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So it appears by mid day the Republicans in congress will vote to move forward an Obamacare replacement. What does this mean?
– First we don’t know much because the bill is not public.
– Second it has not been scored so we don’t know costs yet.
– Third, you can be sure the Democrats will say it’s bad.
– Fourth, Republicans will praise it.
– They want anything with Obama’s name gone.
– Will it insure everyone? Last time 24 million weren’t.
– Will the $8 billion be enough to cover pre conditions?  Unknown.
– Will it reduce costs for everyone?
– Will it provide better coverage and choices of doctors?
– Will the senate pass it? Remember there is no bill until they do.

The questions will persist and you can be sure the MSM will find fault.

Don’t you wish there was an openness to all this and we all knew what was in the bill, and what it would cost? Don’t you feel there is a rush, as there was with Obamacare because no one can work together?
The way government is run these days make you wonder.

Middle East Peace:

President Trump had Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas at the White House yesterday. Like Presidents before him he truly wants to bring peace to an area of the world that has suffered since Isreal was formed. We applaud that, but offer this counsel to the President.

Please stop with the guarantees. Stop promising things that likely can’t be done and try getting credit for trying. To say, “we will get this done”, with the certainty you did is going to be played back over and over as a promise. You need to temper your words and expressions in this role.

The other words you used,“We’ll start a process which hopefully will lead to peace,” and “I would love to be a mediator, an arbitrator or a facilitator” were perfect.
Be diplomatic.

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