To answer a question but ……………

So all the noise and hysteria from the left and MSM results in Robert Mueller becoming a Special Counsel to investigate it. Let’s look at this.

What is he going to investigate? What is the crime?

Here’s the questions we want answered:

Did the President of the U.S. engage illegally during the 2016 campaign?

Did anyone on his team do so? If they did, was the President aware?

That’s it.

That’s what Schumer, Pelosi, Blumential, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and Msnbc have been yelling about. If Flynn, Paige or Manafort did anything it is covered there.
If the President, as he claims, did nothing or was unaware of anything someone else did, then they owe him and our country an apology.

We think what they will uncover is some conversations that those three had where they assured the Russians that the sanctions Obama imposed late in the year would be reviewed if Trump won.
We think that’s it.

Now the problem is that Special Prosecutors do not follow a narrow road, answering the questions we posed above. They veer off and often come up with things far from the original question. Be aware.

What’s ironic about this is that with all the issues some of us want answers on, they will never be covered. Questions like:

What was in and why were the 30,000 emails on Hillary’s private server bleached so they could never be recovered?
What really happened to Lois Lerner’s computer and why did the IRS harass conservative groups? Who ordered it? Who allowed it to continue?
What was the interaction between the Clintons and Loretta Lynch that she recused herself? Was it an attempt to obstruct justice?
What really went on between the Clinton Foundation and foreign governments that they gave so much money to it? Especially since it dried up after the election.
What happened with the guns from Fast and Furious that resulted in the death of a border patrol agent? Who was responsible for the death?
How come confidential memos passed in the Clinton state department and campaign to non authorized personnel and no one got in trouble?
Who told Susan Rice to go on the Sunday shows and lie about Benghazi?
How come neither Obama or Hillary corrected her?
Who is responsible for the lost $535 million loan guarantee to the politically connected solar panel firm Solyndra as part of the Stimulus?

You get the idea. In much of the above there seems to be more evidence of a crime (and people died in some) than in what the new special counsel is supposed to investigate, yet all these are ignored. Why?

One reason is the liberal Democrats yell louder. They can also make outrageous claims and the MSM will protect them. Think about the past week and the number of Democratic congressional people who have yelled that Trump should be impeached. These are elected officials. Have you seen them criticized in the MSM or given coverage? Now think about this. What if any Republican had gone on the floor in a similar manner and said Obama should be impeached for the issues noted above?
Exactly. The MSM would have buried them.

Where does that leave us?
First, Trump makes it hard to rally around him because of his ego and tendency to speak or tweet before thinking.
However, the American people must be smarter than to reward the act of liberal Dems and the MSM.
They must see through it and make them pay too.

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