Buckle Up Next Week …..

Expect big news stories and hysteria next week.

Congress returns and they need to pass a budget resolution to keep the government running. The free spending Democrats will make a huge deal of this. They will likely say no spending unless Trump releases his taxes, as if there is a connection. At some point they are going to overplay their hand. Maybe not to their friends in the MSM but to a majority of Americans. Right now they feel like they are feeding meat to their base.

Then the President will be closing in on 100 days. He will try and say how much he has done and the opposition will call him a failure. It will be ugly.

To try and bolster his and their standing the Republican congress may well be ready to present a health care bill that has 216 votes in the house. We can’t imagine what that will look like but can guarantee that no matter what the opposition will say they are deserting people.
We can also say it won’t reduce costs, increase coverage, assure no prior conditions restrictions and cover everyone.

Passing the house does not mean it is done. It may well languish in the senate. Since everyone says we can’t do tax cuts until we agree on health we see gridlock ahead.

The question in the quarter ahead is who wins the PR battle. Do the liberals win by stopping initiatives and saying they are protecting people; or can the administration out maneuver or PR them? A lot is riding on this.

Where Trump has gained the most is in foreign affairs. The Syria attack, the bomb dropped on ISIS in Afghanistan, and the tough stance on North Korea has helped him. As he prepares for his first overseas trip he needs more of that to hold any gains. It won’t be easy.

Did you see the apology from the NY Times for their false pictures and story on the New England Patriots visit to the White House? The Times was so happy that they saw less people they ran with a story and photo’s to embarrass the President. It turns out the paper that prints all the news fit to print, printed something unfit! The editor said this: “I’m “an idiot”. Who are we to disagree.
Here’s the story and pictures. http://www.breitbart.com/sports/2017/04/20/fake-news-patriots-twitter-account-busts-nyt-context-pics-showing-patriots-obama-visit-better-attended-trump/


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