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In Friday’s blog we made it clear that the administrations failure to plan, coordinate and communicate effectively has been the major issue. Today let us address some issues from another perspective.

What exactly are the far left and MSM saying and why?

For the close to 120 days that Trump has been President we have them, increasingly now, saying the word “impeachment”.
So we ask, impeachment for what? Exactly what do they think he did to even mention that word? What crime are they saying he committed? Do you know? We don’t. It’s not like he lied to a grand jury about what went on in the oval office (and they thought was not impeachable). So what?

They went ballistic over a tweet where he said “Comey better hope there are no tapes” of their conversation. We at first thought he was referencing  the way microphones pick up conversations. But it has become a bigger issue. The liberals say we will subpoena them. Subpoena what? For what reason? Was there a crime? Is there an investigation and charge that has been made legally on why he fired Comey? The way the MSM is presenting this it seems like there is a criminal investigation. There is none, and by the way, taping is legal in Washington DC as long as one person knows it is being done. So what crime are they talking about here? We don’t know.

Here’s what we do know. The President and his administration have been experts at shooting themselves in the foot and elsewhere. The Democrats have been expert at yelling foul on anything and everything. The MSM has loved presenting the administration in a negative light, covering stories over and over, for days and days, even where there is nothing to prove anything. They want badly to justify their pre election thoughts, and votes,  which was Trump had no chance.

So unless the administration and President in particular stops feeding their frenzy this will go on. There are widespread rumors of a major administration shakeup. It won’t matter if the President doesn’t change. His ego is so large he can’t take any negatives. Unless you are idealizing him and his work he gets angry and fights back. In business, as we said during the campaign, it was his company and everyone told him how smart and wonderful he was. He can’t handle the negatives.  His ego has managed to make Schumer and Pelosi look good. They and their friends in the MSM will not let up on this administration — ever.

Speaking of Schumer, he said he is going to hold up any new FBI Director approval until a special prosecutor is named. Think about that. There is no crime we know of. We have a House committee, a senate committee and the FBI looking for any Russian connection to the administration for months now. Schumer wants to add millions of costs to investigate what? We don’t get it, but be assured the MSM does.
See they know better, just ask President Hillary.

The ratings shakeup continues:

Spurred by the Comey firing and increased use of the word “impeachment” the cable news shakeup was big last week.
On Thursday Msnbc won the 7, 9, 10 and 11 timeframes. Rachel Maddow won the week as the number one show and has gained an edge on The Five at 9:00. For the first time Chris Mattews at 7 beat Martha MacCallum. On Thursday Laurence O’Donnell actually beat Hannity.
All the result of the party out being angry and people getting more active and the changes at FoxNews.
CNN? A distant third.

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