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I was wondering watching all the coverage yesterday of Hollywood bashing Trump when was the last time we heard them bash Isis?
I don’t recall any, do you? Now they may be mad and disagree with what Trump is doing, but his goal is to protect Americans.
Isis is out there cutting off heads, burning and drowning people in cages. They are the real enemy, but you wouldn’t know it would you?
In fact here’s a WSJ story that it would seem Hollywood should be concerned about:
“Egyptian Christians are fleeing the restive Sinai Peninsula, some with just the clothes on their backs, amid a series of killings and an explicit call by Islamic State for its followers to target the minority group.”
Yet no coverage and outrage, why is that?
Maybe Christians don’t matter.

Trump News

The Trump speech to congress tonight should be quite an event. Watch it, form your opinion, then watch the MSM to see what they say you heard.

Watch how the Democrats and liberals react. Will they respect the decorum of congress and the office of the president? Will the one third who didn’t show up on Jan 20th be in their seats this time?

Then tomorrow the President is expected to sign a new refugee and immigration order. He initially planned to sign it last week, but was holding off “to make sure that when we execute this, it’s done in a manner that’s flawless”.  It won’t matter to Schumer and team.

A story that broke yesterday said the 2018 budget will increase defense spending by $54 billion. It “will slash foreign aid in order to boost defense spending”. Another promise he made. He continually said foreign countries must pay their fair share for our protection. No issues here.

Poll Updates:

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll had some interesting findings:      1.  The poll found that 44% of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance, 48% disapprove. This makes him the first president of the post WW II era with a net negative approval rating in their first gauge.
2.  Since his election as President, consumer confidence and sentiment surveys that ask participants about the health of the economy have seen their responses divided like never before along partisan lines.
3.  A majority of Americans believe the “media has been too critical” in their coverage of President Trump. The poll numbers:
– 51 percent: Media has been too critical.
– 41 percent: Mostly fair and objective.
–  6 percent: Media has not been critical enough.
–  2 percent: Not sure.
4.  The poll also revealed that 53 percent of Americans believe the media has exaggerated the problems in the administration. That included 79 percent who consider Fox News their primary news source, and even 40 percent who consider the MSNBC their primary news source.

A Cabinet Update:

Wilbur Ross got confirmed last night. He got 72 votes, so 20 Democrats voted for him. Our question is what took so long? Why did you attack him and try to stain his reputation for weeks leading up to this?
As of February 25, here’s where the administration stands on securing the confirmation of Cabinet and other top appointments that require Senate approval vs Obama and Bush.
– Trump has 14 of 34 approved.
– Obama had 24 of 39.
– Bush had 19 of 23.


So early numbers show the Oscars had 32.9 million viewers. Second lowest (2008) in the century. That was a 1.4 million drop from 2016, which had a 4 million drop from 2015, which had a 6.3 million drop from 2014.
Makes you feel bad doesn’t it?

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