The Budget …………..

Very simply the budget agreed to was a victory for Schumer, Pelosi and team. The administration can try and spin it any way they wish but they lost the negotiation. Trump and team wanted to assure there was no shut down and they blinked. They were afraid a shut down would be blamed on them.

The $1 trillion spending bill was announced on Monday.

Why will the administration say they had to negotiate if they control the WH, house and senate? They will say it is because they don’t have 60 votes in the senate and the Democrats were united against them.

Our questions are:

So rather than let them stand out as obstructionist you decided to give in?
So rather than let the American people get mad at them, as they did you (Republicans), when you forced a shut down you decide to cave in?
You couldn’t manage this to show they were stopping the budget?
I thought this administration was made up of great negotiators.

I guess now you’ll trot out cabinet to say we didn’t lose. Well when you have to defend and the other side celebrates you know you lost.

Chuck Schumer said this: “Overwhelmingly, we were very pleased with the outcome — issue after issue, I would not say there’s a major loss in here.” Enough said.

Let’s see the budget:
Partially bails out Puerto Rico’s Medicaid program.
Boosts spending for the National Endowment for the Arts.
Increases the National Institutes of Health budget by $2 billion
Restores year-round access to Pell Grants for college students with need. Keeps the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget intact

Border wall? No funding.
Sanctuary City: No cuts.
Planned Parenthood? Funded fully.

I guess the administration will try and spin this as a victory and site:
The  $1.5 billion boost in Homeland Security funding
$15 billion extra for the Defense Department (about half of what president wanted).

Everyone can make their own call, but we are disappointed.

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