Oh the fallout …

Oh the fallout for Trump after shooting from the lip again. We will repeat what we said Sunday, he was off base with his words, demeanor and presentation. He took an issue that was helping him and gave it a new negative life.  Add that he never backs down, (yesterday he simply doubled down) and you can guarantee this goes on for a long time.

So to be clear, he gave the opposition an issue and opportunity, he was wrong as we see it.

Now that said, a few thoughts and questions we have:

The first thought is kneeling for the national anthem. We have trouble with that. You can do it, because we are a free country. You’re not breaking any laws. However, too many have paid too high a price to do it. Honor them. You can protest your issue some other way. Especially since the protest is about policing and not the military. Wrong tactic as we see it.

Kneeling for the national anthem because you think police are racists is inciting to others. It’s like naming a group Black Lives Matter. You are giving people the impression that all other lives are unimportant.
Maybe some think you need to go to an extreme to make a point. Maybe. But you can also go so far that it turns others against you. Watch if they take this so far that instead of working for them it goes the other way. Sort of like Trump did Friday night. It could happen.

The MSM has grabbed this issue and happily reporting on it. They are of course, for the kneelers and against the the administration. Okay, so why then did they treat Tim Tebow as they did? He kneeled in prayer insulting no one and they certainly didn’t support him. Why is that? When did kneeling for religion go out of style?

For the NFL, we get your concern and anger. However, why is it when the Dallas Cowboys wanted to wear a patch to honor the slain police officers you said no? Why is it okay to kneel for the anthem because police are racist and not honor those who were killed because they were officers?

NFL be careful. The Pittsburg team stayed in the clubhouse rather than to come out for the anthem. But one player, a former Army Ranger who was awarded a Bronze Star, came out and stood. Yet he is taking heat for this. Be careful. I’m sure you noticed that yesterday his jersey became the number one seller. He beat out Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers and Dak Prescott. Better know who your customer is and not confuse them with what the media is saying or the President tweeting.

And Weiner Gets Time

So sad to see Anthony Weiner crying in court as he was sentenced to 21 months in jail. Remember how arrogant he was as a congressman? His snarky comments and attitude. Poor Anthony now. Yea right, couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.
To think his actions got involved with the 2016 campaign. Has Hillary blamed him and Huma Abedin yet?
Oh yea, she called others deplorable. Hillary, I found one for you. He had access to your emails too.

Get Ready for The Tax Noise

Tomorrow the Presidents Tax Plan is to be unveiled. Can you believe Republican leaders in the house and senate are only seeing it today for the first time? This should be another well organized administration rollout.

We’re interested to see:
How deductions are proposed and if the local and state tax one remains.
What the rates are for all taxpayers. Plus what will corporate rates be?

Merkel Wins in Germany But

As the Weekly Standard wrote, she won, but the story was “the rise of the anti-immigrant and anti-Islam nationalists of the Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) party, some of whose antecedents, attitudes, and followers evoke Germany’s historic alternatives to democracy”.
There’s a lot happening in Europe and you have to wonder about the long term viability of their open doors. People are beginning to vote against it, but they are still criticizing Trump’s tough stance.

Did you see this?

A report that, Jared Kushner (Trump’s son in law) has used a personal email account to correspond with colleagues in the White House? The revelation quickly drew comparisons from Democrats to the criticism from Mr. Trump and his fellow Republicans of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.
If true — Can you believe that?

That, according to CNN, Melania is not only more popular than her husband, she has experienced a major surge in popularity over the last several months.
Yet only forty four percent of respondents say they had a favorable opinion of Melania, while 35% had an unfavorable view. Why only 44%?
President Donald Trump, by contrast, had a 41% favorable/57% unfavorable rating.
By the way, Ivanka Trump is at 41% favorable/41% unfavorable, while her husband, Jared Kushner, is far less well-regarded — 20% favorable as compared to 39% unfavorable.

The Ratings

Going to be an interesting week for ratings as Megyn Kelly’s new show debuts as well as Fox’s new line up.


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