The Weekend ….

The Weekend Had It’s Moments

First, Saturday’s correspondent dinner made news. The President has avoided it two years in a row, actually holding a rally at the same time. They made him look good, — which was the last thing they wanted to do!

When the correspondents who trash Trump and team daily say it went too far, it went too far. We saw the comedian and it was disgusting. The media did itself no good this weekend.

North Korea

The story continues to astonish. This weekend Kim Jong-un said he would get rid of all nuclear weapons if the U.S. would pledge not to invade.
We think he really is worried about that. We have pointed out that Qaddafi in Libya and Saddam in Iraq were two he thinks about. Both made deals and were later eliminated. Now Saddam brought it on himself, but to Kim it is what happens if you are not armed. To negotiate you have to understand how and why the other side thinks as they do. Kim sees the weapons as survival. He wants to assure he survives without them.
This continues to move in a positive direction, and each day we think a deal is more possible.

Now we wish the President would stop saying so much publicly. He is raising expectations and that is a dangerous game. Just do it and then tell the world. Plus he is claiming victory, and why denigrate Kim before the world while you need him to give up more? Why not let others say you got done what your predecessors couldn’t? Why do you have to be the one doing that?

Finally, if you want Iran to back down and give up things wouldn’t it better to be praising Kim as a statesman and his desire for peace? Why not make him look good so you encourage Iran? We don’t think beating him down daily is good for negotiations with Iran.
BTW, May 12th is the next big date with the Iran deal extension.

The Russian Investigation

The beat goes on. The House Intelligence Committee puts out a report that there was no collusion. Of course only the Republicans signed the “final report”. The Democrats led by Adam Schiff say they have more to do. After sixteen months here’s an idea,  how about putting your cards on the table?
Ex CIA Director Brennan, really anti Trump, tweeted to the President about the house report, you just wait for “the Mueller” report. He told the President that his “day was coming”.

On the other side there are increasingly credible reports that James Clapper leaked the dossier’s existence and details to CNN. A station at which he went to work upon leaving the White House. In testimony he denied ever leaking anything. Stay tuned on this one.

Police Killers and Parole

Well, last Friday that NY and SF police killer of three walked out of prison a free man. The police union tried everything to keep him locked up but failed.

Now another NY Police murderer is up for parole. A former Weather Underground radical Judith Clark will get a new parole hearing — and a possible release from prison — after a judge ruled that she “has undergone a remarkable transformation over the three decades during which she has been incarcerated.”
Clark, now 68, was involved in the 1981 Brinks robbery in which two police officers from Nyack in Rockland County and a security guard were killed.

From our standpoint, until the police officer and their family can be reunited, no one should get parole.

At the same time in NY, if you are an officer and acquitted they keep raising charges. Here’s an example the same day the killer was released:

An NYPD officer acquitted in the shooting death of a bat-wielding Bronx woman has been hit with a fresh set of departmental charges related to the matter, his union said. The Sergeants Benevolent Association has responded by calling on Police Commissioner James O’Neill to recuse himself from any involvement in the case of Sgt. Hugh Barry because of O’Neill’s critical comments after the shooting.

Barry was served this month with a notice of the amended charges stemming from the Oct. 18, 2016, death of 66-year-old Deborah Danner. The veteran cop was acquitted of murder charges on Feb. 15 in a bench trial.

He was also cleared of all departmental charges.

But now the NYPD has levied new charges claiming he “exercised poor tactical judgment” and “failed to supervise” subordinate members of the department, according to the SBA.

Michael Cohen and The Fifth

Remember all the stories last Friday that “Trump’s lawyer, Micheal Cohen, is going to plead the fifth”? Well here’s what actually happened in court:
Judge James Otero said Cohen’s constitutional rights could be endangered if the suit proceeds while Cohen is under criminal probe. He then paused the case for 90 days.
Did you see that?

She Said She Didn’t Do It

MSNBC’s Joy Reid said she has no recollection of writing anti gay messages in her blog. This after facing some similar remarks last year.
Now maybe Joy’s thoughts evolved on this as so many other have, but she is not taking that stand. She went from “my blog must have been hacked” to “I don’t recall” ever writing anything like this.

The reason to bring this up is not to jump on the bashing wagon, but to point out the difference in the media between liberals and conservatives. If this were Tucker, Hannity or Laura what would the reaction be? Would there be a boycott? Petitions? Demands for sponsors to stop supporting the show?
Now what have you heard here?

Contrast That With This

A Manhattan judge ruled Wednesday that a bar was well within its rights to throw out a customer for wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap — because the law doesn’t protect against political discrimination.

Think about that. It is okay said this judge to discriminate against a person wearing a Trump hat. “Anyone who supports Trump — or believes in what you believe — is not welcome here! And you need to leave right now because we won’t serve you!” Piatek claims the staff of the West 10th Street tavern told him after he and his pals complained about the rude service they were getting from a bartender.
So he sued, claiming the incident “offended his sense of being American.” And the judge saw no wrong.

What do you think would have happened if he were wearing a different hat and got thrown out?  Where does it begin and end? This is an eye opener and a danger to us all.

Scott Pruitt

Why is he still in office?

While Ronny Jackson

Not only won’t he be the head of the V.A. now he won’t return as the WH Doctor.

Unless some evidence emerges to support what Senator Jon Tester said, he may well pay a price in November. He (Tester) was on his way to reelection. His race just got interesting.








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