Watching what we say ……

As it nears the 100 day mark it’s time for the administration to speak with one voice. Examples this past week where they looked out of sync.

– First on Iran and was it living up to the agreement on nuclear weapons. Secretary of State Tillerson said they were. The next day the President said they were violating it in many ways. Not good optics.

–  The next day feeling the heat of the promises made for the first 100 days the President said he would have a tax package by Wednesday. However, White House budget director Mick Mulvaney has been saying that “a full tax bill won’t likely happen by the time its official budget is released by the end of May”.  He followed that by saying, “You might see us floating some principles before then”.

– Then in announcing planned actions against sanctuary cities Attorney General Sessions referenced NYC’s gang slayings. Wrong city to reference with crime and murders down. He tried to walk it back on Sunday’s talk shows but the damage was done.

Words matter, the time to adjust to the office is over and the administration needs to get it’s collective voice in place. Minus that they will continue to look bad and suffer additional MSM ridicule.

Get ready for the budget battle this week. There is going to be a lot of noise on this especially over funding for the wall. Democrats will attack Trump on this and he will fight for it. We think this is a winning issue for Democrats. Most people don’t want the wall and remember the promise that “Mexico will pay for it”. If they will why are we seeking billions in funding? In a week of review on the first one hundred days this will look really bad.

The other noise this week will be that 100 day review. The MSM will drag out all of the President’s promises for “day one” and the “first hundred days”. The list is long, the actual’s done is very short. The administration will counter with all the bills, executive orders passed and the cut in illegal immigration.

A noisy week ahead.

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