Was it a set up?

Was the tax release a plant?

Was the release of two pages of Trump’s 2005 taxes a plant by a Trump supporter? That was our initial thought when we saw the income and taxes paid. After all, the narrative had been Trump paid no taxes. A 25% rate? Is that real? My goodness, Obama only paid 19%. Bernie the socialist (with a tax rate he supports of 90%) paid only 13%. This can’t be real being exposed on MSNBC, by Rachel Maddow of all people. It had to be a plant, we thought, to divert attention from the wiretapping charges.
Plus, there were increasing calls for his taxes as the Russian connection was ongoing. They wanted to see if he had loans and business dealings with them. This release (or expose) will impact that too. It lost steam.

Whether a plant or not it was helpful to Trump. It showed he paid taxes and other than his earnings, nothing else. No loan information, no bank detail, no business dealings. If someone were out to get him why just those two pages? Let’s see what develops and comes next. This will surely enrage the MSM and liberals when they realize they were had. The excitement all night following Maddow’s tweet she was going to show the tax return was a major let down for them.
We think they got taken.

A Judge Steps In Again:

An Hawaii judge this time ordered a halt to the travel ban for purposes of setting up enhanced vetting. This one will end up a fight, as the order was carefully prepared and a President’s power is at stake. In our opinion, this time the judiciary has gone too far and clarifies why we need judges who enforce the law and not make it.

This judge said this citing prior comments President Trump made as a candidate about his desire to curb immigration of foreign nationals who are Muslim. He said “significant and unrebutted evidence of religious animus” was behind both the original and revised versions of the executive order.
Oh is that right? So now we base decisions on what someone said in a campaign and not what the law before you is? Really?
Does that mean anything Obama wanted to do to curb police was illegal because from the outset he remarked about the Cambridge Police “they overreacted” and he was wrong? Or, anything Hillary wanted would be illegal since she called half of America “undesirables and deplorable”?

Healthcare Update:

The debate goes on and the negatives from the Democrats and MSM remains loud and anti to the Ryan/Trump plan.
What remains lost is Obamacare is falling apart. Yesterday the largest insurer in Obamacare came out for a change to the new plan.
“Anthem CEO Joseph Swedish wrote to the chairmen of the House Energy and Commerce and Ways and Means committees that the leadership’s bill “addresses the challenges immediately facing the individual market and will ensure more affordable health plan choices for consumers in the short term. The health insurance company supports the Ryan plan’s provisions to repeal Obamacare’s health insurance tax, temporarily continuing Obamacare’s cost-sharing subsidies, and doling out tax credits for those on the Obamacare exchanges. Anthem CEO Swedish explained, “These provisions are essential and must be finalized quickly to have the intended impact on products and prices to benefit consumers”.

We repeat, the shame of the coverage is that they don’t mention Obamacare is falling apart at the seams and can’t survive.

In six hours the college basketball championship tournament tips off and work productivity goes down for the next two days.
We love it and our final picks are:
Men:  Villanova, Notre Dame, Kansas and eventual champ North Carolina.
Women: Miss. State, Florida State, Texas and eventual champion UConn.

Now you know.

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