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Who are we?

Today we want to share some thoughts on what we think is a serious moment in our history and will impact the future of your children, grandchildren and generations to come. There is a fight underway for the soul of America. Who we are and what the future will be is at stake.  Our reasoning and thoughts:

The left in this nation is not the left of the past. What was once a proud freedom movement, tolerant of thought, seeking justice and open dialogue   has become something else. They are no longer tolerant of thought outside their own. The refusal to allow free speech on campus or in certain areas is alien to their beginnings. The appointment of judges who decide not to enforce law but make it, breaks down the checks and balances of our system. The refusal to consider any other thought in a Town Hall session that is not liberal, is the opposite of their beginning. The violence they have exhibited is so far from their foundation that it is inconceivable this is the same movement. Their blame America first attitude hurts the country. Their anti police stand before they even have the facts forgets why we have law and order. Speaking of which, think about the sanctuary city battle. These cities refuse to enforce the law passed by the congress and this is to turn over criminals. So we have cities and their leaders willing to break the law and put citizens at risk because they deem the government biased. And the media supports them. Their attack on the successful because of their success is against the very foundations that made America great.
Thus, we say the soul of America is at stake. The media hides their faults and supports their ideas and movement. They actually tout the line day in and day out. When is the last time you have seen the MSM attack the left? Each day they attack their opponents as if they are committing a crime.

The soul of the nation is at stake. The left and those who like to see a different America have gotten loud, taken over the streets and control the media. If they win the country we leave for future generations will be far different than the entrepreneurial, “we can do it” America that you grew up in. As Edmund Burke warned us:  The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
I think we are at that point in this battle.

Now we are not saying Donald Trump is all good. Certainly there could have been leaders to take on this leftist movement with stronger credentials. But, he is the one who is there and willing to speak up and fight. Each American must decide on which side they are on.

Other News:

Did you know that just yesterday the final cabinet position was approved? An 87-11 vote for Sonny Purdue as agricultural secretary. Since it was 87-11 do you wonder, as we do, what took so long?

As predicted yesterday here’s today’s NYTimes lead headline:
“Trump’s Tax Plan: Low Rate for Corporations and for Companies Like His”.
Notice nothing about worldwide competitiveness and bringing money and jobs home. Just the negative.


The New Fox News Lineup Ratings:

We don’t know how it will work out long term (and we think they will have some drop off) but night one (Monday) was a big success for the new Fox News Channel line up. From Rupert Murdoch:
“Last night’s ratings are in and I couldn’t be more proud to announce that, not only did FOX News beat all other cable news competition with our new primetime debut, but we also increased our ratings 31% in total viewers and 54% in the demo compared to last year,” the executive chair of 21st Century Fox wrote in the memo obtained by Business Insider.
On Monday, Tucker Carlson, who took over O’Reilly’s 8 p.m. slot, drew just under 3.2 million viewers, far more than the entire 8 p.m. viewership of CNN and MSNBC combined.
“The Five,” which now occupies Carlson’s former 9 p.m. slot, also debuted to strong ratings, besting MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

We’ll see as this unfolds.

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