The MSM beat goes on ……

The MSM negative reporting on the President and administration is relentless. They attack everything the administration does, proposes and thinks. There is never a positive story on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN or MSNBC. You can see why Trump’s numbers are trending lower and running negative. Think about it, outside of Fox where do you hear anything positive? You know where, only in his tweets. On some days that is the only counter to the negativity.

Want an exampl? You’ve heard how Trump’s budget adds $54 billion to defense and according to the MSM hurts the poor and needy. Stories like, “How Trump’s Budget Cuts Could Hurt Low-Income Americans” (CNN) or “If You’re a Poor Person in America, Trump’s Budget is Not For You” (Washington Post). A New York Times editorial described the budget as a sadistic attempt to “impose pain for pain’s sake.” You get the idea. Now what is reality?
How much will President Trump’s budget proposal cut federal anti-poverty spending below current levels? Want to guess?
Ten percent? Twenty percent? More?
Answer — Zero. That’s right zero.
In fact it increases anti poverty spending by 1.9%. Why the uproar? They want a 2.7% increase.
Anti poverty spending in the current budget is $783 billion. Under Trump’s budget it will go to $798 billion, not the $804 billion desired.

So this becomes fodder for MSM presentation of starving people thrown out in the street by the new administration.

Your MSM at work.

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