Month: April 2017

100 Days …..

There will lots of noise and analysis today as the Trump administration hits 100 days. We think the WSJ defined it well. Here is a recap from them:


As the Trump presidency’s 100-day mark arrives, here’s a little secret: That opening stretch often is a rocky one for new presidents. Bill Clinton suffered through a botched economic-stimulus package and a couple of controversies. George H.W. Bush made what turned out to be a disastrous pick for defense secretary. John Kennedy made a historic blunder by approving the ill-fated Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba, a failure that continued to haunt him.
So the debate is on over what President Donald Trump has and hasn’t done at the much-hyped 100-day milestone. But history suggests that the precise balance sheet at 100 days means less than what has been learned about how a new president operates—and what kinds of adjustments he makes based on those opening lessons.

Trump’s Wins: A broad rollback of regulations; getting a respected Supreme Court nominee through the Senate; and building what seems to be a solid relationship with China’s president. He also ditched campaign-season impulses and launched a strike at Syria over its use of chemical weapons.

Trump’s Losses: Mr. Trump’s legislative effort on health care collapsed. His travel ban on select Muslim-majority countries stalled. And his national-security adviser was fired. He leveled an unsubstantiated accusation that his predecessor tapped his phones. He set a record for early job disapproval.

Most important indicator: Whether a clear governing coalition emerges. Republicans’ control of the White House and both houses of Congress created an expectation that getting things done might be easy, but the early failure on the Obamacare repeal showed that he can’t count on support from his party’s most conservative wing.

A challenge: We know that Mr. Trump is a restless activist who doesn’t abide by the rules, for better and for worse. His presidency will never be quiet. Yet we also know he can curb his impulses, if he really wants to. The risk for him now is that the volume and looseness of his running commentary will undermine his ability to communicative effectively, at home and abroad, when it’s urgent to do so.

Greatest challenge: The foremost presidential challenge​ for the next hundred days and beyond is to get Washington beyond the dangers of paralyzing polarization.​

Our MSM call out of the day:

As they review the Trump tax cut proposal the MSM is all over the deficit. How are you going to pay for this they rant.
Like with North Korea it appears they suddenly figured out there is an issue.
For the past eight years as Obama doubled the deficit of every President from Washington to George W. did you hear them talking about it?

On the tax cuts the MSM is catching up to the thought we shared the other day that the big issue is going to be the loss of state tax deductions.
Here’s an example from this AM in the press:
– A big tax break skewed toward Democratic-controlled blue states is the next major battleground as President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans attempt to rewrite the tax code. The tax policy outline Mr. Trump unveiled Wednesday proposes repealing the deduction for state and local taxes, which lets individuals subtract their home-state levies from their federal taxable income. What makes the latest proposal politically divisive—and could lead to a split inside the Republican Party—is that it would shift the tax burden from low-tax states such as Texas and Florida to high-tax states such as New York and New Jersey.

We hope this tax cut passes for just this reason. It will show people the difference in who they elect and may force some states to reduce spending and taxes. Wouldn’t that be interesting and in turn reward those states who have kept things under control.
After all the federal burden should be the same for every citizen wherever they live right? Today it’s not. What happened to being fair?

Health care repeal and replace stalls again:

Readers of this blog are not surprised. It can’t be done.

Obama, Pelosi and Reid passed a bill with reckoning to come in 2018 and beyond. The costs are going to be huge and passed on to the government.

You can’t lower costs, increase coverage, provide free insurance to 20 million plus, not charge for pre conditions, and cover kids until 26.
The bill is coming due.

Remember when we said why doesn’t the MSM poll itself?

Well there was a poll released Friday on the media. Bottom line was the American people trust the White House far more than the media.
The media earns poor marks from the people. (Only Democrats like them).
Here’s a link to the poll report from Morning Consult.

What we missed …..

In a week of big stories we missed sharing some things:

They’re suing FoxNews for Racism.

You no doubt saw and heard this story a number of times. Did you know that the NYT and CNN are also being sued? Two by the same lawyer (Fox and NYT) — for ­racial discrimination?

A half-dozen people have filed suits against The New York Times and Fox News, while as many as 175 current and former employees have contacted lawyers about joining a class-action suit against CNN.
Here’s part of the Times law suit:
– The Times plaintiffs claim in a suit filed last year by New York lawyer Douglas Wigdor that “The Gray Lady” prefers to hire white employees to help target a white audience.
– “Unbeknownst to the world at large, not only does the Times have an ideal customer (young, white, wealthy), but also an ideal staffer (young, white, unencumbered with a family) to draw that purported ideal customer,” a complaint states.
– Staffers from the staid broadsheet charge that Times CEO Mark Thompson, hired in 2012, created an “environment rife with discrimination based on age, race and gender.”
– The suit claims Thompson and Chief Revenue Officer Meredith Levien phased out older, nonwhite staffers in favor of “fresh faces,” which plaintiffs said was code for “younger employees without families, and who were white.”
– Court papers also accused the Times of paying Latino and black workers significantly less than white counterparts.

With CNN here are some details:
-The lawsuit against CNN claims the company’s Atlanta headquarters is rife with racism.
– Minority employees had to endure bigoted remarks such as “It’s hard to manage black people” and “Who would be worth more: black slaves from times past, or new slaves?” according to a complaint by former workers filed in Atlanta federal court.
– They were paid thousands less than white colleagues.

What, you only heard about the Fox lawsuit? I wonder why that would be.

The Early News Night Ratings:

So far FoxNews channel has held up as number one in the key evening 7,8,9 and 10 time frames. MacCallum and Carlson (at 7 and 8) have just about beaten the combined MSNBC and CNN totals. The Five on Fox at 9 has beaten Rachel Maddow each night and Hannity wins at 10.

We’re not surprised. As we said, it’s the message.

The Nafta Coverage:

Yesterday we reported the negative manner in which the MSM was covering the President’s backing off canceling the deal.
Here’s the Bloomberg report yesterday:
President Donald Trump said Thursday he’s still ready to pull out of the North American Free Trade Agreement if he can’t renegotiate better terms for the U.S. but that he decided to hold off on a decision after appeals from the leaders of Canada and Mexico.
“I was going to terminate NAFTA as of two or three days from now,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. But he said he “reconsidered” after Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau both phoned him Wednesday asking him to renegotiate the deal instead. “Those talks will start as soon as today,” he said.

Does that sound like a broken promise as presented by the MSM?

You hear about Republican misdoings right?

It seems every possible violation by conservatives is big news with the MSM. But, did you hear these this week?

Former Democrat U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown who lost reelection after her indictment (accused of using a charity as a personal slush fund) began trial in a federal fraud and conspiracy case in Jacksonville.
Brown, who represented the Jacksonville congressional district since 1993, is one of the first three African-Americans elected to Congress from Florida since Reconstruction.

Did you see any coverage of this?

How about Maxine Walters, who has gotten lots of coverage calling for Trump’s impeachment, calling him a “scum bag” and deriding Ivanka Trump for being in the White House (as an unpaid volunteer).
Did you know she has paid her daughter $650,000 (and owes her another $100,000) for doing campaign mailings?
Maxine is all over the media as a leading Democrat voice. Yet no mention of this even after she attacks Ivanka’s volunteer role? Why is that?
Oh yea, add this  — She earned her a “Most Corrupt member of Congress” designation from the left-wing Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington five times—in 2005, 2006, 2009, 2011, and 2017.
Want more? This is from Michelle Malkin:
“She secured an ambassadorship to the Bahamas for her husband, a former pro football player and car salesman whose main qualification was having traveled to the island for a vacation”.

There’s plenty more on her if you want. The new MSM hero of the left.

Predictable ……

Tax Cuts and the MSM Reporting:

So the administration puts out a blueprint for the tax cuts promised. It’s an outline that they say is being worked on with congress. The outline is clear. Three brackets, reduced rates and deductibles. Why limited details? Optics, they wanted something out before the 100 days mark.

The MSM reaction is incredible. All they want to know is how does this impact Trump’s taxes. “Where are his taxes”? The morning shows today were all about this.
GMA spent two thirds of it’s interview with the Treasury Secretary not on the plan, but on how it impacts Trump. Why?
The NYT lead story today is:
“White House Proposes Slashing Tax Rates, Significantly Aiding Wealthy”.
Their opinion page has this:
” This Isn’t Tax Policy, It’s a Trump-Led Heist”.

How biased is the media they can’t cover a proposal fairly? Our thoughts:

It’s called a tax cut. It is to revive a stagnant economy.
A tax cut means a cut for all. Last I looked the President was a tax payer.
Is the media saying if Trump might get a cut that you shouldn’t either?
Do they want a plan that gives all Americans a cut except one person?
The plan lacks details (to follow) but no taxes on anyone for the first $24K sounds positive.
A 10% rate after that sounds fair.
We just need to know what that covers from $25K to ?
And what the 25% rate income tables are.
The highest brackets go from 39.6 to 35%. But the plan says no deductions other than home and charity. What does that mean for actual payments?
The MSM has already decided without seeing details.

To us the big issue is this. No deductions other than those two. That means a big fight and issue is coming. Follow this.

Citizens in big tax states like NY and California get to write off their state and local taxes as a deduction on their federal ones.
This plan eliminates that.

What that means to us is federal revenue will increase in big tax states.
The states with no income tax like Texas, Florida etc, will see a decrease.
There has long been a question on whether low tax states should have a larger federal bite because big tax states get a break.
This is the fight ahead! Buckle up for this one.
This rule by the way will not help Trump since his company is in NYC. The city and state have the highest combined tax rate. He will lose that deduction.
See if the MSM tells you that.

This simple change — if passed — will highlight the tax differences between the big and low tax states.
It could have a major impact on the future.

The lower corporate tax proposed is necessary for us to be competitive and companies to bring home trillions they are holding overseas. We doubt the congress (read that Democrats) will approve 15%.
It will likely end up 20%.


The MSM ran all kinds of headlines and stories saying Trump backed off another promise. That promise to get out of the NAFTA agreement.
They delighted in saying he backed off.
Well the truth is this.
He made known as late as yesterday he was going to back off to apply pressure on Canada and Mexico.
Overnight the President spoke to the President’s of both countries and they agreed to open negotiations to make the agreement fairer to all.
So, the agreement is being reviewed to make it fairer to the U.S.
You and I might call that successful and say the President applied a negotiation strategy to drive those other countries to the table.
The MSM called it a failed promise.
We applaud the administration on this and commend their actions. Now get the deal done.

As for the MSM, everyday the trust and esteem we have for them declines.

This is serious …..

Who are we?

Today we want to share some thoughts on what we think is a serious moment in our history and will impact the future of your children, grandchildren and generations to come. There is a fight underway for the soul of America. Who we are and what the future will be is at stake.  Our reasoning and thoughts:

The left in this nation is not the left of the past. What was once a proud freedom movement, tolerant of thought, seeking justice and open dialogue   has become something else. They are no longer tolerant of thought outside their own. The refusal to allow free speech on campus or in certain areas is alien to their beginnings. The appointment of judges who decide not to enforce law but make it, breaks down the checks and balances of our system. The refusal to consider any other thought in a Town Hall session that is not liberal, is the opposite of their beginning. The violence they have exhibited is so far from their foundation that it is inconceivable this is the same movement. Their blame America first attitude hurts the country. Their anti police stand before they even have the facts forgets why we have law and order. Speaking of which, think about the sanctuary city battle. These cities refuse to enforce the law passed by the congress and this is to turn over criminals. So we have cities and their leaders willing to break the law and put citizens at risk because they deem the government biased. And the media supports them. Their attack on the successful because of their success is against the very foundations that made America great.
Thus, we say the soul of America is at stake. The media hides their faults and supports their ideas and movement. They actually tout the line day in and day out. When is the last time you have seen the MSM attack the left? Each day they attack their opponents as if they are committing a crime.

The soul of the nation is at stake. The left and those who like to see a different America have gotten loud, taken over the streets and control the media. If they win the country we leave for future generations will be far different than the entrepreneurial, “we can do it” America that you grew up in. As Edmund Burke warned us:  The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
I think we are at that point in this battle.

Now we are not saying Donald Trump is all good. Certainly there could have been leaders to take on this leftist movement with stronger credentials. But, he is the one who is there and willing to speak up and fight. Each American must decide on which side they are on.

Other News:

Did you know that just yesterday the final cabinet position was approved? An 87-11 vote for Sonny Purdue as agricultural secretary. Since it was 87-11 do you wonder, as we do, what took so long?

As predicted yesterday here’s today’s NYTimes lead headline:
“Trump’s Tax Plan: Low Rate for Corporations and for Companies Like His”.
Notice nothing about worldwide competitiveness and bringing money and jobs home. Just the negative.


The New Fox News Lineup Ratings:

We don’t know how it will work out long term (and we think they will have some drop off) but night one (Monday) was a big success for the new Fox News Channel line up. From Rupert Murdoch:
“Last night’s ratings are in and I couldn’t be more proud to announce that, not only did FOX News beat all other cable news competition with our new primetime debut, but we also increased our ratings 31% in total viewers and 54% in the demo compared to last year,” the executive chair of 21st Century Fox wrote in the memo obtained by Business Insider.
On Monday, Tucker Carlson, who took over O’Reilly’s 8 p.m. slot, drew just under 3.2 million viewers, far more than the entire 8 p.m. viewership of CNN and MSNBC combined.
“The Five,” which now occupies Carlson’s former 9 p.m. slot, also debuted to strong ratings, besting MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

We’ll see as this unfolds.

We Think ……

We think it’s funny to watch the MSM cover the latest Trump polls and take delight in his 42% standing “as the lowest at this stage of any new President in 50 years”. What’s funny is they (the MSM) poll the President, congress and government and delight in the negatives. We think it’s funny that they never ask about American’s views of the MSM, which is at an all time low; even lower than the congress and less than half the President’s. There are few organizations or foundations held in lower esteem.

Speaking of which, did you see the study that said 89% of the coverage of the President since the inauguration is negative?  It’s amazing he still has 42% support.

Isn’t it funny to watch MSM coverage of North Korea? It still appears to us as if they just discovered there is an issue after eight years of no mention. They have to still figure out how to blame Trump.

Here’s a story that should get bigger if they are fair. The Obama administration hid the fact that the men it let off the hook as part of a prisoner swap with Iran had been accused of supplying sensitive military equipment and electronics that could help Tehran’s nuclear program.
Politico reported, that under the January 2016 deal, the US released seven prisoners and dropped its cases against 14 fugitives. Three of seven men freed by the US — Bahram Mechanic, Khosrow Afghahi and Tooraj Faridi had been charged with supplying Iran with US-built electronics and other equipment that could be used in military systems, including missiles. Another, Nima Golestaneh, was allegedly behind a conspiracy to steal sensitive information, including software, from a Vermont defense contractor.
All 14 fugitives had stories, the worst was Seyed Abolfazl Shahab Jamili, who was charged with conspiring to procure thousands of parts with nuclear applications for Tehran, including hundreds of US-made pressure transducers for centrifuges used by Iran to enrich uranium.
Was this reported and known? Here’s a federal officer’s reaction: “They didn’t just dismiss a bunch of innocent business guys,” one former federal law-enforcement supervisor who worked on the cases told Politico. “And then they didn’t give a full story of it.”
Will the MSM report it now? Let’s see.

Yesterday we mentioned that funding for the wall was a losing issue for the administration in this week’s budget battle. This AM we hear the President is willing to “postpone” funding until September. Smart move. If you’re going to get in a public fight have an issue you can rally people around.

Finally, the President is ready to announce a lower corporate tax rate tomorrow. The idea is to make America competitive for companies tax wise. Encourage growth here, and bring back billions that are being held outside the country. So what we expect Democrat reaction to be to his 15% rate? I am betting they yell “no way” at the top of their voices and accuse the President of favoring his rich friends and driving up the deficit.
You see, forget business and jobs. The Democrats have never seen a tax cut they could support; or a spending program they wanted to stop or even limit. On tax cuts the deficit matters. On spending programs it doesn’t. Forget the fact this cut could drive growth and produce new revenues.


Watching what we say ……

As it nears the 100 day mark it’s time for the administration to speak with one voice. Examples this past week where they looked out of sync.

– First on Iran and was it living up to the agreement on nuclear weapons. Secretary of State Tillerson said they were. The next day the President said they were violating it in many ways. Not good optics.

–  The next day feeling the heat of the promises made for the first 100 days the President said he would have a tax package by Wednesday. However, White House budget director Mick Mulvaney has been saying that “a full tax bill won’t likely happen by the time its official budget is released by the end of May”.  He followed that by saying, “You might see us floating some principles before then”.

– Then in announcing planned actions against sanctuary cities Attorney General Sessions referenced NYC’s gang slayings. Wrong city to reference with crime and murders down. He tried to walk it back on Sunday’s talk shows but the damage was done.

Words matter, the time to adjust to the office is over and the administration needs to get it’s collective voice in place. Minus that they will continue to look bad and suffer additional MSM ridicule.

Get ready for the budget battle this week. There is going to be a lot of noise on this especially over funding for the wall. Democrats will attack Trump on this and he will fight for it. We think this is a winning issue for Democrats. Most people don’t want the wall and remember the promise that “Mexico will pay for it”. If they will why are we seeking billions in funding? In a week of review on the first one hundred days this will look really bad.

The other noise this week will be that 100 day review. The MSM will drag out all of the President’s promises for “day one” and the “first hundred days”. The list is long, the actual’s done is very short. The administration will counter with all the bills, executive orders passed and the cut in illegal immigration.

A noisy week ahead.

Buckle Up Next Week …..

Expect big news stories and hysteria next week.

Congress returns and they need to pass a budget resolution to keep the government running. The free spending Democrats will make a huge deal of this. They will likely say no spending unless Trump releases his taxes, as if there is a connection. At some point they are going to overplay their hand. Maybe not to their friends in the MSM but to a majority of Americans. Right now they feel like they are feeding meat to their base.

Then the President will be closing in on 100 days. He will try and say how much he has done and the opposition will call him a failure. It will be ugly.

To try and bolster his and their standing the Republican congress may well be ready to present a health care bill that has 216 votes in the house. We can’t imagine what that will look like but can guarantee that no matter what the opposition will say they are deserting people.
We can also say it won’t reduce costs, increase coverage, assure no prior conditions restrictions and cover everyone.

Passing the house does not mean it is done. It may well languish in the senate. Since everyone says we can’t do tax cuts until we agree on health we see gridlock ahead.

The question in the quarter ahead is who wins the PR battle. Do the liberals win by stopping initiatives and saying they are protecting people; or can the administration out maneuver or PR them? A lot is riding on this.

Where Trump has gained the most is in foreign affairs. The Syria attack, the bomb dropped on ISIS in Afghanistan, and the tough stance on North Korea has helped him. As he prepares for his first overseas trip he needs more of that to hold any gains. It won’t be easy.

Did you see the apology from the NY Times for their false pictures and story on the New England Patriots visit to the White House? The Times was so happy that they saw less people they ran with a story and photo’s to embarrass the President. It turns out the paper that prints all the news fit to print, printed something unfit! The editor said this: “I’m “an idiot”. Who are we to disagree.
Here’s the story and pictures.


Now What Fox News?

Just a year ago the Fox News channel had Greta at 7, O’Reilly at 8 and Kelly at 9. They all won their time slots and dominated cable news. As of this morning all three are gone and their competitors are gloating, anticipating big gains. In fact the NY Times this AM has a story entitled:
– “Bill O’Reilly’s Ouster Will Test Loyalties of Fox Viewers”.
The subtitle is this:
– Fans have stood by him amid a series of allegations. Now, after the network they have trusted has decided not to do the same, they may turn to alternatives”.
That story and statement which is parried on the networks tells us all we need to know.

They simply don’t understand why Fox has the ratings it does. It is the news presentation, the focus of it, and not the individual personalities.

They don’t get it. If Greta were the draw how come her show on MSNBC is not getting the same ratings? It’s not even winning its slot. How come Tucker stepped in at 9:00 and got such great ratings? How come Fox Business came on the scene and lapped CNBC so quickly to become the number one business show?

It’s the message and news. There are no alternatives and by thinking that Fox will falter now just shows the ignorance of why they have been successful. The only thing that can stop Fox is the Murdoch sons who are running it. If they change the focus they will lose. If the messaging stays the same it really won’t matter who is delivering it.

Fox has announced its changes and we’ll see how it plays out. We would have moved Martha MacCallum to the eight o’clock slot. She is smart, hard hitting and direct. We would have moved The Five to the seven o’clock slot and kept Tucker at nine. Let’s see how it works. But we love Lou Dobbs at seven on Fox Business, too.

The news cycle …..

These days the news cycle never seems to end. Highlights today:

Special election results:

The Republicans dodged another bullet last night. As we projected the Democrat candidate fell short of the 50% needed to avoid a runoff. But barely. He got 48.3%. In an eleven person race that is hard. So what does this and the election in Kansas mean?
First, both districts were long held and high Republican districts. In Kansas the six point win versus the traditional 25+ difference was surprisingly close.
Now this Georgia sixth district race, Republican since 1978 (Newt won it) and the Democrat gets 48%. Tom Price won it in November by almost 30%.
What this says is the opposition to the administration is real and motivated. Unless Trump and team have some real positive results in the next 18 months the Democrats have a real chance for big gains in 2018. If reliable districts like these are so close then others more competitive are really shaky. You see it in the Town Hall meetings, too. The mid term elections often lead to gains for the party not occupying the White House, but such signs this early are a true danger sign.
Democrat majorities mean the leaders become Pelosi and Schumer. Could you imagine that?

So where is Trump’s popularity?

There are four polls out there and depending on which network you watch you have heard them.
– Gallup says his approval is 41%, disapproval 52%. A minus 11%.
– Rasmussen says approval is 50% disapproval 50%. Even
– Reuters says approval is 43%, disapproval 52%. A minus 9%.
– Pew Research approval is 42%, disapproval 42%. A minus 10%.

Bill O’Reilly and Fox News:

It’s starting to look like Bill O’Reilly is done on Fox. With another woman coming forward yesterday the pressure is building on Fox to make the move, and well they should.
Losing him and Megyn Kelly in the span of months may hurt the station. They have some names left to fill slots, but you can’t lose the two leading cable ratings leaders and come out unscratched.

Cabinet Stars Emerging:

Two cabinet members have impressed us in an otherwise quiet cabinet. They are Rex Tillerson at State and Nikki Haley at the UN. Both have been clear, decisive and projected leadership. Haley in particular appears to have future possibilities.
The only other cabinet member to date to make an impression is Mattis at Defense. The others have been quiet and in the background.

All the news that’s …..

All the news that………the MSM wants you to see and know.  Let’s see:

Special Election Today:

They’re rooting hard in the special Georgia election for a Democrat win. If they pull off the victory you will be bombarded the next few days with “the rejection” of Trump and his policies. The law in Georgia requires a run off if the winner does not get 50%. If the Democrat does not get 50% tonight there will be a run off between the top two. The best chance for the Democrat is tonight. He would lose a run off. We think it goes to the run off.
Trump won the congressional district by 1%. It has been a Republican seat since 1978 when Newt won it.

North Korea Missile Blows Up:

Five seconds into flight the missile blew up. Did we hack it? What do you think? We think we did. Trump is going to stare down Korea.
We bring this up because do you know that Bill Clinton reached an Iran like deal with North Korea? Here’s what it was:
On Oct. 18, 1994, Clinton approved a plan to arrange more than $4 billion in energy aid to North Korea over the course of a decade, in return for a commitment from the country’s Communist leadership to freeze and gradually dismantle its nuclear weapons development program.
“This agreement is good for the United States, good for our allies, and good for the safety of the entire world,” said Clinton in 1994.

How did that work out? Funny how the MSM never mentions this.
Obama on the way out tells Trump North Korea is the biggest world threat. Meanwhile, because he wanted to be the “peace President” he did nothing. Maybe being the “Peace President” is a bigger threat than being  a leader.

But the media sees it different:

With all this what are the headlines in today’s NY Times?
Top News Story:
Trump’s Unreleased Taxes Threaten Yet Another Campaign Promise.
Top U.S. News Section:
Trump Voters in a Swing District Wonder When Winning Will Start.

MSM calls Trump a Flip Flopper on China:

The MSM television and newspapers are calling the President a flip flopper on China for not calling them a currency manipulator. It just shows their bias. The head of China comes here and suddenly for the first time they are helping with North Korea. Every President failed to get them to help. They even sent 10,000 troops to the border of N. Korea.
So let’s understand this. The MSM wants the President to start a fight with them now. Makes zero sense, unless you are so biased against the President you look for anything.
The same with NATO. The President said it was obsolete in how it went about its business. Changes are being made from activity to how it is funded and yet they are calling him a flip flopper because he is keeping it going.
Hey MSM, Hillary really lost, get over it.


Liberal Democrats are promising no tax cuts unless Trump releases his taxes. Think about that. You should not get a tax break because the President won’t release his taxes. Think about this. Why don’t they cut tax breaks so the wealthy cannot take deductions?  No, why do that? Just no reduction for you is their answer.

What Happened?

What happened to all the Russian and Trump talk we were subject to for three months? He gets tough with them and it goes away? Or was it the Susan Rice revelations that caused it to go away?

Washington Times Story …

In this blog we often (almost daily) accuse the MSM of a left bias. We get asked often why that is. We have explained our thoughts which in short are these.
They truly believe in the liberal ideology. They are reporting what they think. They hire and create an atmosphere that supports leftist thoughts. When they review what stories to cover the ones that have a left bent are natural to them. people all around them think like them, there is no other thought. Their pasts are from leftist circles, you don’t change when you get a job on the air.
Think about this. When a network creates a new successful show how quickly does every other station follow? It’s all about ratings and they jump on the opportunity. Yet Fox News and Fox Business have soared to the top of the ratings and stayed there. The networks and cable competitors have not followed and moved to the middle. Doesn’t that tell you how married they are to their ideology?

Here’s a story/opinion for you to read in today’s Washington Times paper. It illustrates the background of lead network personalities. When you read it you’ll see where they came from and why they will always be biased.

Seeking issues …

Isn’t it funny to watch the MSM these days as Secretary of State Tillerson arrives in Russia to talk about the frayed relationship between the countries? It was a week ago that Tillerson, Trump and others were agents of Russia. That was all we heard since election day. Don’t worry, the media never does anything wrong, they only express indignation at what others do. Today they are touting a story of an FBI check on Carter Paige, an early Trump supporter, to see if he was spying for the Russians. How many Americans ever heard that name before?

But that doesn’t stop the liberal conspiracy theories from continuing to wonder if Trump and Putin planned the Syrian gas attack to divert focus from the relationship. As crazy as that sounds the theory is alive and touted. A loyal reader of this blog has shared some confidential middle east information that supports this. As crazy as it sounds, so many despise the administration so much they would believe anything.

Shawn Spicer, though, gave the media plenty to rant about with his comment on Hitler and Assad. We know what he meant, but the words were poor.

I look at foreign policy this way. Who’s mad at us? Today the Russians, Iranians, Syrians and North Koreans are. Sounds about right doesn’t it?

Yesterday North Korea called our aircraft carrier being in the area “outrageous”.

The failed (do nothing)  foreign policy of the past eight years has led to a very dangerous situation. North Korea could be the centerpoint.

On Syria, the President is right. We are not going in with troops. There is no way out today if we did. We applaud his decision.

On Health Care

It looks like the Freedom Caucus and moderate Republicans are closing in on an Obamacare replacement. It won’t be easy and both sides will have to give but they might agree. No Republican wants America’s health insurance to be named after Obama. That, and fear of reelection, will drive them to a solution.
Now meeting the promise of increased coverage, guaranteed, and for a lower cost …….

Is O’Reilly Gone?

Bill O’Reilly announced last night he is going on vacation. With all the news swirling around him on the sexual harassment issue there is a good chance this was unplanned and he may not return. That would be a loss for Fox. We’ll have to watch this closely.

Kansas Special Election

There was a special election in Kansas last night to replace Mike Pompeo who joined the cabinet. The seat was in a “safe” Republican district. Trump won the district by 27 points, Pompeo won reelection by 31 points. The Democrats nominated a Bernie Sanders liberal and went all out. Republicans got nervous and ran telephone ads the last week from Trump and Pence. They held the seat last night, but it was much closer, only 7 points.
This shows how challenging 2018 is going to be.

A Week Makes A Difference …

Look at the difference one week makes:

One week ago the MSM was all about the connections between the Trump administration and the Russians. Since the Syria strike and denouncement of the Russian support for Assad we haven’t heard a word. The MSM is stuck, how are they going to transition to Trump is reckless and a war monger? Tough spot.
MSNBC hosts tried. One even discussed out loud on the air with another that maybe Trump and Putin planned the whole chemical attack to look like they were not friends. Think about that and the venom they have for the President to accuse him and Putin of murder.

The administration correctly stated its focus in Syria is the defeat of Islamic State, not pushing President Bashar al-Assad from power. You never want to promise what can’t be done (at least not with boots on the ground) and have the media call you a failure. Defeating ISIS is the right focus.

A week ago we had the showdown on Gorsuch approaching. Today at 11:00 we will have a full supreme court again. The Democrats forced the filibuster vote and the game has changed forever. Watch next month the decisions that come down. The court has no doubt held some 4-4 decisions awaiting the new justice.

A week ago the President was getting ready to meet with the head of China and the question was would he demand some changes as he promised in trade agreements and what would China say and do.
He apparently did make some demands as Commerce Secretary Ross said today  the U.S. wants to see “tangible results and soon on its trading relationship with China. As of this writing we hear China will do something.

Just a week in the fast moving Trump Presidency. You have to stay informed.

Tomahawks Fly Into Syria

So we struck Syria last night. We are large supporters of our military, the sacrifice they make and all they do. We know the price many pay to support us and are forever grateful. With that said here our thoughts on last nights action.

We realize this action was against the base from which the planes left carrying the chemical weapons that were dropped on innocent civilians including children. A deplorable act by a leader (Assad) that should be made to pay.

Where we differ with the action is this. We don’t understand why it is our fight and not the worlds. Our people were not involved. We think the UN should have demanded action. Yes we care about the innocent people but every world action cannot be ours. Why couldn’t we see what the world would do?  What the Russians who are there do. What Iran who is there does.

Plus what does this one move accomplish? Bill Clinton used Tomahawk Missiles agains Osama Bin Laden every time he did something for eight years. How did that work out?

Tomahawk Missiles are the least dangerous move. There are no people involved, no planes flying. Just missiles from a ship that can be up to 500 miles away. What do you do next if they react? You would have to go beyond missiles. Are we prepared for that?

Then if you end up getting Assad over thrown what happens? We’ve learned regime change in the Middle East is not easy. Did over throwing Saddam Hussein work out? Did over throwing Gaddafi in Libya work out? The area is so divided we have learned any change is full of peril.

The best outcome would be a message sent to North Korea and others that this President means business. Let’s hope it works out. The world is a dangerous place and at some point we have to deal with the North Koreans and Iranians who are the issue. After decades of avoiding that, this administration faces a tough challenge. It’s going to take more than Tomahawks.

On it goes ……

Ferguson, Mo.

First news you may not have heard. Did you know that yesterday in Ferguson, Mo. they had an election? That is the town where the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” narrative began. Remember the riots? Well yesterday they reelected the white Republican Mayor. The town is 67% minority and the Democrats ran a minority candidate. He won by 15%. No coverage right? Imagine if he lost.


As of this writing it appears this is still headed to the nuclear option. The Democrats “offered a deal”. They said we won’t block (filibuster) this if you agree to not use the nuclear option on the next nominee. The Republicans said no deal. We agree — no deal. Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer changed the rules on every level up to the supreme court because it fit their need. You don’t get to control and win everything. We still don’t understand why the videos of Schumer and Biden are not all over the media saying no Bush appointments in the last 18 months (Schumer) and 12 Biden.

Russia and Rice

The double investigation beat goes on. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes stepped aside from the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. The Democrats have been after him since he visited the White House. How one sided is this? The bad news for them though is the next chair will likely be Curt Gowdy. They may rue the day they drove Nunes out.

In the meantime the MSM continues to provide cover for Secretary Rice. “She was doing her job”. They quote her “I never leaked information”. Well, first of all we know you and the truth don’t exactly usually show up in the same sentence. Second, saying “you never leaked” is a smokescreen. You shared it with others who had clearance and we think they leaked it. Cute, and you may get support from your friends in the MSM, but we are not ready to buy it.

Trump and O’Reilly

Why would the President jump to defend Bill O’Reilly? The last thing Trump needs is defending someone else against sexual harassment charges. O’Reilly is guilty, we remember some years back a payoff. Now we find out five? Who pays $13 million if they are innocent? Do you think O’Reilly is a pushover and just pays money out? We don’t either. Let Fox handle their own issues. Mr President, stay out.

Syria and North Korea

Media hysteria continues (again as if this all occurred magically since Trump was sworn in). Today they all highlighted the President has “changed his mind on Syria”. Some advice from us:
Syria is a world wide problem, not a U.S. problem. The world has to want to solve it. We cannot do it alone. What about the great United Nations. Where are they as chemical weapons are used on children? We cannot go into that area and try to solve this. It must be a worldwide effort. We can bring ideas, thoughts and outrage, but the Russians and Iran are in the area and supporting Assad. We can do go into the area militarily.
North Korea is a different issue. Today the President meets with Chinese leaders and they must get involved. That is step one. Barring that we consider other options.

Unstable …..

Unstable is the word of the day and the MSM will lay it at Trump’s doorstep, but it didn’t start in the last 80 days.

Let’s start with the world situation.

Syria uses chemical weapons on their own people. The cry in the MSM is “what is Trump going to do about it”? The chemical weapons didn’t just happen since January 20th. Remember Obama’s “red line” that they crossed immediately? Then he said he had a deal with the Russians where “all the weapons were removed”.  He was either naive or lied. You choose.

Our message to the MSM is that we are here because of the failed foreign policy of the previous administration. Stop with the Trump bashing, this is not something that developed in the last 80 days, and Trump is not going to lay out any red lines. He actually thinks that ISIS is our fight and not Syria today. We happen to agree.

On North Korea you (the MSM) are leading with “explosive” stories about new missile firings. Once again this did not develop over the past 80 days; your failure to cover it for eight years does not constitute a new crisis now. The President and his team will decide what actions to take and we are confident you will find fault. But we repeat, he sees the first issue to deal with is ISIS. He’s right.

He inherited a mess you failed to see or report. One at a time.

Are they really going to do this?

Are the Democrats really going to drive the Gorsuch nomination to a filibuster? They can’t be that scared of left leaning primaries to do that. If they do, all they will accomplish is make the next nomination easier. That is the one they should be worried about.
And really, does Schumer really forget his 18 month no nominee to George Bush? And do they forget Joe Biden’s no way in the last 12 months?

No regrets he says:

An update on a story from yesterday. DNC head Tom Perez said he has no regrets of the four letter words or language used to bash Trump and team.
“Perez said he has no regrets” about the remark that has drawn fire from the Republican National Committeee and conservative critics.
“I don’t,” Perez said. “What I have regrets about are all the people who are scared to death as a result of the first 60 days of chaos and carnage in this administration”.
Really? What about the chaos you left behind we outline above, should we feel good about that; or good about Obamacare?  Or how you treated our law enforcement?

Is there anything to the Susan Rice story?

It certainly smells like there is. But not to some in the MSM. As an example, on CNN their evening host Don Lemon went so far as to announce he would ignore the news at all costs. Lemon began “CNN Tonight” with an announcement that the Rice report is a “fake scandal ginned up by right-wing media and Trump” that he would not be baited into justifying with coverage.
Morning host Chris Cuomo claimed it was “demonstrably untrue” Rice sought surveillance of the Trump team.
“New Day,” anchor Alisyn Camerota openly pleaded with Sen. John McCain to write-off the news as unimportant.
ABC, CBS, and NBC didn’t cover it the first day and are grudgingly beginning a little now.
Fox News and Business is all over it.
Who’s right? We’ll see, but ask yourself this. If Bush’s team had done this to Obama’s on the way in how would the MSM see it?

In our opinion this is going to be a bigger story and is related to an odd move by Obama just weeks before he left the WH. Here’s how the Atlantic magazine wrote it’s opening paragraph about it.
“On Thursday, the Obama administration finalized new rules that allow the National Security Agency to share information it gleans from its vast international surveillance apparatus with the 16 other agencies that make up the U.S. intelligence community”.
Why did he do that? It’s not in his DNA to break privacy rules and why in the last days? There is a connection there, watch.
Here’s the full story from The Atlantic but you can find more if you want:

Border Crossings:

See if you hear this on the MSM. Illegal border crossings since Trump took office are down over 60%. The Washington Times this AM:

“Illegal immigration across the southwest border is down more than 60 percent so far under President Trump, officials revealed Tuesday, even before the first new agent is hired or the first mile of his promised border wall is constructed.
Mr. Trump took a victory lap over the “record reductions” in illegal crossers, saying he is already saving Americans’ jobs by preventing them from having to compete with unauthorized workers.
Down 61 percent since inauguration. Gen. Kelly is doing a fantastic job,”

Issue one: It appears the Democrats are really going to filibuster Gorsuch and say he is unqualified. Hard to believe that they will make this move. It is simply dumb. Americans know he is more than qualified. Even with the MSM failing to cover this as they would if the situation were reversed, this will hurt them.

Issue two: Are the Democrats really that angry? Tom Perez, the new DNC chair, was off the rails in a speech this weekend. Some direct quotes:
“Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values. You didn’t win this election”.
“The GOP doesn’t ‘give a s**t about people.”
“Donald Trump, that romance you have with Putin, it’s not gonna do you any good, because we will resist”.
“One week ago we did, and we did so successfully. Donald Trump wants his name around everything… but when it came to healthcare, he didn’t want Trumpcare. So what do we call it? Trumpcare…. I’ll tell you my idea.. you know what’s my idea for a program? “I Don’t Care,” because they don’t care about people.
Perez said he wanted to make the fiery remarks in New Jersey because he wanted to “learn about bullies to help stop the bully in Washington”.

It’s clear the Democrats and media will never accept Trump and are so unhinged that any fair review would condemn their actions.

Issue three: Did you notice a little less on the Russian front yesterday in the MSM? You know why? Did you see that multiple sources are reporting that Susan Rice, former national security adviser under President Obama, requested to unmask the names of Trump transition officials caught up in surveillance? If that’s true then there’s criminal activity alright and it starts at her door. Now she denied a month ago any involvement, but her history with the truth is a little shaky. You remember her?
She was the one who went on all the Sunday shows to say Benghazi was over a video.
She was the one who also told ABC News that Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl “served the United States with honor and distinction”. She said he “wasn’t simply a hostage, he was an American prisoner of war captured on the battlefield.”

Issue four: Foreign policy has been a mess, as we’ve stated, for years. Yesterday we illustrated the North Korea mess. Today the highlight is about the Middle East with the Egyptian President visiting and Jared Kushner visiting in the area. Obama nearly gave Egypt away (as we did Syria and Libya) with his support of the Muslin Brotherhood. A new strategy is right. Our question is why is Jared over there leading this and not the Secretary of State? It seems like Jared has varied roles in the administration and each is large and challenging. Just seems like some belong to department heads. Let’s hope Trump doesn’t just trust those he brought with him from his business. A concern to keep a watch one.


Three Issues …..

Three issues struck us over the weekend. Some thoughts on them.

Three issues struck us over the weekend. Some thoughts on them.

Gorsuch Nomination:

The Democrats are promising a filibuster this week on his confirmation vote. Republicans are promising the nuclear option of changing the rules.
Our message to Mitch McConnell.
Don’t get out maneuvered again. The country supports Gorsuch and reads through the politics here. This is an issue you can win on. We suggest you let the filibuster go on for a week. Let the media cover it. The people support Gorsuch and they will look bad. Take the high road, explain how Harry Reid changed the rules and you are trying. If you use the nuclear option immediately you will get the negative press. Let them feel the heat and after a week if they don’t back down then you do it.
Try winning a PR battle for a change.

North Korea:

You would think watching the MSM that the North Korea issue just arose. They were questioning the administration personnel this weekend like North Korea developed weapons and became an issue in the two months Donald Trump has been President. For eight years under Obama they were silent and now they want to know “what are we going to do”. They are indignant in their question and tone. Just another example of their biased and disgraceful action.
When Presidents Obama and Trump met and the new President asked the old where the number one issue in the world was, you know what Obama told him? North Korea. Not Syria, not Iran, not ISIS, but N. Korea. The do nothing foreign policy of Obama’s time allowed them to continue their nuclear development. One of the first comments from new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was this: ” U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says it may be necessary to take pre-emptive military action against North Korea if the threat from its weapons program reaches a level that we believe requires action.”
It didn’t start 60 days ago as the MSM seems to think.

Russia and Survilance:

The issue goes on as the MSM delights in the Russian side trying to determine if there was any tie to the Trump campaign. Any new rumor is treated as earth shattering new news. Except there remains nothing concrete. Yet we know surveillance took place that identified American citizens (illegal) and have been released to the press (criminal). Yet the coverage of that is minimal if at all. Why is that? Is it because the first one fits the MSM narrative of a corrupt Trump and the second says that Obama’s team might have done something wrong?
To answer that question just watch yesterdays  opening segment of This Week With George Stephanopoulos on ABC hosted by Martha Raddatz. Her bias from the outset going after Nikki Haley on the “Russians” is unbleibevable. Watch how Nikki destroys her, but Martha goes on. Then after Nikki destroys her she has former Obama Sec. of Defense Carter Ash on. She tries to lead him to destroy Trump on Russia and North Korea and he won’t allow it. It was an embarrassing morning from our perspective for Martha. (almost as bad as her crying on TV election night).
Here’s a connection if you want to see it: