And down goes healthcare reform …..

As we watched late into the night and early morning all we could think of was the famous call “and down goes Frazier” as the health bill went down 51-49.
What that means is one senator could have changed everything. While three Republicans voted “no”, every Democrat stuck with their party. So Obamacare lives and we go on.
Think about that one vote. Last November Kelly Ayotte lost her seat in NH by a razor thin few thousand votes. Lisa Murkowski the Alaskan Republican who voted “no” was beaten in her primary by a Tea Party candidate. She won the seat back as a write in against him and the Democrat. There are a dozen more stories that could have been the one vote, and such is life in a democracy.

Now what? Well you can’t take back entitlements. Ronald Reagan said “a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth!” He was right. So now somehow the two parties will get together and try and figure something out, because we know the bills are coming due, the insurers are leaving and costs are skyrocketing. In the end Democrats, liberals and the media will end up blaming “obstructionist Republicans” for blocking a solution. They’ll out maneuver them again we predict.

As for Republicans it shows the divide in their own party. They don’t like their own President nor respect their own leaders. McConnell is ineffective, not good on television and cannot be the spokesperson. Remember we told you he won’t even get Kate’s Law passed, you watch. There’s a PR dream that people would support and he can’t figure out how to get it done. It’s time for new voices.

Some other quick thoughts:

Do you think it’s funny how the Russia story has disappeared off the MSM? After nine months of daily innuendo, why is that? Are they less a threat now?

Yesterday there was testimony that the fake dossier on Trump came from Russian sources. Actual testimony. Yet this was not MSM worthy. Why is that? If it were about the administration would it be?

Then there’s the Debbie Wasserman Schultz story, the $4 million dollars and crushed hard drives. Big, but not on the MSM. Why is that?

Lot’s to think about as we head to the weekend.

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