Tomahawks Fly Into Syria

So we struck Syria last night. We are large supporters of our military, the sacrifice they make and all they do. We know the price many pay to support us and are forever grateful. With that said here our thoughts on last nights action.

We realize this action was against the base from which the planes left carrying the chemical weapons that were dropped on innocent civilians including children. A deplorable act by a leader (Assad) that should be made to pay.

Where we differ with the action is this. We don’t understand why it is our fight and not the worlds. Our people were not involved. We think the UN should have demanded action. Yes we care about the innocent people but every world action cannot be ours. Why couldn’t we see what the world would do?  What the Russians who are there do. What Iran who is there does.

Plus what does this one move accomplish? Bill Clinton used Tomahawk Missiles agains Osama Bin Laden every time he did something for eight years. How did that work out?

Tomahawk Missiles are the least dangerous move. There are no people involved, no planes flying. Just missiles from a ship that can be up to 500 miles away. What do you do next if they react? You would have to go beyond missiles. Are we prepared for that?

Then if you end up getting Assad over thrown what happens? We’ve learned regime change in the Middle East is not easy. Did over throwing Saddam Hussein work out? Did over throwing Gaddafi in Libya work out? The area is so divided we have learned any change is full of peril.

The best outcome would be a message sent to North Korea and others that this President means business. Let’s hope it works out. The world is a dangerous place and at some point we have to deal with the North Koreans and Iranians who are the issue. After decades of avoiding that, this administration faces a tough challenge. It’s going to take more than Tomahawks.

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