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A Trumpian Observation and Thought

Last night we watched the President’s press conference with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. In it, we saw the two sides of Trump that represent what we think are his strong and weak points.

On the weak side it was all about him. He continues to use “I” and not “we” in claiming every success. He even claimed he was responsible for the Olympics being so successful this year. Yes, the one in South Korea. Sometimes it’s just tough to listen and see that ego out there above all else.

On the other side, no President would have the (let’s use the word) courage he does. He stands right there next “to his friend Abe” and before the Japanese press, and defends why he has put tariffs on Japan. He talks about the billions more the U.S. is getting. He answers the Japanese press questions about why he won’t back down by defending America, it’s workers and fair trade. He does it right there in front of their leader and press. Somehow can’t see (nor ever remember) Obama or Bush doing the same. There would have double talk, backing down and concessions. Trump stood there, stuck his chin out and he was taking care of his country and workers.

News and Thoughts

Korea: We’ve become intrigued by the meetings with North Korea and the quiet (or not so quiet) optimism from the administration over what might occur. Is it possible that Kim Jong un is really ready to get rid of his weapons, allow inspections and open to the world? After 75 years of not doing that and misleading past Presidents you have to be cautious. Despite that, this seems to be an opportunity. The story is the North and South are close to signing an agreement to end the hostilities against each other. There never was such an agreement after the Korean War. It would be quite an accomplishment if it happened. President Obama won the Pulitzer Peace Prize for a lot less.
Let’s follow this closely and see what the U.S. and world give up in return.  Watch, too, if we bring our troops home from the demilitarized zone. We would welcome that. We paid Iran $150 billion in cash, what’s this worth?

More Boycotts:  David Hogg, the Parkland student who has gained much notoriety since the shootings, has set his sights on two new boycott targets. You remember the Laura Ingraham boycott he led, which we reported yesterday led to lost sponsors, but higher ratings. This time he is going after gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson and its capital backers. The companies he targeted are Blackrock and Vanguard.
Hogg has decided not to attend college this fall so he can spend his time on the campaign trail. He will be supporting liberal causes.

The Michael Cohen proceeding is big news in the MSM, especially when Stormy shows up. A little news about the judge you might not know.
She was once going to become the Attorney General under Bill Clinton, but withdrew when it was disclosed she had a nanny problem (she hired an illegal immigrant and failed to pay taxes). Some think as a Clinton friend she should recuse herself from this case.
She recently (2013) officiated the wedding ceremony of George Soros third marriage. Yes, the same George Soros who has been funding all the liberal causes. It is estimated he invested $10 million in Hillary’s campaign in 2016. His total spending on leftist causes in 2016 is estimated to be $25 million. So you know her political leanings.
An interesting aside, earlier in her college days she went for training as a Playboy Bunny.

We’ve talked about mental health and how the answer to guns is more than just regulations. Well here’s an interesting story out of  NYC. It was part of the review of the NYC police shooting where someone had a pipe shaped as a gun and was running up to people pointing it at them. The police got calls about a man with a gun and showed up. The individual them pointed the fake pipe gun at them and was shot. Of course, many in the community and city reacted immediately that it was police violence. With the videos of the man running the streets and people scurrying to safety the issue died. But here’s the rest of the story.
The individual suffered from bipolar disorder and had been in and out of hospitals multiple times in recent years. He had gone to psychiatric hospitals at least twice. But the hospitals released him and failed to provide adequate follow-up. It was known that he failed to take required medication. Many are now saying this death was a failure of the city’s mental health policies.

Last year, the NYPD responded to 165,000 calls for emotionally disturbed persons, and almost all went off without a hitch. The difference here was a gun like object pointed at people and the police. The individual needed help and people knew, but they let him out. This time the person himself died. In Parkland many died.

The city and nation need to do more to protect citizens and stop being politically correct.

What happened to collusion?  We have ceased hearing the collusion stories haven’t we? After 15 months of relentless collusion was it really just a MSM and Democratic illusion?  When do we get Mueller’s report on the issue that is the foundation of this all?
We think it’s giving the Trump campaign too much organizational credit to think they could pull that off.

Comey and Stormy

Jim Comey continued his book tour and television appearances. He said on ABC, that yes he was once a Republican, but no longer. “The Republican party left me” he said. They “didn’t stand for the values he had” he said.
Oh, so that’s why you and your family backed Hillary, you share the Clintons values? Maybe that explains why you continue to back McCabe, Strok and Page too.

Now Stormy, did you see the picture of her husband? If you didn’t we suggest you google Stormy Daniels husband. You will see side by side his picture and the sketch she put out yesterday. You might think they are one person.
We’ve had enough of Stormy as we said yesterday. As far as we’re concerned she is a stripper, who slept with a married man and got paid $130,000.

The Ratings

Fox News now has 14 consecutive weeks as the number one cable TV network in both prime time and total day, among total viewers. In fact, the three news channels were the top 3 cable stations last week:

Basic Cable Top 5  
1. FNC (1,534,000)
2. MSNBC (1,125,000)
3. CNN (863,000)
4. NICK (838,000)
5. HGTV (777,000)

Morning News for the week of April 9:

  • Total Viewers: ABC: 4.185M / NBC: 3.964M / CBS: 3.317M
  • A25-54 viewers: ABC: 1.322M / NBC: 1.415M / CBS: 884,00

Compared to the same week last year GMA saw growth among younger viewers, up +2 percent, but was down -2 percent in total viewers. Today was down -3 percent in viewers and down -7 percent in the demo. CBS This Morning was down -7 percent in viewers and down -13 percent in the demo.

The Evening News for the week of April 9:

• Total Viewers: 8,192,000 7,754,000 5,922,000
• A25-54: 1,665,000 1,707,000 1,239,000

ABC was up +8 percent in both measurements. Nightly News was up +3 percent in viewers and down -3 percent in the demo. The CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor was down -5 percent in viewers and down -9 percent in the demo.

The Sunday Show numbers for April 15:

Network Program Total Viewers
ABC This Week 3.747 M
NBC Meet the Press 3.709 M
CBS Face the Nation 3.452 M
FOX Fox News Sunday 1.570 M


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