Madness Continued …..

The Gorsuch Hearings:

Really a third day of negative questioning and outrageous tone by lightweights? The hearing is simply disgusting to us. We believe this all goes back to Senator Edward Kennedy attacking Judge Bork back in 1987. Until then it was a civil process. Look it up. Here’s a NY Times story from 2011 on that:
“Twenty-four years after Bork’s nomination was rejected in 2011, New York Times columnist Joe Nocera claimed that the Bork fight, in some ways, was the beginning of the end of civil discourse in politics…The anger between Democrats and Republicans, the unwillingness to work together, the profound mistrust–the line from Bork to today’s ugly politics is a straight one”.

Russia and Wiretaps Ongoing:

A congressman on the intelligence committee says there is possible evidence of tapping into Trump associates. That sets off a firestorm. Trump supporters jump up and say “see”. The MSM and liberals respond, “but it doesn’t support Obama ordered it”. Then an hour later another leak. This one says there is evidence that Trump’s people collaborated with the Russians to release information harmful to Hillary.
So round and round we go with no real end in sight. It’s about politics and not about governing the nation. What a shame.

The Healthcare Bill:

So what will happen today? You can mark this down. If there is a vote it passes. No way Trump and Ryan let it go to a vote to lose. Will it pass? Of course it will, it could be by one vote. You see there are congress people who want to vote “no” but will vote “yes” to assure passage. Politics.


We live in a dangerous world with a deranged enemy. They want to kill freedom loving people. You get it, not everyone does. Look at Rockville, Md. One day after that horrendous rape story the state’s Democratic legislature voted to make it a sanctuary state. One day. As if our government is the issue not the people coming illegally, committing crimes and some of whom may have ill intent.

Madness, simply madness.

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