Special Edition: And down goes Trump/Ryan care ..

So Obamacare lives and we are reduced to words tonight. Our frustrations:

For seven years the Republicans in congress passed repeal and replace. (That Obama vetoed). It turns out they lied. They had no replace.
As Ryan said, governing is a little harder.
For the entire campaign Trump had a plan ready to go day one. He did not.

His words tonight that maybe Schumer and Pelosi will come to him, ask for help to save healthcare in the future, and that he will listen is pathetic.
It is where you should have started.

Blaming Democrats four times in his speech was sad. When did you hear one time in the last month he, Ryan or anyone mentioned Democrats. You never tried. You went behind closed doors just like Pelosi and team did and that was a disgrace. You were no better.

Our thoughts from the outset were:

Tell the American people you are concerned about healthcare, rising costs and want everyone to have the best of care. You want it to be right and non partisan. ¬†Then¬†form a committee of 12. Made up of three from Pelosi, three from Schumer, three from Ryan and three from O’Connell.
Would they have reached a deal? Of course not.
But it would have allowed Obamacare to run another year and continue to implode. It would have isolated the problem clearly while you took a statesman position.
Instead, what Trump and Ryan did was make Obamacare popular. Can you believe that? If you want proof this was badly handled it is right there. Who else could have made it popular?

Now What?

Now they better make sure they don’t get out maneuvered by Schumer and Pelosi on who gets the blame as things unfold. Are you confident they can do that? Me neither.
Next it is time to adjust. His words after the vote were terrible. It’s time to start talking and acting like a President. Get on with the business of making lives better.
The next battle is tax cuts and the budget. Watch how liberals and the MSM paint the tax cuts as taking care of the wealthy over the needy. (Forgetting that it is those working who are paying the taxes). Watch how the budget blows up and deficits become a big issue. Part of this will be the $4 billion dollars asked to build that wall that Mexico was going to pay for.
Sounds bad? It is. Any saving grace? Yes, there is one. It comes from the famous words of Harry Reid. Hillary didn’t win did she?

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