What a mess you have woven……

On Friday right after pulling the healthcare bill the President went on the air and blamed lack of Democratic support four times. They of course took umbrage and delighted in bashing him. They felt they won.
Does anyone care the American people lost?

By Sunday morning the President was talking of working with the Democrats to foster a bill and bashing the conservative freedom caucus made up of right wing Republicans. Then he tweeted, this time telling everyone to watch Judge Jeanine on TV that night. What does she lead with? A statement that Paul Ryan should resign as speaker. Wait I thought you said on Friday he did a great job. So where are we?

Is he planning to work with the Democrats to fix Obamacare? You see they won’t repeal and replace it, they want it called Obamacare. But Trump said it was in a death spiral and couldn’t be saved. How are we going to fix that law and keep the promise of better coverage, lower deductibles and reduced costs? Is Trump going to put his energy to save Obamacare and the Democrats? Or is it not in the death spiral they said it is? And wait, have we given up on working with the Republican majority because they really are the party of “no”? Confusing.

Now this AM one member of the Freedom Caucus said he’s out. Rep Ted Poe said, “Some members of the Freedom Caucus would have voted against the American Health Care Act no matter what changes had been included, but at some point, they need to learn to say yes and lead”. Oh you mean like realize you are now the majority and must compromise?

In our view this caucus bit off more than it realized and angered the administration. An administration that works impulsively and they are already shifting from working with you to treating you like the opposition. So much so that they are willing to work with Schumer and Pelosi over you. Nice job.

So where are we going with this? Who knows what trick the administration has next. Maybe the Russians have a plan we can adopt.

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