It’s a dangerous world ….

While the MSM concentrates on the administration’s election (non) “collusion” ties, the world is an ever dangerous place. If you remember our grades to the Obama administration we rated them low on foreign affairs (D) and said there was no where in the world we were better off. In fact we argued they left us in a dangerous place. It’s high time the MSM caught up and informed the American people of a real situation. Let’s do a little tour.

In the middle east there is a mess everywhere you look. The red line they drew in Syria and then allowed Assad to cross, allowed the Russians in. A bad situation got worse yesterday as we shot down a Syrian plane.
It was shot down because that jet was bombing local forces aligned with the Americans in the fight against Islamic State militants.
This was a new escalation of the conflict and the Russians reacted yesterday by shutting down a vital communication line with the U.S., and threatening to target any aircraft operating above Russian and Syrian regime-controlled territory in the country.
Would the Russians shoot at and try to down a U.S. plane? We don’t know, but it certainly raised the level of tension.

Who are we fighting here? ISIS. When did ISIS come into being and rise? Under the last administration.

In addition, we are sending 4,000 more troops to Afghanista. Why is that necessary? The Generals are clear. Obama pulled out too many and too soon, against the military recommendation. Now we face more battles, many in the same areas we once controlled.
Of additional concern is that the Taliban are going across the border to Pakistan for safe haven after attacks. That needs to be addressed. Pakistan is a nuclear power.

Add the deal with Iran, the unrest in Libya, the turmoil in Iraq and you get one very dangerous and unstable region.

Now add North Korea to the mix. This unstable regime is building weapons and not afraid to tell the world. Does anyone trust Kim Jong would not use them?
In unlearned lessons from history the new leader of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, believes he can pull back on arms and deployment and negotiate with the North.
China promised to help and use their economic power to influence North Korea. To date they have failed outright or given us lip service.
A very dangerous area of the world for the new administration.

Then take the established countries of Europe. London has a fourth terrorist activity in four months on Sunday. Paris just avoided a devastating blow yesterday as police killed a terrorist bomber who rammed his car carrying explosives into a police vehicle in the capital’s shopping district, prompting a fiery blast.
No where in Europe is safe as their governments face the peril of terrorism.

So when you add it all up, the world is on the edge and extremely dangerous. The MSM should be raising consciousness of this. Instead they continue to focus on why their candidate lost the last election and how do the get the President. Shameful.

Here’s our blog back from mid January on the Obama foreign policy and where we were headed. If we knew, how come the MSM can’t catch up yet?

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