Trump, Obama, Wiretaps and More ….

Wiretap Noise:

It’s going to happen over and over until someone gets control of Trump’s twitter account. Think about it, instinctively, you reading the tweet he was about to send that Obama wire tapped his phones, would have said “wait”. You never would have allowed that to go. But, in the early morning hours of Saturday, Trump had no safety check and out goes a tweet in anger that further damages his standing and provides fodder for his enemies. Then they come in bunches and add fuel, and along with all the misspellings allow for more ridicule. You get it, his people do, but the President doesn’t. His ego doesn’t allow it.

Besides the charges he most likely won’t be able to support, he then takes on Arnold Schwarzenegger again. Enough already with this. In fact it was too much the first time you did it.

Now what’s the truth in all this? We think there may well have been an FBI investigation. Obama may have approved it (as would have everyone that came before him), but I doubt he initiated it. Trump’s charge that he did is a loser one as we see it. Obama was too careful to do that.
Is this related to the Russian investigation? We think it is. Did someone who supported Obama start it? We think so. Did they find anything? We don’t think so, or we would have heard it already. Is there anything with this whole Russian thing? We again say no. It is Democrat and liberal hype.

So what happened here is this. The Trump Team (led by the President) are frustrated with the MSM and Democrats accusing his team of working wth the Russians. They are frustrated by the coverage and false charges. His reaction upon hearing they even tapped some people to investigate drove him over the deep end to outlandish charges. He could have taken the high road, even thrown some bait out to set them up and make them look bad. But no, he had to match the other side and get down and nasty.

The Russians:

The Democrats really beat up Jeff Sessions for his two public meetings with the Russian Ambassador Kislyak to the U.S. They took off after him saying they never met like that. Really?
Here’s what Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) tweeted. In her ten years on the Senate Armed Services Committee, she never met with Kislyak.
“I’ve been on the Armed Services Com for 10 years. No call or meeting w/Russian ambassador. Ever. Ambassadors call members of Foreign Rel Com”.— Claire McCaskill (@clairecmc) 7:06 AM – 2 Mar 2017

The truth:
She had tweeted twice previously about meetings with the same Ambassador.
You know who else was pictured drinking and meeting with the Ambassador? None other than Chuck Schumer.

Maybe it’s a part of a Senator’s job and the Sessions hysteria is just that?

The JCC Threats:

The news all week was the threats made against the the Jewish centers. It was being tied back to the administration, their comments and people. Here’s a story from the DailyWire on the outcome:
“For the past two weeks, the Trump administration has been slammed for its supposedly tepid response to anti-Semitic attacks on cemeteries and threats to Jewish Community Centers. Trump himself was smashed over and over for suggesting that the threats might be coming from left-wing provocateurs attempting to cast a shadow on his administration.
He was widely mocked for such an assertion – pretty much everyone on the left assumed that the JCC threats had to be coming from Trump supporters, including  The Intercept, a left-wing publication that headlined just two days ago, “Trump Can’t Accept That His Allies Are Targeting Jews – So He Blames His Opponents.”It now turns out that the culprit, at one point, worked for…The Intercept”
The reporter a Missouri man named Juan Thompson was arrested for making multiple threats to JCCs across the country in order to harass his ex-girlfriend.
Did you hear that on the MSM?

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