A Presidency In Peril …..

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We now have a presidency in peril and you can begin placing odds on who is President a year from now. What happened?

First, as discussed here often, the President’s shoot from the lip mentality places him in controversy almost daily. We know why people voted for him over Hillary, but how did he get past quality people in the primary? It still surprises us.
Second, we mentioned this back before inauguration. It’s folly to get into a war with people who have unlimited print ink and air time. The 24/7 anti Trump narrative in the MSM is taking the toll we all expected.
Third, we have a strong (and dare I say) militant left, that is financed and determined to change the direction of the country. They are vocal in the streets, on the airwaves and gaining converts. They are so strong that threats of boycotts have cowered business leaders. They organized boycotts against right wing spokespeople (ie: Bill O’Reilly) and are changing history.
Fourth, the President has no support. The opposition party is united against him and his own party will not support him. Trump so angered, and has so viciously attacked his own party that they delight in opposing him. When did you ever see that? The Democrats went to the wall supporting Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. On any given day Republicans are blasting the President, from Senators like Graham and Governors like Kasich.
Fifth, all the things that were supposedly his strengths, have you seen any of them from Trump? Did he pick the best people? Is he the Great Communicator? Is he the incredible deal maker? Is he the great persuader? I haven’t seen any of it. He named his fourth communications director yesterday.

The Advisory Councils Go Away:

Right before more feckless leaders cancelled their participation, the President announced he was disbanding the boards. Just another example of the lack of respect for this President.
Jamie Dimon the CEO of JPMorgan angered us as much as anyone when he said, “It is a leader’s role, in business or government, to bring people together, not tear them apart”. We agree, and that includes you serving in a role you agreed to bring jobs to America. Then he added, “Racism, intolerance and violence are always wrong”.  Mr. Dimon, can you show me the quote where the President said anything different? Did the President say he supported “racism” or “intolerance” or “violence”? He said the opposite.
These business leaders are shameful and not the titans of our past.

The WH Announces We Will Make Obamacare Payments:

A White House spokesman said “the August payment will be made to insurers under the Obama healthcare.” The President has repeatedly threatened to end these  payments, which help reduce health insurance copays and deductibles for people in the program.
This “cost-sharing” subsidies is about $7 billion this year. It is a payment to the insurance companies, if you can believe that. 
Insurers are still unhappy because they want the administration to do more, and guarantee the payments at least through next year.
The subsidies are in a legal dispute over whether the Obama health care law properly approved the payments to insurers. House Republicans sued the Obama administration in federal court in Washington, arguing that the payments were illegal.  A district court judge agreed with House Republicans, and the case has been on hold before the U.S. appeals court in Washington.

It is estimated that premiums would climb by 20% next year if the administration halts the payments. 

Did the events of the past two weeks factor into the President’s decision to make this payment? We don’t know, in the years gone by we’d have had to wait for the books to come out, now we’ll just wait for the leak.

Bannon Speaks:

But he didn’t really mean to he said. He, like The Mooch, thought it was off the record. What? Don’t they ever learn the basic rule of saying “this is off the record”? Not only that, but like the Mooch (CNN) and the President who spilled his anti Jeff Sessions stuff to the liberal NYT, Bannon spoke to a liberal publication.  Why does this administration continue to do that? These publications attack with what you call “fake news” and you continue giving them exclusive interviews? You wonder why they don’t get loyalty back.

Besides that, Bannon said, “There’s no military solution [to North Korea’s nuclear threats], forget it”. Wait, the President has been walking around saying we know what to do and will take care of it. What am I missing? Was Trump just talking again? Was this more of his “on day one I will” stuff?

Today Lee. Tomorrow?

Last week we asked can George Washington statues be far behind? We now know the answer. One week. Here’s todays news:

“If you want to remove symbols of white supremacy why are you limiting it to confederacy? Yes, Jefferson & Washington must be next”.
Ajamu Baraka, a Antifa Member.

There are actual people out there that “want to change the name of Washington, DC, because George Washington owned slaves”.
Andrew Mullins (@AndrewWMullins)

The logical connection between “white supremacy” and the erasure of Washington, Jefferson and other famous white people in U.S. history  — whether they were noble, or ignoble, Civil War, pre-Civil war or post-Civil War — is justified .
Left-wing writer Ijeoma Oluo.

A Chicago pastor has asked the Emanuel administration to remove the names of two presidents who owned slaves from parks on the South Side, saying the city should not honor slave owners in black communities.
A bronze statue of George Washington on horseback stands at the corner of 51st and King Drive, at the northwest entrance to Washington Park.
Bishop James Dukes, pastor of Liberation Christian Center, said he wants the statue gone, and he wants George Washington’s name removed from the park.
He added this:
“Even though Washington was the nation’s first president and led the American army in the Revolutionary War, he’s no hero to the black community”.
And this:
He said President Andrew Jackson’s name should be removed from nearby Jackson Park, because he also was a slave owner. He said he’s not necessarily asking the city rename the parks altogether. He suggested Washington Park could be named after former Mayor Harold Washington, and Jackson Park could be named after civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson or singer Michael Jackson.

Don’t think it will end with that. There is a group in NY that wants to take down the statue of Teddy Roosevelt from outside the Museum of Natural History. Why? In the statue on horse he is flanked by an African American and a Native American. The protesters see this as an expression of white supremacy. They also of course say he was an imperialist and that adds to it.

Finally, today the question of Mount Rushmore has come up. There are some who think only Abe Lincoln should be left standing there.

The Ratings:

As predicted, the Va. situation drop the left to viewing the happy news of Trump’s failures, and MSNBC captured the night Tuesday.
Fox, though, won the week of August 7th. Details below:


  • Total day: FNC: 1.611 | CNN: 1.125 | MSNBC: 1.516 | HLN: 220
  • Primetime: FNC: 2.529 | CNN: 1.677 | MSNBC: 2.752 | HLN: 310
4p: 5p: 6p: 7p: 8p: 9p: 10p: 11p:
FNC Cavuto:
CNN Tapper:
MSNBC Wallace:
HLN Files:
Week of August 7th:

Fox News finished the week of August 7th as the No. 1 basic cable network, both in total day viewers and in prime time viewers. Fox News has now achieved the distinction of No. 1 in total day for 32 consecutive weeks, and No. 1 in prime time for 12 consecutive weeks, per Nielsen data.

The network posted +20 percent growth in prime time viewers and +6 percent growth in total day viewers versus the comparable week in 2016.

MSNBC was the No. 2 basic cable network in prime time viewers this past week, posting +72 percent year-over-year growth in the process. The network finished No. 3 in total day viewers, and posted +57 percent total viewer growth in the daypart.

CNN was a top 10 basic cable network in total viewers this past week. The network posted +47 percent total viewer growth in prime time, and +12 percent total viewer growth in total day from last year. The network finished No. 13 in the prime time demo, and No. 9 in the total day demo.

Basic Cable Top 5 – Prime time (Total Viewers)

  1. FNC (2,136,000)
  2. MSNBC (1,754,000)
  3. USA (1,429,000)
  4. HGTV (1,409,000)
  5. NFL Network (1,280,000)

Basic Cable Top 5 – Total Day (Total Viewers)

  1. FNC (1,332,000)
  2. Nickelodeon (1,167 ,000)
  3. MSNBC (944,000)
  4. HGTV (794,000)
  5. Adult Swim (782,000)
Business Stations Fox vs CNBC:

Business Day (M-F 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET) 

FBN: 191,000 total viewers 

CNBC: 151,000 total viewers 

Cable Prime (M-Sun, 8 – 11 p.m. ET)

FBN: 99,000 total viewers 

CNBC: 328,000 total viewers 


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