The news cycle …..

These days the news cycle never seems to end. Highlights today:

Special election results:

The Republicans dodged another bullet last night. As we projected the Democrat candidate fell short of the 50% needed to avoid a runoff. But barely. He got 48.3%. In an eleven person race that is hard. So what does this and the election in Kansas mean?
First, both districts were long held and high Republican districts. In Kansas the six point win versus the traditional 25+ difference was surprisingly close.
Now this Georgia sixth district race, Republican since 1978 (Newt won it) and the Democrat gets 48%. Tom Price won it in November by almost 30%.
What this says is the opposition to the administration is real and motivated. Unless Trump and team have some real positive results in the next 18 months the Democrats have a real chance for big gains in 2018. If reliable districts like these are so close then others more competitive are really shaky. You see it in the Town Hall meetings, too. The mid term elections often lead to gains for the party not occupying the White House, but such signs this early are a true danger sign.
Democrat majorities mean the leaders become Pelosi and Schumer. Could you imagine that?

So where is Trump’s popularity?

There are four polls out there and depending on which network you watch you have heard them.
– Gallup says his approval is 41%, disapproval 52%. A minus 11%.
– Rasmussen says approval is 50% disapproval 50%. Even
– Reuters says approval is 43%, disapproval 52%. A minus 9%.
– Pew Research approval is 42%, disapproval 42%. A minus 10%.

Bill O’Reilly and Fox News:

It’s starting to look like Bill O’Reilly is done on Fox. With another woman coming forward yesterday the pressure is building on Fox to make the move, and well they should.
Losing him and Megyn Kelly in the span of months may hurt the station. They have some names left to fill slots, but you can’t lose the two leading cable ratings leaders and come out unscratched.

Cabinet Stars Emerging:

Two cabinet members have impressed us in an otherwise quiet cabinet. They are Rex Tillerson at State and Nikki Haley at the UN. Both have been clear, decisive and projected leadership. Haley in particular appears to have future possibilities.
The only other cabinet member to date to make an impression is Mattis at Defense. The others have been quiet and in the background.

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