Washington Times Story …

In this blog we often (almost daily) accuse the MSM of a left bias. We get asked often why that is. We have explained our thoughts which in short are these.
They truly believe in the liberal ideology. They are reporting what they think. They hire and create an atmosphere that supports leftist thoughts. When they review what stories to cover the ones that have a left bent are natural to them. people all around them think like them, there is no other thought. Their pasts are from leftist circles, you don’t change when you get a job on the air.
Think about this. When a network creates a new successful show how quickly does every other station follow? It’s all about ratings and they jump on the opportunity. Yet Fox News and Fox Business have soared to the top of the ratings and stayed there. The networks and cable competitors have not followed and moved to the middle. Doesn’t that tell you how married they are to their ideology?

Here’s a story/opinion for you to read in today’s Washington Times paper. It illustrates the background of lead network personalities. When you read it you’ll see where they came from and why they will always be biased.


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