Healthcare, More Russians, Bugs and the Press


The Republicans put out their ACA (Obamacare) replacement yesterday. One funny thing was they put it out there “for all to read, not like Pelosi did”. They said that over and over. The bill is 100 pages as contrasted with the ACA which was 2700 pages to start.
What the Republicans have put forward is just the start of the discussion. There will be a lot of give and take now before a final replacement is defined. As an example, the across the state selling of policies is not in this. It will be in the final version. This is a placeholder and the final bill is a ways off.
Conversatives are not happy; they have raised concerns about key provisions within the bill. Conservatives have argued that refundable tax credits are little more than a new entitlement program, and some Republicans from Medicaid-expansion states have said they would not support plans that could kick millions of people off the Medicaid rolls.
Liberals are concerned about Medicaid, lost coverage and tax reductions (of ACA added taxes) “to the rich”.

The joke of the day was Nancy Pelosi saying it must be shared and reviewed before anything happens. Sometimes the hypocrisy is just too laughable. Imagine people follow her as the Democrat lead in the house.

Lots of noise and charges to come on this, so buckle up. It was never easy.

The Russians Did It:

The drumbeat goes on with Sessions. Yet another senator (Murphy from Ct. and a rising Dem star) faced embarrassment yesterday. He has been a very vocal critic of Sessions, even demanding he resign. Guess what?Pictures have emerged of him meeting with the same Ambassador.

What we have here is a story with no evidence that Trump and team conspired with the Russians to impact the election. But it is becoming clear the Democrats thought there was, and hence, we get to the wire tapping charges. These two stories are related, and as this unfolds you will see it all clearly. There just may be a little right on each side.
The Democrats thought there was collusion and got an investigation going. The Republicans are right that there was wire tapping because of that. But both are a little wrong too.
Obama did not order it personally on Trump. That was his error. He went too far again.
The Democrats are  making noise where there is nothing to support it and when this is over they could look bad.

Iran and North Korea:

How much coverage have these two countries gotten recently? You would think they just developed and started testing ballistic missiles in the 40 days Trump has been President. How come there was such little coverage when Obama was in office? All they did during those years was develop the weapons, test them, improve upon their capability and invest more. Watch how this grows and becomes Trump’s problem.

The new Travel Ban:

Not much noise on this second ban right? It was written by some of the best legal minds and the opponents need time to find a loop hold. They set a date (March 16) to take effect, allowing for airport issues to be resolved. Plus, holders of visas and green cards can come to the U.S.
The quiet won’t last though. Hawaii is set to file change one today. Others will follow.

How we see media coverage:

A  clear majority of Americans believe the press has been too hard on President Trump. In fact, 55 percent saying they’re growing “weary” of the constant drumbeat of negative coverage.

This latest finding is from an IBD/TIPP poll. The poll had good and bad news for all sides. Here’s a link:


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