Hillary speaks ……

Hillary Speaks:

Hillary spoke and named events as the reason she lost. The MSM covered it at length. Yesterday she blamed sexism, Russian interference and Federal Bureau of Investigation. Today the congress will grill the FBI Director and no doubt the Democrats on it will blame him for her loss.

Here’s our opinion. She lost because she was a lousy candidate.

Hillary you lost to Donald Trump, a flawed candidate, with damaging video’s, misspoken words and actions as weak as possible. You lost because people didn’t trust you. You lost because you had a problem with the truth. You lost because you put the private server out there. You lost because you failed to go to key states. You lost because your husband went on that plane with the attorney general. You lost because of who you are, not because of anything the FBI did or your opponent did. You lost an election that was  impossible to lose, because of who you are and what you did.
Try looking in the mirror, you’ll find the reason.

That Georgia Special Election: 

The latest polls show the run off is a toss up. The Democrat candidate, who doesn’t live in the district, holds a 48-47% lead.
As the election gets closer you will hear much more about it.

Republican Congress and the Health Bill: 

How embarrassing is it watching the debacle of the “repeal and replace” party for Obamacare stumbling  all over itself and not being able to agree on a replacement? After seven years of passing a repeal and saying they had a better coverage plan, to look this bad puts in question if they deserve leadership.
It can’t be done and they lied for seven years.
It’s time for the President to stop saying “how great” it’s going to be.
And by the way, if it ever gets out of the house how are you going to get it through the senate?

Congress grills the airline heads:

Does it bother you as much as it does us how congressional members grill people on how they do their job? Yesterday their holier than thou questioning and tone with the airline heads was sickening. We think the airlines do a better job at what they do, than congress does at there’s. Seeing them act so high and mighty asking the CEO’s how could you do this, when they can’t do anything is laughable.

TV Ratings: 

FoxNews has held it’s cable news advantage through Monday, which was a week after the new lineup came into play.
It’s the message folks, why don’t the MSM and other stations get it?


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