Issue one: It appears the Democrats are really going to filibuster Gorsuch and say he is unqualified. Hard to believe that they will make this move. It is simply dumb. Americans know he is more than qualified. Even with the MSM failing to cover this as they would if the situation were reversed, this will hurt them.

Issue two: Are the Democrats really that angry? Tom Perez, the new DNC chair, was off the rails in a speech this weekend. Some direct quotes:
“Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values. You didn’t win this election”.
“The GOP doesn’t ‘give a s**t about people.”
“Donald Trump, that romance you have with Putin, it’s not gonna do you any good, because we will resist”.
“One week ago we did, and we did so successfully. Donald Trump wants his name around everything… but when it came to healthcare, he didn’t want Trumpcare. So what do we call it? Trumpcare…. I’ll tell you my idea.. you know what’s my idea for a program? “I Don’t Care,” because they don’t care about people.
Perez said he wanted to make the fiery remarks in New Jersey because he wanted to “learn about bullies to help stop the bully in Washington”.

It’s clear the Democrats and media will never accept Trump and are so unhinged that any fair review would condemn their actions.

Issue three: Did you notice a little less on the Russian front yesterday in the MSM? You know why? Did you see that multiple sources are reporting that Susan Rice, former national security adviser under President Obama, requested to unmask the names of Trump transition officials caught up in surveillance? If that’s true then there’s criminal activity alright and it starts at her door. Now she denied a month ago any involvement, but her history with the truth is a little shaky. You remember her?
She was the one who went on all the Sunday shows to say Benghazi was over a video.
She was the one who also told ABC News that Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl “served the United States with honor and distinction”. She said he “wasn’t simply a hostage, he was an American prisoner of war captured on the battlefield.”

Issue four: Foreign policy has been a mess, as we’ve stated, for years. Yesterday we illustrated the North Korea mess. Today the highlight is about the Middle East with the Egyptian President visiting and Jared Kushner visiting in the area. Obama nearly gave Egypt away (as we did Syria and Libya) with his support of the Muslin Brotherhood. A new strategy is right. Our question is why is Jared over there leading this and not the Secretary of State? It seems like Jared has varied roles in the administration and each is large and challenging. Just seems like some belong to department heads. Let’s hope Trump doesn’t just trust those he brought with him from his business. A concern to keep a watch one.


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