A mess self made ….

Let’s grant that the MSM will never support this administration and always look for the negative. They lean left, vote left and report left. They don’t see anything other than from the left. Look at how yesterday they announced the cancellation of Last Man Standing. The number one show on Friday nights and the only sitcom that leaned right. They found an excuse to cancel. So we start with the media bias and knew this was going to be a rough four years for any Republican Administration.  The hope was Trump was tough and would take them on, even expose them.

What has occurred instead is Trump’s ego, bluster, lack of government experience and penchant to act immediately has fed their narrative and hurt him. Let’s take the Comey situation this week.

It is a given in Washington that you do a major firing or act on a Friday afternoon. This Friday with a holiday Sunday was even better. Why didn’t Trump do that?
The reason is, he is too impulsive. In business he might have decided with his company to fire someone on the spot. Government is not business. The world is watching, not just the HR department.

So he acts immediately. Does he plan this with his team? Does he have a shared reasoning and message? No. He acted. As soon as he does the press is all over his people. They tell different stories and reasoning, feeding the Dem and MSM story narratives.

Does he think that he is going to fire the FBI Director and it is going to be said he is covering up the Russian story? Obviously not. On his meeting agenda a few hours later are two Russian diplomats! One of who is said to be the lead Russian spy in the U.S. So you fire the FBI Director right before the meeting? What kind of thought process is that?

Next you realize the optics look bad so you say no press pictures or coverage of the meeting outside official government photographers. But the press see the Russian photographer going in and guess what? They publish pictures. Can you mess this up anymore?

Next you better realize another difference between business and being President of the United States. You can’t say one thing one day and another the next. You can’t praise Comey a number of times and then fire him saying he was unqualified. You just lose credibility.

Also, stop already. Stop saying I am going to hire a “great” FBI Director. You have been promising great since you started campaigning and that is getting old.

Finally, the shame of everything Mr. President, is you are reversing so many Obama era polices that took us far left, and no one knows. No one knows because you keep shooting yourself, though your words, tweets, actions and irrational behavior. You are leading the conservatives to a 2018 disaster that will impact all our futures.

Grow up and learn to govern or get out of the way.

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