Trump Goes Off Script …

Just last week we mentioned the President’s “under control” demeanor and how it was impacting his approval and support. We said as long as he stays on script he is good. So Friday night he goes off script and we are back to where we started.
Trump was off base in the language he used and how far he took it. He owned the issue and it was working for him. Now he turned it into a negative.
Most Americans thought players should stand for the flag and were pained by teams refusing to visit the White House. He could have made the issue work for him by simply saying something like:
It pains me to see people disrespect our national anthem and flag at football games. I see every week the price some have paid to make and keep this country free. I know many are boycotting and walking away from the games because of that and I support them. We must respect our history and those who served. As for the comments you hear that teams won’t visit the WH all I can say is this. We should all respect this office and what it represents. As soon as I was elected there were stories people were not coming, why? It is the office and what it represents that you visit, not the temporary office holder. If you check you will see from day one many took the stand of “no visit”. I hope at some point they all change their mind and the invitation is always open. My goal today as always has been to make America better for all.
Wouldn’t that have been better, made his point and kept the high ground?
Now that said individuals like Labron James have no right to call the President a “bum”. His withdrawal of the invitation came after Kevin Durant, Steve Curry and others made clear they were not going. This goes both ways. They were loud and clear that they would not go and can expect some pushback.
The shame here is we were making progress and an unscripted Trump undid it. Too bad.
There will no doubt today will be a major kneel down in the NFL.
All this because he got involved in a Republican primary that we couldn’t understand why. In fact major conservatives like Ben Carson and Sara Palin were in the state campaigning for the other candidate.
North Korea

The words keep escalating. No one has a handle on Kim Jong un and how he will react. Remember Saddam Hussein was denying entry of UN inspectors and it led to war and his death, while no weapons of mass destruction were found. He miscalculated how far to go. Kim just may do the same.


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