Down goes Comey, Up comes hysteria ……..

Down goes Comey and up comes the hysteria. Friends are enemies. Enemies are friends. The MSM supported by their friends see conspiracy. What say we?

First they way the administration handled this is more evidence of their lack of tack.
– How does the FBI  Director find out while he is at an FBI recruiting  event seeing it on television no less?
– You mean this was so poorly planned that you just did it and had no idea you were?
– Didn’t anyone have the decency to say let’s make sure we get in touch with the Director first?
This administration continues to hurt itself by it’s lack of professional communication. With the media aligned against them they need to do a better job.

Next the President needs to learn diplomacy. You can’t walk around praising people and then fire them for the same reasons you praised them. You are the leader of the free world and every word you say (or tweet) has impact. You can count us among those who thought you were high on Comey and were shocked.

Now onto the Democrats. Their hypocrisy is beyond description. They despised Comey, wanted him gone, blamed him for losing the election, said he was a closet Republican. Trump fires him and they go off the deep end. Now he’s their hero, he was treated unfairly. Same with the MSM who attacked him relentlessly and now he the superhero. Shameful.
What happens if Comey does an interview and says he thinks Hillary was guilty? What will they do then?

As for the charge this is a coverup of the Russian connection, enough already. Was Jim Comey the head of the FBI doing an investigation by himself?  You are really impugning the people of the FBI by saying they can’t do an investigation because there is a change at the top of the bureau. Plus, the FBI simply gathers facts and the prosecutors make the call. Add the house and senate investigations and the noise about the Russian connection is done because Comey is gone is ridiculous.
A fair press would point that out.

We liked Comey. Thought he was whip smart and loved the FBI, and simply wanted to follow the law. We thought he was put in some tough situations. He made the Clinton decision because Loretta Lynch comprised herself. In that case his role was to investigate and pass on the evidence. When she met with Bill Clinton on that tarmac she disqualified herself, leaving him to do what no FBI Director is supposed to do.
Then his presentation of the case showed his desire to bring charges, but he could not find intent. He was sure he needed to prove intent and didn’t think he could. He didn’t want Hillary to walk completely exonerated so he presented it as he did.
When the Weiner files showed up and he reported to congress he was reopening the investigation, they leaked that to the news media, not him. So he got banged around again.

Why was he fired? The administration needs to do a better job of explaining that. We think the new Deputy AG, who was confirmed two weeks ago, came to the conclusion that the FBI employees had lost confidence in Comey. We hear that the division was really divided on the Clinton charges and there is much division in the bureau. We think the AG decided to recommend a change based upon department morale.

That simple.

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