. Senator we didn’t approve of the way you ran for President. We didn’t approve of the lack of knowledge and direction you had when President Bush called you and candidate Obama to the WH economic summit. You didn’t have thoughts and ideas when we needed you then. We all make mistakes.
By the way, the admission in your book that it was you who gave the phony dossier to Jim Comey, was that a mistake?
Get well Senator.

North Korea Releases Three

Further proof that we are moving to a safer Korean and Asian region. This is historic.
Now the MSM looking for anything are saying “President Trump and VP Pence have certainly changed their tone and words on Kim Jing-un.”
No MSM, they are not the ones who changed, it was Kim Jong-un, because of Trump and Pence.

Along those lines didn’t Mike Pompeo do his job well in getting those three hostages released? Remember he got out of committee because one Democrat changed his “no” vote to “present”.

Let’s catch up on some things:

Issue One: Taxes. Did you see this in the WSJ?
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said at an event hosted by Politico that Democrats should focus on infrastructure projects, better-paying jobs and rolling back Republican tax cuts in the midterm elections – not just anti Trump.
Comment: Right now all we see is the anti Trump. Good idea, tell middle America you are taking back their money. Smart.
You ready to give back your federal cuts?

Hillary just goes on:
This week she was in New Zealand. She, “continued to accuse Americans of sexism and misogyny for not voting for her”.
She said, “that some had asked her to stay” and she “gave them some thought”.
Imagine that, she thought about living in New Zealand. I wonder if Bill and Chelsea were going too.

MSM Coverage:
The Media Research Center issued it’s first four months of 2018 coverage report. It matched the full year results of 90% negative coverage for Trump.
Here’s what they said:
“The liberal media’s war against President Trump was as fierce as ever during the first four months of 2018, but the onslaught appears to be for naught: In the face of massive and hostile coverage from ABC, CBS and NBC, Trump’s overall job approval rating actually rose, from 37 percent in mid-December to roughly 43 percent at the end of April”.

Anyone surprised by the negative coverage? All you have to do is watch and see the tone, presentation, mannerisms and comments.

It continued yesterday for sure, even on the Iran decision. We saw every negative and all the businesses that will hurt so badly. I guess the people at the stock market don’t watch. The market had a good day — again.

John Brennan, the ex CIA Director under Obama has been threatening and publicly attacking the President’s policies. He continued over Iran. Now a former U.S. Intelligence officer is attacking him.
Daniel Hoffman, a former Moscow station chief is accusing Brennan of “crossing a red line”. He went after Brennan hard and it’s about time someone shut him up.

Did you see or hear anywhere that Broward County (Parkland H.S. School area) admitted this week  “after months of emphatic denials — that the confessed Parkland shooter was referred to a program designed to keep youths out of the “school-to-prison pipeline.”
(This program is an Obama era discipline program to assure students do not have any records).
Look at these comments and tell me this wasn’t news that should have covered:
Ryan Petty, the father of shooting victim Alaina Petty, called the disclosure a “stunning revelation.” He argued that the district’s discipline protocols created “perverse incentives” and “deadly chaos for our children, teachers & staff.”

Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was killed in the attack, said the admission by Superintendent Robert W. Runcie confirmed “what I have been saying for the last month and Runcie has been denying.”

Sen. Marco Rubio, Florida Republican, tweeted that the school district had misled him, and Stoneman Douglas student Kyle Kashuv said the superintendent “knowingly lied” about Mr. Cruz’s record.

“[Mr. Cruz] avoided arrest because of it,” Mr. Kashuv said. “That’s the point of the program. Students are referred to it in lieu of arrest.”

New York has a Democratic primary for governor.  The liberal Andrew Cuomo is being challenged by the further left T.V. actress Cynthia Nixon.
The candidates have been outdoing each other diving as far left as possible. Here’s an example from Nixon:
She wants to legalize marijuana. Okay fair enough, but watch this.
She wants to give black communities the first crack at legal marijuana licenses — saying its a “form of reparations.” Got that?
The idea got her in trouble in the black community.
The Rev. Al Sharpton, said wait, there were much larger issues at play.
“I’m for legalizing marijuana and I like Cynthia Nixon but putting pot shops in our communities is not reparations. Health care, education!!” Sharpton tweeted Monday.
Black Lives Matter of Greater New York issued a far harsher assessment, saying Nixon’s recommendation was “offensive and ignorant” and “plays into harmful stereotypes of African-Americans as drug users and dealers,”

Such is politics in liberal America.




Trump Doubles Down

The Iran Deal

So yesterday the President did what he said he would, and cancelled the Iranian deal. Let’s try and get past the hysteria and understand the opportunity and risk.

Let’s start with the fact this was a bad deal. We believe Obama and Kerry wanted a deal so badly they simply caved in on everything.
Remember this too.
The congress was bypassed and not asked to approve the agreement. Obama knew he had issues with that. Do you remember leaders of his party like Chuck Schumer saying he would vote against it? (Of course today he is criticizing Trump, so he was wrong twice).
Because congress was never asked to approve, that allows Trump to cancel it on his own. You play with fire and sometimes you get burned.

Now Obama and team are upset. Think about this.
What are the significant accomplishments of the Obama eight years? Outside of taking over at a horrific economic time and bringing a steady hand, what are they? We would submit the top two are the Iran deal and Obamacare. Was there anything else in foreign affairs that he will be remembered for? With this going away, what is left? It must be such an irritant to sit and watch what the media calls “his signature accomplishment” be destroyed.

Now what is Iran going to do? Nothing, is the answer. A little history here.
You keep hearing this is a 40 year problem. Go back 40 years.
A failed President, Jimmy Carter allowed the Iranian government to fall and the Ayatollah Khomeini to assume power. Within a year they seized the  U.S. embassy (which is an attack on a country), held hostages and began their terrorist support. Carter graveled and they became emboldened.
In the 1980 Presidential campaign Ronald Reagan made it clear we wanted our people back and he wanted action. Guess what? As he raised his hand to be sworn in — that very moment — the hostages were released.
The same liberals who are shouting today how Trump is wrong were calling Reagan a war monger before the election. When he talked tough on Iran and called Russia the “evil empire” they had fainting spells.
Well look at the outcome. Iran backed down at the moment he came into office and the Russians fell apart, ending the cold war — without a shot being fired.
Now let’s understand why.

These terror countries and groups understand only one thing, power. They rule that way, and talk that way. Until someone smacks them down. Think ISIS. Under Obama they were brazen and taking over the world. Under Trump they are pushing up dirt and enjoying their 40 virgins.

What is Iran going to do today? Trump has said clearly they “will not get nuclear weapons”.  Do you think they think he is bluffing? Do you think they want to take on Trump? They want no part of what he might do. When Trump yesterday said twice, “I mean what I say”, it was part a message to Iran and North Korea.

Iran’s choices are to make noise and threats, but not much more. They can fund terrorism, but they are doing that now, and doing so at their own peril. What else can they do? Any military action would be their demise. Put yourself in their place. Would you do something militarily or restart building bombs with Donald Trump in office?
The other option is they can negotiate a new deal, with the European leaders being in the lead. If they truly care about their people and the dire straits of their economy they would do this.

So let the left yell, and like they have with North Korea they may end up with egg on their face. A great example is Susan Rice, who lied on the Benghazi video’s and a month ago told us that Trump was leading us to war with North Korea, said this today: “The president has just made the most foolish and consequential national security decision of his tenure,” referring to Iran.

Now I know its the right one.


Get ready for the grandstanding against Gina Haspel today to lead the CIA. The same people against the North Korea actions and Iran stand are going to yell some more.

We are for her.
Any question you have should be answered by who is against her. You know who?  The mastermind of the 9/11 attacks announced yesterday he is with the Democrats and against her appointment.
“Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is backing the Senate intelligence panel’s Democrats prior to Wednesday’s hearing on whether to confirm the longtime CIA agent to lead the organization”.

So are you with the terrorists and their Democrat friends or are you with those at the CIA who protected us? We are with her.

Next thing you know the liberals will want to give him voting rights.

The Storm Winds Shift ….

The Storm Shifts

After days and days (as reported yesterday) of leading with Stormy Daniels stories, the winds shifted last night. The liberal, anti Trump, NY A.G., who is a leader of the “me too” movement, had to resign immediately for what he did to women. This arrogant AG who followed Elliott Spitzer (who went on to become Governor and had to resign because of sex), was after the Trump organization for years, and the President personally now.

So, the Stormy Daniels coverage was non existent last night and this AM. The lead story disappeared. After days and days of sensational coverage I guess they decided consensual sex a decade ago, would pale, when compared to what a left hero was doing today.

By the way the women in the story actually admitted that they were reluctant to come forward all this time, because they were loyal Democrats and didn’t want to hurt one of the leaders of the party.

You can’t make this stuff up.

One final word on this. The Manhattan DA is looking into charges against the AG. Don’t hold your breadth on that.

President on Iran Today

At two this afternoon the President will announce his decision on the Iran deal. There is much speculation on the decision, as it has major complications. We’ll see what he decides but our bet is this. He puts out a plan to walk from it unless some new agreement and conditions are met. In that way he puts Iran, Marcon and Merkel on notice that it has be changed. We’ll see.

In the mean time the MSM still hasn’t covered the John Kerry story. They sure were concerned about the Logan Act when Mike Flynn talked to people a week before taking office. Now eighteen months after leaving office it’s okay for Kerry?

Impact on North Korea

The decision on Iran will impact the North Korea activity in two ways.
First if we back out you can see how it could alarm Kim Jong-un. He has had trouble trusting the U.S. word as we pointed out. It will be an example of an agreement disregarded and he is sees the weapons as his true survival protection.

On the other side, if we back out it will illustrate to him that President Trump means what he says and if he doesn’t reach a deal, his survival is in jeopardy. Interesting uh?

Now one more thing has happened here that is not getting coverage. Have you noticed the quieter and less boisterous comments from Trump and team? You haven’t heard them saying that their strong policies drove Kim to the table. That he is crumbling to their demands.Why?
Remember we told you that embarrassing him was not a good idea? How could humiliating him be a good thing? Well here’s a story quietly out of North Korea this weekend
“North Korea warned the United States against spouting “misleading” claims that President Trump’s tough stand on sanctions forced the reclusive regime to the negotiating table to talk about scrapping its nuclear arms.
P​yongyang said the United States should not “deliberately provoke” them by using “pressure and military threats” to ruin the warming of relations between the two countries, according to the Korean Central News Agency, the North’s state media service.
“This act cannot be construed otherwise than a dangerous attempt to ruin the hardly won atmosphere of dialogue and bring the situation back to square one,” KCNA quoted a foreign ministry spokesman as saying”.

The victory claiming and chest pumping was was out of line, so premature and inappropriate.  Notice how much more restrained the administration is now. If you saw the President’s speech Saturday night in Ohio he referenced being more restrained in his comments on North Korea.

CNN Poll

While Trump is edging up ever so slightly in his approval numbers (Rasmussen says 49%, Gallup 42%,  CBS 40% and CNN is at 44%) the polls do show an upward trend, despite the MSM coverage. The CNN also reported:

“According to the poll, 52 percent of Americans approve of Mr. Trump’s handling of the economy, 43 percent approve of his foreign trade, 40 percent like how he’s handling immigration, and 42 percent back his conduct of foreign policy. All those numbers are up significantly over the past year and some broach barriers he’d not surpassed since the honeymoon start of his presidency (majority approval on the economy, for example).
He is benefitting, as all presidents do, from the sense that the country is on the right track. The CNN poll had 57 percent saying things are going well, up eight percentage points since February and the highest mark since 2007 — before the Great Recession”.

Now for the interesting part of the CNN poll
“Much of that optimism is from an unexpected source — Democrats.
The CNN poll had 40 percent of Democrats say America is doing well — just 25 percent said so in February. And even asking specifically about Mr. Trump’s handling of the economy didn’t dampen Democrats’ enthusiasm. CNN said 26 percent of Democrats approve of Mr. Trump’s handling of the economy — not the lion’s share, but far higher than the 15 percent who approved in February”.

One final finding in the poll
“Among those who approved of Mr. Trump’s performance, 71 percent said it was because of issues, while the majority of those who disapproved of him (54 percent of that group) cited personality and leadership qualities over issue positions”.

The Judge and Mueller

If you watch FoxNews or Fox Business you have seen a lot of coverage about Judge Ellis challenging the Mueller team on the Manafort charges. He said they were simply after Trump and really went after them. Lot’s of coverage of this on these channels.

However in the MSM, CBS, NBC and ABC covered the story for 30 seconds. That’s it, 30 seconds.

We live in separate universes.

The weekend of Trump …..

Is There News Outside Stormy?

You would think that the only thing going on in the world was Stormy Daniels if you watched the news over the weekend. She was out there (pun intended) all weekend, whether it was morning, mid day, evening local, national, talk shows or comedy ones. They couldn’t milk it anymore.

Which leads us back to this. Who really cares? Does America really care about a relationship a decade old? Is anyone surprised they wanted it quiet for the campaign? Did John Kennedy, LBJ, Bill Clinton or any President we know of walk around talking about their extra marital affairs?

This is what your lead coverage is on the MSM? You won’t cover rape charges against another President, but you will cover this—over and over and over? They either have no idea or don’t care what people think as they continue this coverage.

We suggest they might want to look at the things — in the news — that are impacting our nation and lives today. Want a few? North Korea, Tariffs, Trade negotiations with China, 3.9% unemployment, jobs, the stock market, Iran, the nominations held up by congress, the new CIA nominee. Somehow all this is a far second to Stormy. Really?

By the way, since they love scandals is there any reason they didn’t cover the resignations of Lisa Page and James Baker from the FBI? Last month days before the Inspector General report on his actions Andrew McCabe resigned. Well the IG is preparing report two for release this month. You think there might be a connection here? You won’t hear that on the MSM.

Bet you didn’t hear this on the news

Democratic Congressman Tony Cardenas (CA) had named himself as the mystery defendant in a Los Angeles County court filing late last week. The Congressman was accused of fondling a then 16-year-old girl while she was being transported to a hospital for medical treatment.

Or this: Did you know that there was student-led Stand for the Second nationwide school walkout against gun control last week?

How come you didn’t hear these two stories? Think about that.

The CIA Director

Buckle up for Democratic and liberal outrage this week. Gina Haspel is the nominee to be head of the CIA, replacing Mike Pompeo. She is a life long CIA employee who has worked her way up to this. She would be the first woman to hold the role. Great news for women and Democrats, right?  Wrong.
They are about to drag her through the mud.
You see, she was with the CIA on 9/11 and involved with the post questioning of terrorists. She received orders from the President of the U.S. and the head of the CIA to conduct the questioning and tactics used. In the revisionist mode of today they have decided she was too harsh and is really a criminal.
So now this life long, loyal and dedicated employee, with a chance to be the first female to rise to such levels will have her life and efforts dragged through the mud. A disgrace.
Get ready for MSM sensational coverage and watch how your senators vote.

Does the Logan Act Matter Now?

Remember how the MSM and Democrats went after Mike Flynn and others saying they committed a crime, citing “The Logan Act”, because they spoke to foreign powers in the final weeks of the transition (not election, transition)? They wanted charges brought, though there was no evidence of anything except meetings. But they were sure that the meetings were about promises to lift sanctions after the transition in two weeks.

Well, how come we don’t hear the same now about John Kerry meeting with foreign leaders urging them to stay in the Iran agreement? John Kerry isn’t even transitioning to the government, he is defending past policies and trying to impact current. How is that not a violation? How come you haven’t heard a word on the MSM about it?




Friday Numbers ….

What now America? The Mueller probe seems to be in full gear and we expect subpoena’s and activity ahead to dominate the news.

The MSM is all over everything anti Trump. Stormy Daniels, through some just plain dumb handling and reactions by Trump and team, is headlines again. How has a private consensual relationship, years before he ran for President, become the issue it has? It is unreal.

So, what this comes down to is this. The country reelected Bill Clinton despite all “his bimbo” stories because “its the economy stupid”. Does that work for Republicans too? Is it still valid in 2018? We’re going to find out.

Unemployment came in today at 3.9%. That is a low rate, one not seen since 2000. Black unemployment came in at an historic low of 6.6%. Hispanic too at 4.8%. Add foreign policy successes and the question is does this override Stormy and Mueller? You know the MSM will not relent on the anti side. In fact the Washington Post today has a story about “the 3,000 lies” that Trump has told.

From day one Trump has been his own worst enemy. All the good that has happened, and appears to be ready to happen, is overwhelmed by the tweets and shooting from the lips he does. What an incredible presidency to witness and live through. Historians are going to love studying and writing about this era we are experiencing.

Who knows what the weekend will bring.

On ratings, Fox dominated Wednesday night as Hannity’s interview with Rudy Guilani led the night. Turns out that was the news that would dominate the rest of the week.
The question remains. Did Rudy mess up? Or, was he correcting the false answers to get it behind them before any charges?

In either case you have to feel for Sarah Sanders. That’s one job you don’t want. A hostile press looking for and jumping on everything, combined with an administration where statements and truth are often separated. Ouch!


The Mueller Noose ….

Mueller vs. Trump

Don’t you get the feeling that Mueller and team are tightening the noose on things and this is getting tight for the administration?

We think the W.H. is feeling the heat and knows things are coming to a head. Thus the Guilani hire, and Rudy is out cleaning up some ends. His story on Stormy and payment is a clear attempt to take the issue out of the campaign, and away from finance laws, to a personal one. Personal payments are one thing, breaking finance laws is another. So what sounded like a Rudy mistake was deliberate. He wants to change the conversation.

The hiring of an ex Clinton impeachment lawyer is step two. By all accounts Emmet Flood is an experienced and capable attorney to handle this. He worked for President George W. Bush, too.

So Trump has Flood and Guilani out there now to challenge Mueller. This investigation has gone on the whole presidency, and the job of these two is to begin pressuring for an end. Until now Mueller seems to be in no rush and his team continues to go down new paths to seek information. We hear they have not even ruled out collusion yet, much less all this other stuff.

It looks like to us Mueller will be around for a long time. He hasn’t even begun his trial yet.

Contrast this intense investigation with the kid gloves that Hillary’s emails, bleach bit, smashing phones and negligence with classified documents was handled. It just astonishes us.

Both should have been serious.


Meanwhile, while the MSM goes all in on Stormy and her details they missed a huge story yesterday.
Did you know that North Korea has agreed to release the three American hostages they have? It was apparently a Trump demand for the conference.
The prisoners (or hostages to some) have been moved from a horrific prison to a hotel pending the summit and release.

Kind of a big story don’t you think? One the MSM should have covered?

Other News

Did you see Facebook hired a former conservative senator (Jon Kyl) to examine bias there? A good move.

A big meeting in China today that deserves coverage. Treasury Secretary Steven Munchin is there to promote Trump’s “America First” trade agenda. For his part, China’s Xi Jinping faces a challenge.  He is trying to advance  China’s economy and avert a trade war with the U.S..
Keep close watch. Mr. Xi has indicated he wants to avoid a damaging trade fight. But anything less than stout resistance against perceived American bullying will be damaging to him.

The Ratings:

Total Viewers TUESDAY.
Fox wins night and 7 of 8 slots, losing W.Va debate coverage at 7. 

  • Total day: FNC: 1.582 | CNN: 696 | MSNBC: 1.189 | HLN: 197
  • Prime time: FNC: 2.514 | CNN: 833 | MSNBC: 2.092 | HLN: 266
4p: 5p: 6p: 7p: 8p: 9p: 10p: 11p:
FNC Cavuto:
CNN Tapper:
MSNBC Wallace:
HLN Michaela:


It Never Ends …..

Doesn’t It Seem

Doesn’t it seem that every time Trump seems to be making progress and gaining some positive feedback a new negative story erupts the next day?  This week the positives over North Korea seemed to clearing the way for a good week. Then boom. Out came the Mueller questions the next day. He wants to ask Trump all these questions!  The next day we hear Mueller has threatened to subpoena the President.
That allows the MSM to lead with negatives all over again.  It just seems to happen every time the President appears to be gaining momentum.

Then along comes the story of Trump’s doctor back in NY. Did you see him on TV? I saw him and wondered, was or is anyone around this guy normal? The MSM took advantage of this story. They had the doctor saying Trump told him what to say. That they came and took his records after the election. They made it sound so sinister and like a crime. The doctors mannerisms didn’t help.
We remember the press hounding Trump during the campaign on medical records. So Trump calls the doctor and says get something out and tell them I “will be healthiest person ever to assume the office”.  Sounds like Trump right? As we learned later from the WH doctor he is in good shape.

By the way, the doctor said that Trump dictated the letter and he signed it. He didn’t say it was untrue, only that he signed it. The MSM made it sound sinister. Why?  Was it a lie? He didn’t say that.
Quite a doctor this guy.

As for stealing the records after the election.
Well, when you move, as Trump  was, from one place to another, you change doctors. Don’t you go get your records to bring with you? Why is that a story?

In The Meantime

Did you see this on the MSM yesterday?
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte Tuesday urged Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate allegations that top Obama-era Department of Justice officials tried to shut down the FBI probe into the Clinton Foundation during the 2016 presidential election.

This came about because of the McCabe investigation.  “An inspector general report on former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe released last month detailed an August 2016 phone call from a high-ranking Justice Department official. Mr. McCabe thought the call was made to scuttle the FBI’s Clinton Foundation investigation while Hillary Clinton was running for president, according to the report”.

It is still amazing to us how the Clintons skate on issue after issue.

The Caravan on The Border

We’ve watch this march through Mexico to the border. We have heard of lawyers advising the marchers on what to say. U.S. law says if you are being harassed and threatened you can seek asylum.  So here are the remaining marchers at the border claiming this.

I would feel better about their claims if they weren’t waving flags from the country they are trying to escape from. If I was leaving the U.S. to go live elsewhere because they wanted to kill me, I am sure I would not be waving the U.S. flag. Would you?
Makes you wonder doesn’t it?


You will hear more about this in the month ahead.
Americans will have to pay more for healthcare because Republicans repealed the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, according to President Donald Trump’s former health secretary. Tom Price, who was President Donald Trump’s first head of the Department of Health and Human Services, said at the World Health Care Conference in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday that people looking to buy insurance on government-run marketplaces will have to pay higher prices because of the GOP tax law.

When President Trump and congress took the mandate to own insurance off the books, but did not repeal the whole act, they set this up. If healthy young people don’t opt in, then the costs rise for others. It’s that simple.

Watch Schumer, Pelosi and team turn the rising costs on Republicans for the 2018 elections.

The Ratings

Total Viewers SATURDAY.
Fox covered Trump and ran it’s shows. MSNBC and CNN showed the WHCD. Fox won the night. 

  • Total day: FNC: 1.294 | CNN: 703 |  MSNBC: 637 | HLN: 306
  • Prime time: FNC: 2.160 | CNN: 1.132 | MSNBC: 877 | HLN: 329
4p: 5p: 6p: 7p: 8p: 9p: 10p: 11p:
CNN Nwsrm:
HLN Files:

Total Viewers SUNDAY. Fox edges out CNN. MSNBC is third.

  • Total day: FNC: 1.128 | CNN: 702 | MSNBC: 607 | HLN: 273
  • Prime time: FNC: 1.168 | CNN: 1021 | MSNBC: 803 | HLN: 319
4p: 5p: 6p: 7p: 8p: 9p: 10p: 11p:
CNN Nwsrm:
HLN Files:

Total Viewers MONDAY. Fox on top. Win 7 of 8 time slots.

  • Total day: FNC: 1.798 | CNN: 715 | MSNBC: 1.189 | HLN: 194
  • Primetime: FNC: 2.887 | CNN: 945 | MSNBC: 2.229 | HLN: 219
4p: 5p: 6p: 7p: 8p: 9p: 10p: 11p:
FNC Cavuto:
CNN Tapper:
MSNBC Wallace:
HLN Michaela:
Top Cable Programs for April:
FoxNews won the month — marking the 196th consective month it has done so, 
The top ten cable news programs were in order:
Hannity, Maddow, Tucker, The Ingraham Angle, Lawrence O’Donnell, Bret Baier, The Five, The Story with Martha MacCallum, Chris Hayes and Chris Mattews.

So FoxNews was 3 of top 5. 6 of top 8. MSNBC is 4 of top ten. CNN is no where in the top ten. (Their top show is Anderson Cooper at No. 24)

In Morning News on cable. Fox and Friends is number one with 1.5 million viewers. 
For Business News, Fox Business won its 11th straight month. 

Business Day:     FBN: 229,000 total viewers.  CNBC: 182,000 total viewers.

Morning News averages for the week of April 23:

  • Total Viewers: ABC: 4.209M / NBC: 4.023M / CBS: 3.373M

The Evening News Numbers for the week of April 23, 2018:

• Total Viewers: 8,312,000 7,711,000 5,895,000


Issues ……

The Korea Talks

Amid the euphoria over the progress and premature talk of noble peace prizes, here are some questions that will have to be answered.

Is Kim really going to open up N. Korea to the world? Is he going to allow open borders? Wouldn’t that expose the people of the North to what they are missing out on? Wouldn’t that exposure leave Kim in a dangerous place in his own country? My goodness the northern people don’t even have access to life’s basics. Internet? They have no idea on that.

Is the world going to protect Kim from charges? He has had people prosecuted, beaten  gassed and murdered. He has jailed and killed foreigners who visited. Is he going to be protected from those crimes? If he doesn’t ask for and get that, he will be open to all kind of suits and charges. How are we going to handle that? Remember Saddam was hung by his own people after a trial for crimes against them.

We assume there will still be two Koreas, one open, thriving, an economic force in the world. The other, in the North, so backward that you if you are Kim, you have to wonder. Nuclear weapons protected him. Maybe building them was going to lead his end, and maybe not building them will too.

Kim has to make his survival a part of the negotiations. What will he get back? Can they reach an agreement? Can he survive?

Netanyahu and The Iran Files

Well that was a strong case Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu laid out yesterday against Iran. First of all, this was planned with the White House. We are twelve days from a decision on the Iran agreement. The President and Netanyahu are the two leading world leaders who want it cancelled. Netanyahu outlined the case with clear evidence that Iran has lied, is lying and will continue to lie.

Now the President met with the French and German leaders last week. They don’t want him backing out. They want an added agreement that addresses the concerns over the original one. So President Trump and the European Union agree the deal was a bad one, but disagree on how to fix it.

Along come the tariffs which tie to this. You see the EU wants the tariffs against their countries lifted. The President had until midnight last night to lift them. So here’s what happens. At the last minute he announces a 30 day extension. Out comes Netanyahu with his presentation. Now the President has left the EU to make it’s call. You support me in the Iran agreement(or get Iran to agree to tougher sanctions in the next ten days), or I cancel and the tariffs stay. You side with me, or Iran agrees, and the tariffs go.
It’s all related.

One final thought on the Iran deal. The previous administration is still defending the agreement, but as time unfolds it is becoming more apparent then ever how bad it was.

The Noble Peace Prize

Way too early to talk this. But here’s a thought. They will never give it to Trump. Think this scenario.
Korea works out but Iran is a mess. They give it to the two Korean leaders and say how can we give it to Trump too, he is starting fires in the middle east.

Just a thought.


Amid universal criticism for the comedian and night here is the NYT today:

OPINION Section:

Michelle Wolf Did What Comedians Are Supposed to Do

She told the truth, and no one should be apologizing.

Media and Advertising Section:



Michelle Wolf Did Her Job. It’s the Correspondents’ Dinner That Is the Problem.

Don’t hire a political comic, then renounce her when she does political comedy.
The Ratings

Total Viewers Friday. Fox wins the night and all 8 time slots.

  • Total day: FNC: 1.612 | CNN: 702 |  MSNBC: 1.140 | HLN: 206
  • Primetime: FNC: 2.246 | CNN: 780 | MSNBC: 1.628 | HLN: 217
4p: 5p: 6p: 7p: 8p: 9p: 10p: 11p:
FNC Cavuto:
CNN Tapper:
MSNBC Wallace:
HLN Michaela: