This Weekend ….

The left, media, and Hollywood pounded the administration.

Let’s remember that they never gave this administration a honeymoon. There used to be a 100 day period to allow administrations to settle in.

Don’t forget that one third of the Democrats didn’t even go to the inauguration.

Hollywood continued it’s self awards and Trump pounding last night.

Plus all weekend we heard protests about repealing Obamacare. Why? We heard Trump say no one will lose their coverage, yet we are hearing personal horror stories. Shouldn’t that wait until we see the plan?

On that topic, how come there’s no coverage about the failings of Obamacare? Last week we shared the stories of insurance companies backing out. Have you heard that on the MSM?

And please spare me from interviews like on This Week With George Stephanopoulos. He had Nancy Pelosi lecturing on the replacement. She is one of the last people we need to hear from on this. Read this one first.

And George, it’s nice of you to discover the deficit as you ask how is Trump going to fund this, “we have a $20 billion dollar deficit”. Over the past eight years as Obama doubled it from the $10 billion that every President up to him had created, I never heard you utter a sound.

All that and the cabinet is still not in place. Six nominated members remain unapproved. Imagine nominees like Dr. Ben Carson are unapproved. The ones approved were done mostly on a party line vote.

North Korea:

Lot’s of news on North Korea these days in and on the MSM. All of a sudden there is sense that they are dangerous. What did the Obama administration do about them for eight years? They did the same thing as they did with Iran, which is nothing. They looked the other way because they wanted to be the “peace administration”. They leave office and suddenly the MSM discovers they are a threat.

 Polls Show:

A new Quinnipiac University poll showed an impact of all the negative MSM coverage on Trump. He has a negative favorability rating by 55-39. It’s his worst net since taking office. Other polls show a negative too:
Gallup has his -13, CBS -12, NBC -4 and PPP -3.
The relentless attack from the media and Hollywood has to impact people.

Darrell Issa joins John McCain

So stalwart Republican Congressman Darrell Issa joins John McCain in calling for a special prosecutor to investigate any possible Trump election campaign ties to the Russians. Why? Because he won reelection in a close race. He went after Obama and Clinton hard and needs to win favor with the protesters in his district. His doing this shows the concern Republicans have with the 2018 mid terms.  Issa would have been one of the last you would have expected to coward under.

Now this comes after we hear FBI “leaked” reports that there was nothing there. It was MSM and leftist reasoning as to why Hillary lost. The story had died but it was revived big time over the weekend and Issa’s part was substantial.

You know what I do? I would make it bigger now, blow it up and them appoint a reputable but trusted special prosecutor to look into one question. Did the people in my campaign work with the Russians to conspirer for me to win the election.
Then when the prosecutor comes back with a report that says there is nothing there, I would rip the media and Democrats for their lies and wasting time and taxpayer dollars. Let’s call them on it.


Did you know?

That Democrat lawmakers in New Mexico are trying to pass a state law to deny the federal government land to build a southern border?

Did you see the judge denied Bo Bergdhal’s appeal to throw out his charges because of Trump? The judge said, “President Donald Trump’s campaign-trail criticism of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, while problematic hasn’t prevented the soldier from getting a fair trial”.
The fact he’s even getting a trial is enough for us.

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