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Yesterday we said the President was playing right into the hands of his opposition with his continued ego laden tweets. He can’t accept blame for anything, and truly puts his staff in a very difficult position. They are always playing defense and that mentality is tiring. It makes their mounting any offensive effort very hard, and there is much to attack.

To survive and have a chance to win any second term the President needs a clear message and attack plan. His inability to focus on a message is because he must defend himself. An example yesterday was saying he told us Moore “couldn’t win”. Forgetting of course that he did all he could to try and assure he did. A Friday night rally in Florida on the Alabama border. A robo call he produced. So why turn on Moore now? Simply because Moore lost and he must defend his honor. Too late. Just congratulate Jones, lick your wounds and get on with governing.

The President must focus and refine his message. He can run against the congress, the MSM media and hysterical liberal charges. Help is all around if he could focus. Here are some examples:

Congress is about to miss the deadline set for them to provide input on the Iran nuclear deal. Back in October the President did not want to certify Iran’s compliance. Many erupted. The media went wild. The President gave congress time to add input. Time is up. They have failed.
Now they will criticize whatever he does, but here is a major issue and he went to them. Nothing back.
Doesn’t that make an easy issue to present and run against those who  accuse him of all sorts of things? When given a chance to provide vital input they do not make a call. A winning opportunity.
Watch how he handles it. We predict it will be lost in the weeds of mindless tweets.

CNN again. This time they are backtracking on a report that accused Attorney General Sessions of violating the law. They reported earlier this year that Sessions had failed to disclose contacts he had with Russian officials on a security form. It was a big deal, proving collusion to some.
Now it is saying that an FBI agent told Sessions that “he was not required to list foreign government contacts while in official government business unless he developed personal relationships from such contacts”.  In May they were insistent that Sessions was required to list “any contact” with a “foreign government” or its “representatives” over the past seven years on the security clearance application.
Easy to attack the false news hysteria and begin to lay out a pattern of reporting on him.

CNN, CBS and NBC all made the same mistake when they reported that Donald Trump Jr. had received an email offering them access to hacked Democratic emails before they became public, when in fact, that email came after the emails were publicly disclosed.
Their rush to disclose negative news on the administration should be an easy issue.

The Media Research Center has been documenting coverage all year and outlined how the Trump presidency has been hit with “unrelenting hostility”.
The latest numbers show that coverage of Trump on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts in September, October and November was more than 90 percent negative. Read that again — more than 90% negative.  Think about that in light of jobs, unemployment rates and the stock market. 90% negative. Here’s the number of positive and negative reports by month:

                                                Think about these numbers:
In September, there were just 31 pro-Trump statements on the Big Three vs. 359 negative.
In October, the number of positive statements grew to 41, while the negative statements swelled to 435.

In November, there was somewhat less coverage of the President, as they raced to cover the allegations against Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, but the ratio remained essentially unchanged: 33 positive statements vs. 320 negative statements.

Add it all up, and coverage of Trump has been 91 percent negative during the past three months.
Their study of news in June, July and August found an identical 91% negative rating.
It all adds up to a MSM that is hostile toward the President.

Easy numbers to present to the public in a rational manner. Can he do it?

The Mueller Probe is beginning to smell.

Why did he staff it with a seemingly 100% pro Hillary and anti Trump staff?
How can you argue fairness when an FBI agent on the case repeatably called the President a “douche” and thought he should never have been elected?
Then we find out this same FBI agent led the investigation of the Clinton email server and found no wrong doing.
Add we then learn he was one of two agents to interview and question Mike Flynn, leading to his indictment.

While he was doing all the name calling he was texting with an FBI lawyer on the Trump case. She agreed with the agent and his feelings.
Sounds pretty fair doesn’t it?  Want some more from these two key players?
“I am riled up. Trump is a f**king idiot, is unable to provide a coherent answer,” the agent wrote in one exchange on Oct. 20, 2016, in the hours following the final presidential debate. “I can’t pull away. What the f**k happened to our country??!?!”
“I don’t know. But we’ll get it back. We’re America. We rock.” the lawyer replied.

They also mock Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, with the lawyer saying he reminds her of “a turtle” and the agent responding back calling him a “droopy dog.”

Would you want these two judging you if you were Trump?

Despite what Deputy AG Rosenstein testified to yesterday this is an easy attack opportunity for the President. But he can’t stop tweeting other junk long enough to build a case.

On Moore:

The exit polls told a dangerous story for Trump and the Republicans.
Women made up a majority of the electorate and went for the Democratic Jones over Republican Moore 58% to 41%.
Nonwhite voters, principally African-Americans, made up one-third of the electorate and went for the Democrat 88% to 11%.
Voters under the age of 30 went for Jones by a 60%-to-38% margin.

The Republican brand base is too small for success in a changing America.

The Tax Bill:

We’ll await the final bill, but almost every revision we heard yesterday coming out of the joint conference did not excite us. In a desire to get a bill, this is turning into just another Washington bill. Too bad.

To the senators from Connecticut who keep complaining that the tax bill will hurt their state, you have far more problems than that. Try focusing on your state business. Here’s a report from the IRS today:

Released data from the Internal Revenue Service shows a record loss of high-income tax filers and their families in 2015 following the state’s second largest tax increase.
A total of $2.6 billion in adjusted gross income was lost to other states as Connecticut experienced a net loss of roughly 20,179 residents.
The largest group of tax filers leaving the state were those earning over $200,000 per year. Between 2015 and 2016, Connecticut saw a net loss of 2,050 tax filers who earn more than $200,000 per year, the most since the IRS began tracking that income bracket.

Senators, the President and Republican Congress had nothing to do with this. It was your Democrat Governor and Democrat legislature. Stop yelling out loud in Washington and look inside the state. Where by the way, your friend the Governor, yesterday announced he wanted to raise taxes again this year.

The Ratings:

Total Viewers Tuesday Election Night. Big Numbers. Fox wins.
They win 4-9, and MSNBC wins 10 & 11, CNN comes in second 10&11.
Democratic win drove viewership for MSNBC and CNN as election called.

  • Total day: FNC: 1.982 | CNN: 1.390 | MSNBC: 1.758 | HLN: 221
  • Primetime: FNC: 3.547 | CNN: 2.771 | MSNBC: 3.158 | HLN: 267
4p: 5p: 6p: 7p: 8p: 9p: 10p: 11p:
FNC Cavuto:
CNN Tapper:
MSNBC Wallace:
HLN Michaela:

The Sunday Morning numbers for December 10:

Network Program Total Viewers A25-54
NBC Meet the Press  3.710 M
981 k
CBS Face the Nation (1/2 hr)  3.627 M 826 k
ABC This Week  2.930 M 730 k
FOX Fox News Sunday  1.619 M 493 k




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