A Week Makes A Difference …

Look at the difference one week makes:

One week ago the MSM was all about the connections between the Trump administration and the Russians. Since the Syria strike and denouncement of the Russian support for Assad we haven’t heard a word. The MSM is stuck, how are they going to transition to Trump is reckless and a war monger? Tough spot.
MSNBC hosts tried. One even discussed out loud on the air with another that maybe Trump and Putin planned the whole chemical attack to look like they were not friends. Think about that and the venom they have for the President to accuse him and Putin of murder.

The administration correctly stated its focus in Syria is the defeat of Islamic State, not pushing President Bashar al-Assad from power. You never want to promise what can’t be done (at least not with boots on the ground) and have the media call you a failure. Defeating ISIS is the right focus.

A week ago we had the showdown on Gorsuch approaching. Today at 11:00 we will have a full supreme court again. The Democrats forced the filibuster vote and the game has changed forever. Watch next month the decisions that come down. The court has no doubt held some 4-4 decisions awaiting the new justice.

A week ago the President was getting ready to meet with the head of China and the question was would he demand some changes as he promised in trade agreements and what would China say and do.
He apparently did make some demands as Commerce Secretary Ross said today  the U.S. wants to see “tangible results and soon on its trading relationship with China. As of this writing we hear China will do something.

Just a week in the fast moving Trump Presidency. You have to stay informed.

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