Into July we go ……

After a holiday hiatus we can say that not much changed. It was more of Trump versus the MSM. It went from the personal attack on Joe and Mike to the body slam parody of CNN. The networks, cable stations and newspapers took the CNN video as invitation for people to attack. 

Now, no question the President is at war with CNN. He was on the high road with the false stories and comments we covered that the network had reported. They loved playing this video — over and over and over — and calling the President unhinged. 

                            Now we ask is the MSM really biased?
Well we know how CNN fired four people recently and pulled back stories because they were unproven (false).
We know how independent media watchdogs have reported how negative the coverage has been on the President.
We know the surveys that report the voting pattern of on air news media is 85+% liberal Democrat. 
We’ve illustrated how what they cover is in part because of their bias. 
How the tone and time devoted is because of their feelings. 
But want a stat that shows it all:
You know in print media the New York Times and Washington Post have led the charge with anti Trump stories. 
Did you know this:
In the 14 Presidential elections since 1960  the NYT has endorsed the Democrat candidate every time.
Yes that means in 1972 when 49 states voted 61% for Nixon the NYT went the other way.
When America wanted a change in 1980 and voted Ronald Reagan (44 states) the NYT endorsed Jimmy Carter.
In 1984 when 49 states voted Reagan and Morning in America the NYT endorsed the Democrat Mondale. 
You get the idea. Do you think the NYT can possibly be non biased? 
Now the Washington Post is another story. A simple one. 
The Washington Post has NEVER in it’s history endorsed a Republican candidate for President. Never.
That friends is the MSM in America. The next time someone tells you the media is not biased ask them to tell you when the NYT and Washington Post last endorsed a Republican Presidential candidate. 
The President Heads To The G20 Summit:
Watch this coverage and see how much time the media spends on the summit versus if Trump will say anything to Putin about the election intervention. 
North Korea Again. The Wall Street Journal Today says:
“Trade between China and North Korea grew almost 40% in the first quarter. So much for China working with us – but we had to give it a try!” 

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