Three Issues …..

Three issues struck us over the weekend. Some thoughts on them.

Three issues struck us over the weekend. Some thoughts on them.

Gorsuch Nomination:

The Democrats are promising a filibuster this week on his confirmation vote. Republicans are promising the nuclear option of changing the rules.
Our message to Mitch McConnell.
Don’t get out maneuvered again. The country supports Gorsuch and reads through the politics here. This is an issue you can win on. We suggest you let the filibuster go on for a week. Let the media cover it. The people support Gorsuch and they will look bad. Take the high road, explain how Harry Reid changed the rules and you are trying. If you use the nuclear option immediately you will get the negative press. Let them feel the heat and after a week if they don’t back down then you do it.
Try winning a PR battle for a change.

North Korea:

You would think watching the MSM that the North Korea issue just arose. They were questioning the administration personnel this weekend like North Korea developed weapons and became an issue in the two months Donald Trump has been President. For eight years under Obama they were silent and now they want to know “what are we going to do”. They are indignant in their question and tone. Just another example of their biased and disgraceful action.
When Presidents Obama and Trump met and the new President asked the old where the number one issue in the world was, you know what Obama told him? North Korea. Not Syria, not Iran, not ISIS, but N. Korea. The do nothing foreign policy of Obama’s time allowed them to continue their nuclear development. One of the first comments from new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was this: ” U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says it may be necessary to take pre-emptive military action against North Korea if the threat from its weapons program reaches a level that we believe requires action.”
It didn’t start 60 days ago as the MSM seems to think.

Russia and Survilance:

The issue goes on as the MSM delights in the Russian side trying to determine if there was any tie to the Trump campaign. Any new rumor is treated as earth shattering new news. Except there remains nothing concrete. Yet we know surveillance took place that identified American citizens (illegal) and have been released to the press (criminal). Yet the coverage of that is minimal if at all. Why is that? Is it because the first one fits the MSM narrative of a corrupt Trump and the second says that Obama’s team might have done something wrong?
To answer that question just watch yesterdays  opening segment of This Week With George Stephanopoulos on ABC hosted by Martha Raddatz. Her bias from the outset going after Nikki Haley on the “Russians” is unbleibevable. Watch how Nikki destroys her, but Martha goes on. Then after Nikki destroys her she has former Obama Sec. of Defense Carter Ash on. She tries to lead him to destroy Trump on Russia and North Korea and he won’t allow it. It was an embarrassing morning from our perspective for Martha. (almost as bad as her crying on TV election night).
Here’s a connection if you want to see it:

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