The Comey Beat and More ….


We stand by what we said yesterday. Poor communication and handling by the administration and complete hypocrisy on the part of Democrats.               Sickening to watch both sides on this.
Here’s the long range impact of things like this. Supporters of the in power administration say, “both sides anger me, I am not voting for anyone”. The out of office people do the opposite. They get angry, organize, register and win the mid terms  – big.

If we’re right get ready for Majority Leader Schumer, Speaker Pelosi and more liberal judges.

It Matters:

If you think it doesn’t matter consider this. On Monday Trump nominated 10 conservative judges to the lower courts. They are the first in what could be near monthly waves of announcements to fill more than 120 vacancies.
Think of the decisions that have gone against what you believe recently.

The courts are where the impact has to come. At least for now conservatives can get judges through. Voting matters.

Another Story With Almost No Coverage:

Did you see this on the MSM? Headline on Bloomberg news:
Obamacare Premiums Rise as Insurers Fret Over Law’s Shaky Future.

With all the negatives on the Republican bill this was omitted.
Bloomberg reported three states, Maryland, Virginia and Connecticut are the first states to make filings public for 2018 premiums for Obamacare.

Their plans will rise more than 20 percent on average. The increases follow years of rising premiums under ex-President Barack Obama.

Plus, Aetna announced that they are backing out the plan entirely in 2018.

Reactions? The headline in the liberal Connecticut Post was that “Uncertainty over Trump Care Drives Up Healthcare Prices”.

You can’t make this up with the MSM.

The NYT Headlines on Comey:
Top News
F.B.I. Director James Comey Is Fired by Trump


President Trump abruptly terminated Mr. Comey, who was leading an investigation into whether Mr. Trump’s advisers colluded with Russia to influence the election.
In Trump’s Firing of James Comey, Echoes of WatergateBy PETER BAKER

Not since Watergate has a president dismissed the person leading an investigation bearing on him, and the dismissal drew instant comparisons to the Saturday Night Massacre.


Donald Trump’s Firing of James Comey


Despite claims to the contrary, the F.B.I. director was clearly ousted for leading an investigation into Russian ties that could threaten the president.

There you go, fair and balanced. They know Comey was fired over the Russian invasion.
All the news fit to print — that we think!

Speaking of news, Fox ratings suffer:

On Monday and Tuesday of this week Fox saw drops in viewership and both MSNBC and CNN made gains. In fact with the key advertising demographic (25-54 year olds) Fox came in third in primetime (6-11) on Tuesday. Fox won total viewers, but the margins were much smaller as the new line up settles in. Rachel Maddow on msnbc seems to have The Five clearly in sight and beat them Monday and Tuesday.

A clear reflection of two things. The changes at Fox and the above mentioned party out of office has more fire.

Any Good News?

How about this that the MSM hasn’t had time for.

Illegal immigration across the southwestern border is down a stunning 76 percent since President Trump was elected, with the flow of children a families dropping even faster as analysts say the administration’s commitment to enforcing the law has changed the reality along the border.
Overall apprehensions by the Border Patrol dropped to just 11,129 in April, according to numbers released Tuesday, marking the lowest monthly total for any month in decades.

“A lot of the discussion about changes in our enforcement policy and the way we are going about doing business, we believe that has deterred people,” said Homeland Security spokesman David Lapan. “When you get here, it is likely you are going to get caught. You are going to be returned to your country.”

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