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Ferguson, Mo.

First news you may not have heard. Did you know that yesterday in Ferguson, Mo. they had an election? That is the town where the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” narrative began. Remember the riots? Well yesterday they reelected the white Republican Mayor. The town is 67% minority and the Democrats ran a minority candidate. He won by 15%. No coverage right? Imagine if he lost.


As of this writing it appears this is still headed to the nuclear option. The Democrats “offered a deal”. They said we won’t block (filibuster) this if you agree to not use the nuclear option on the next nominee. The Republicans said no deal. We agree — no deal. Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer changed the rules on every level up to the supreme court because it fit their need. You don’t get to control and win everything. We still don’t understand why the videos of Schumer and Biden are not all over the media saying no Bush appointments in the last 18 months (Schumer) and 12 Biden.

Russia and Rice

The double investigation beat goes on. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes stepped aside from the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. The Democrats have been after him since he visited the White House. How one sided is this? The bad news for them though is the next chair will likely be Curt Gowdy. They may rue the day they drove Nunes out.

In the meantime the MSM continues to provide cover for Secretary Rice. “She was doing her job”. They quote her “I never leaked information”. Well, first of all we know you and the truth don’t exactly usually show up in the same sentence. Second, saying “you never leaked” is a smokescreen. You shared it with others who had clearance and we think they leaked it. Cute, and you may get support from your friends in the MSM, but we are not ready to buy it.

Trump and O’Reilly

Why would the President jump to defend Bill O’Reilly? The last thing Trump needs is defending someone else against sexual harassment charges. O’Reilly is guilty, we remember some years back a payoff. Now we find out five? Who pays $13 million if they are innocent? Do you think O’Reilly is a pushover and just pays money out? We don’t either. Let Fox handle their own issues. Mr President, stay out.

Syria and North Korea

Media hysteria continues (again as if this all occurred magically since Trump was sworn in). Today they all highlighted the President has “changed his mind on Syria”. Some advice from us:
Syria is a world wide problem, not a U.S. problem. The world has to want to solve it. We cannot do it alone. What about the great United Nations. Where are they as chemical weapons are used on children? We cannot go into that area and try to solve this. It must be a worldwide effort. We can bring ideas, thoughts and outrage, but the Russians and Iran are in the area and supporting Assad. We can do go into the area militarily.
North Korea is a different issue. Today the President meets with Chinese leaders and they must get involved. That is step one. Barring that we consider other options.

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