Onto the next 1.361 days …..

Finally 100 days behind us:

With the 100 day hype behind us let’s get on with the next 1,361 days.

You’ve seen report cards on the first one hundred that went from A+ to F-. In fact Nancy Pelosi yesterday gave the F-. Our view, it’s too early to give grades. The President seems to be growing into the role. We would have given him — on foreign policy —  a solid B. On domestic policy a C. But way too early.
One point of note is his rating is higher than the congress overall, Ryan, Schumer individually and the MSM.

Avoiding a shutdown:

This morning the congress and WH agreed to a budget that funds the government until October 1. At least we don’t have to listen to the MSM rant about a shut down for now.
No border wall funding is in the budget. American’s don’t want to pay for the wall. This is an issue that will be around for a while.

MSM rants of the day:
  1. Here’s a NYT opinion page story today:
    – Trump’s Tax Cuts May Be More Damaging Than Reagan’s.
    Imagine, we thought Reagan’s tax cuts saved the economy from stag flation. What do we know?
  2. The MSM does not report the news, they add opinion, thought and bias.
    An example, the President inviting the Philippine President to meet. The reason he did is to secure support for a North Korean policy and to assure they don’t move closer to China than us.
    Well the MSM in presenting the news, adding tone and opinion, that this is bad. It is bad because the President of the Philippines is killing drug dealers and users — in his country.
    Our issues are these.
    – If he can help with North Korea should we make him an enemy too?                                     – Should we abandon the Philippines because we disagree with their elected leader?
    – How come if the leader is a leftist that has policies we disagree with we should get along with them for political purposes but not here?The media should report the news and allow people to make their own decisions, not be opinion based in their reporting.


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