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Isn’t it funny to watch the MSM these days as Secretary of State Tillerson arrives in Russia to talk about the frayed relationship between the countries? It was a week ago that Tillerson, Trump and others were agents of Russia. That was all we heard since election day. Don’t worry, the media never does anything wrong, they only express indignation at what others do. Today they are touting a story of an FBI check on Carter Paige, an early Trump supporter, to see if he was spying for the Russians. How many Americans ever heard that name before?

But that doesn’t stop the liberal conspiracy theories from continuing to wonder if Trump and Putin planned the Syrian gas attack to divert focus from the relationship. As crazy as that sounds the theory is alive and touted. A loyal reader of this blog has shared some confidential middle east information that supports this. As crazy as it sounds, so many despise the administration so much they would believe anything.

Shawn Spicer, though, gave the media plenty to rant about with his comment on Hitler and Assad. We know what he meant, but the words were poor.

I look at foreign policy this way. Who’s mad at us? Today the Russians, Iranians, Syrians and North Koreans are. Sounds about right doesn’t it?

Yesterday North Korea called our aircraft carrier being in the area “outrageous”.

The failed (do nothing)  foreign policy of the past eight years has led to a very dangerous situation. North Korea could be the centerpoint.

On Syria, the President is right. We are not going in with troops. There is no way out today if we did. We applaud his decision.

On Health Care

It looks like the Freedom Caucus and moderate Republicans are closing in on an Obamacare replacement. It won’t be easy and both sides will have to give but they might agree. No Republican wants America’s health insurance to be named after Obama. That, and fear of reelection, will drive them to a solution.
Now meeting the promise of increased coverage, guaranteed, and for a lower cost …….

Is O’Reilly Gone?

Bill O’Reilly announced last night he is going on vacation. With all the news swirling around him on the sexual harassment issue there is a good chance this was unplanned and he may not return. That would be a loss for Fox. We’ll have to watch this closely.

Kansas Special Election

There was a special election in Kansas last night to replace Mike Pompeo who joined the cabinet. The seat was in a “safe” Republican district. Trump won the district by 27 points, Pompeo won reelection by 31 points. The Democrats nominated a Bernie Sanders liberal and went all out. Republicans got nervous and ran telephone ads the last week from Trump and Pence. They held the seat last night, but it was much closer, only 7 points.
This shows how challenging 2018 is going to be.

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