A Little Post Holiday Catch Up

Let’s do some quick catch ups on stories from the past few weeks:

With all the charges against the administration did you hear that twenty six percent fewer Mexicans repatriated in 2017? About 152,000 Mexican nationals were repatriated from the U.S. according to data from Mexico’s Interior Ministry. That compares with just about 205,000 in 2016.
What happened to all the deportations and separations we heard about?

How come the MSM hasn’t covered the decimation of ISIS?
On inauguration day there were an estimated 35,000 ISIS fighters who held approximately 17,500 square miles of territory in both Iraq and Syria. At year’s end  the U.S. military estimates the remaining 1,000 or so fighters occupy roughly 1,900 square miles. A year ago they were a threat. Trump promised to destroy them. MSM?

Did you see the Gallup Poll on America’s most admired. Obama won the male side and Hillary the female (with Michelle second, Oprah third and Elizabeth Warren fourth).

Iran has protesters in the street. They are protesting the economy, lack of food and general conditions. A large part of this is likely due to the sanctions that were on Iran for years. The same ones lifted last year by Obama to get the nuclear agreement, along with all that cash.
You will hear more about this if the protests continue.

Remember when we warned Baltimore police would back off since the Mayor and DA were against them? Well in 2017 they had a record for killings per capita.
Surprise surprise.

You think that maybe it happens all the time? This broke in the Wash. Examiner.
Russia is accusing the United States of interfering with its upcoming presidential election after State Department officials criticized a decision preventing opposition politician Alexei Navalny from challenging President Vladimir Putin next year.

With more to come. The Trump administration has seen dozens of senior administration officials quit or forced out in the first year. Their turnover rate of roughly 33 percent is triple the pace of previous administrations.

Go away Roy Moore. Really he filed a suit to challenge the election? Now he wants to talk about a private lie detector test he took? Enough.




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